Curvy Girls Do It Better!


Hi! My name is Kelly, I'm 20 years old (nearly 21, roll on adulthood!) and live in Kent. And yes, this is an extremely drunk photo of me when I was on a girly holiday in Malia in August 2006. I would like to note that it was a free bar for 2 hours - who could not resist that??!!

This is my website dedicated to me!! Have a peek at the photos, read my blogs and sign the Guestbook if you'd like! Plus, I've added a few extras, such as a link to Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, because I think it's important in this day and age that women should feel beautiful no matter their size, shape or appearance, and a link to various Gnomes website, but that is another story.............

Enjoy browsing and feel free to leave comments (but please nothing rude or offensive!) I'm always adding things, so keep on the lookout out for new stuff.


Kels xx

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