Keth's Corner

Dearest Mama

I am certain that you will be happy to be hearing that I have arrived safely in Simmerica.  I know you were most concerned that I chose to pay for my passage across the ocean by working on a cargo ship, since I have not been being on a vessel that large before.  Do not fear.  The weather was most good for the voyage and no problems were we encountering.  Pirates assulated our good ship, the Lulzipawp, only three times.  This is much better than the eight times third cousin Boscovich met with pirates when he was working on ship to Simmerica.

I made many good friends on the Lulzipawp, and the captain helped me muchly with my Simlish.  He says I still sound like furen... foren... person from the Old Country, but that I am easy to be understanding.  He believes I will do good in Simmerica and gave me a large bonus when we docked. He also helped me find a place to live, but I will be talking more of that later.

The good peoples at Simmis Island helped me with my paperwork so I can officially be living and working and starting a family in Simmerica.  They did have small problem with spelling my name on my paperwork, so I now have new official name.  No longer am I Yosephicus Schmoemikowskipoppoviccivich.  I am now Jeau Shmeau. I am thinking to be changing the spelling of my primary name to "Joe". It is much more Simmerican looking than Jeau.  I do not think the nice person who was helping me with my paperwork quite understood when I ask about Simmerican names.  Strange little man he was, who spoke in the third person and had a strange accent.  I am remembering his name as Zhon Ray-nay or Jean Rene, or something much like that.  He said he lived in nice village named Strangetown and traveled to Simmis Island to work.  I do not think I will be looking to live in his village, as he reminded me much of creepy great uncle Sven so I would not wish him as my neighbor.

Instead I am living in lovely little village named Baskerville.  The brother of my captain on the Lulzipawp owns much land there, and my captain arranged for me to buy some for myself, at very good price.  I was most excited to be able to buy some land that is on the beach, as during my time on the Lulzipawp I found I very much like the ocean and the water.  More land could have been mine if I had not wanted beach land, but even after buying my new home I had §5000 simoleons in my hand.  Imagine how many sheep and cows that would buy me back home Mama!

Speaking of the sheeps and the cows Mama, I did purchase for myself a young ram and ewe, thinking that I could be making monies from the wool and their lambs.  And, at the most worst, I could eat them if I could not be finding work and no longer hand monies for food.  The ram I named Leicester and the ewe Romney.

Mama, I am beginning to be suspecting though that the farmer who sold me my good sheeps sold me sheepsdogs and not sheeps.  I do not recall any of our sheeps back home digging up the pasture in which we keeped them.  Although there was that one ewe that Uncle Moski kept.  Regardless, if I have in fact been sold sheepsdogs instead of sheeps, no doubt I can sell the puppies.  I do not think I could be eating them in bad times, however.

Pater and you would very much be liking the town where I am living.  Baskerville is lovely village, with lots of trees and farms, although ground here is rather dry. People are very welcoming and friendly too.  Shortly after I arrived to be surveying the new land which I had bought, this man appeared with welcoming me presents.  He was explaining to me that all of Baskerville is connected so I could be accessing for free the internets at good speed.  He provided for a computer for free, a present from the Baskerville Chamber of Commerce as a welcome present for moving to Baskerville.  As soon I am able, I will be setting up the computer and hopefully will soon be sending you the emails instead of writing by hand to you.

Shortly after the man from the Baskerville Chamber of Commerce left, three other of my new neighbors were to be appearing on my non-existent doorstep.  They said they were the welcoming wagon, and were there to be telling me about the new village in which was now living.  After speaking longly with them, I discovered that not one of them actually lived in my new village, but in another small village along a lake that was nearby.  While suspicious I was about why people from one village would welcome newcomers to another village, I found them to be pleasant people with helpful information.

Mr. Gilbert Jacquet, who is being on the right in this picture, spoke with an accent much like the creepy man from Simmis Island, but was much different from him.  Mr. Gilbert is a very active person in the circles of social in Baskerville and other nearby villages.  Since I had expressed interest in meetings new peoples and hopefully finding a wife for myself, he offered to be showing me around and introducing me to people.  Unfortunately he would be being away on at a pastry convention for the next few weeks, but would have his goodly friend Trevor contact me about going to one of the dance clubs with him and his companions.

Mrs. Wanda Tinker was telling me of how she and her family had been moving to the area just recently as well, much like myself.  She found it a lovely place for families to be settling and that the schools were much gooder than where they had been living before.  This encourages me muchly as I would like to have a large family to be carrying on the Schmoemikowskipoppoviccivich  -- which is now Shmeau -- name.  I did resist to be telling Mrs. Wanda that Grandmama had that same frock, although it is looking much more goodly on her (Mrs. Wanda, not Grandmama, that is)  I did not think she would be kindly taking to being compared to one's grandparents.

Mrs. Lisa Rameriz and her husband Checo are owning a large furniture store in a nearby village, and she did be knowing all the best places to be getting good values on everything from furniture to clothing to food.  I will need to be remembering this when the time comes to be right.  The brother of my captain from whom I bought the land did sell to me some basic furnishing that he said had washed up from the many shipwrecks in the area, but to build and furnish house in which I can have a wife and children I will needing to be first getting a job.

My telephone is ringing Mama, so I must be going.  I am hoping it is the office of employment, as I filled out many applications earlier today.  Or perhaps is is Mr. Gilbert's friend Trevor.  While I do not have the money to go to a dance club, perhaps he knows somewhere inexpensive where we can be going.

I love you always Mama.  Give my love to the family as well.

Your son

Yosephicus   Joe

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