Kickbuttmama's Celtic Book of Shadows

Brightest Blessings and Welcome!!

Merry Meet! I am the kickbuttmama! I have been on the Celtic Path for over 13 years. It's difficult for me to put it into comprehensible words but I sure will try.

When I was a child my family (and by that I mean even extended family) all belonged to a Fundamentalist church. I had many questions that no one could, well, what about the small tribes living the the rainforests of South America, they've never seen a white man so they've never heard of a white man's religion...Are you saying they will suffer an eternity in hell for that? To which the response was, "If they looked to the trees they would see evidence of 'God'"...this didn't answer the question for me. Finally when I was 14 my parents divorced. My father, and his 4 children myself included, were told we would all now be on Gods, "Second best list" because my father ended a marriage. This was the final straw that pushed my father, brothers, and myself out of the church.

Left adrift as a teen, searching for something to believe in, I looked into many different faiths...from Buddhism, to Baptists I've tried it all, but nothing really fit. Nothing gave me a sense of inner peace or, well, rightness,.

When I was 17 I became deathly ill with a blood dissorder. I spent about 600 days in the hospital. I found a book of shadows a friend had left me and attempted a self-healing. What it made my soul feel was undescribable. I knew I had found my Path.

So, after the 10 years of self-dedication I decided it was time to give back to the world. To attempt to help others in finding their own Path. I;ve had many on-line Book of Shadow's written, spread around everywhere. I finally decided to combine all of the m into this one central location.

I hope my words can help you on your own journey!!

Blessed Be,


The Meandering path - BOS Outline

The Winding Road

  • Pagan vs. Witch vs. Wiccan
  • Emparking on Your Path - Choosing a Path
  • Various Paths Explained 
  • Celtic Paganism
  • The Celtic Triad

As Above, So Below,

  • Understanding Your Magickal Intent and Strength
  • Understanding the basis for Association
  • The Elementals
  • Associations (colors, shapes, week days, planets, etc)
  • Oils - Associations
  • Totems & Familiars

 As Within, So Without

  • Understanding Your Magickal Intent and Strength 
  • Meditation, Grounding & Centering
  • Healing
  • Astral Projection
  • Ball of Energy

 The Foundations

  • It All Boils Down To Will
  • Ground & Center
  • Your Altar & Tools - The Necessary & The Superflous
  • Developing Your Own Book of Shadows
  • Choosing a Magickal Name
  • Choosing a Patron Deity
  • The Tree of Life - the center of the universe
  • Celtic Tripple Goddesses
  • Cauldrons of Plenty

The Sun & Moon

  • Moon Magick
  • Moon Signs
  • My Esbat Rituals (Full Moon)
  • Drawing Down The Moon
  • Sun Celebration: The 8 Holy Sabbats
  • Kickbutt's Sabbat Ritual

Ritual Components

  • The Basics of Rituals 
  • Rites of Passage
  • Components of Creating Ritual
  • Kickbutt's Seeker / Dedication / Priestess Rites
  • Kickbutt's Wiccaning (Child Blessing) / Belly Blessing / Handfasting
  • Honoring the Dead 

Spell Book

  • Basic Components for Spell Writing
  • Witches Bottles
  • Besic Herbals
  • Poppets, Sachets, Dream Pillows, etc.

Family Practices

  • Teaching Children
  • Celebrating The Wheel of the Year 


  • Focusing your will with various forms of divination
  • Developing your 3rd Eye for Auric Reading & Psychometry











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