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Patrick O'Riley was the production assistant during season 5 of MXC. Like most assistants, Patrick helped out by running back and forth to help the producers of the show stuff. He also was given the task of overseeing the footage for the show. Mr. O'Riley was kind enough to take some time to answer some questions. I'd like to thank Mr. O'Riley for taking the time out of his schedule to answer these questions. This interview may not be posted outside Keshi Heads or Takeshi Kingdom.

Joshua M: How did you become involved in MXC?

Patrick: MXC was produced by a company called RC Entertainment that was divided fairly evenly between producing scripted comedy like MXC and later Super Big Product Fun Show. The other half handled reality-style travel packages for mostly E! Entertainment like "10 Reasons To Hit the Vegas Strip" and things like that. At the time, I was actually working as a videogame tester for the now defunct game publisher THQ and I got a call from my friend Kelsey who worked as a producer on RC's reality side. Kelsey had produced my senior project film at Cal State Northridge's film program. She said their comedy half was hiring a production assistant and she wanted to give them my resume. I think my interview may have been on the CBS Radford lot or somewhere thereabouts, but they moved offices between my interview and starting the job. I don't think I did well in the interview, but Kelsey pushed for me and producer Mickey Ramos hired me against her better judgement.

Joshua: When did you first see MXC and what did you think of it?

Patrick: I interviewed between seasons 4 and 5. The show had been on a while and I was well aware of it. I had enjoyed many of the 24-hour MXC marathons that Spike, or whatever it was called before Spike, had aired and was beyond excited to work for the show. Kelsey didn't mention the title when she asked for my resume and I freaked out when I realized what I would be interviewing for.

Joshua: As a production assistant, what were your duties on MXC?

Patrick: My duties were largely food based. I would get lunch and coffee for the writers' room and production-side. Occasionally I would get an assignment from the writers to research for upcoming episodes, for example as a lead-in to Spike's videogame awards, we had a Video Game Attention Deficit Disorder Awards episode and I was asked to put together information about the latest and most popular videogames for them to parody. If you listen carefully you'll find a character they named after me in the episode, "Up next, Patrick O'Riley, voice of Septic the Fudge Log..." I actually scored one of the episodes few points. They actually snuck a bunch of crew names into that episode if memory serves me well.

Joshua: What were your impressions of the MXC crew?

Patrick: Everybody there was great. The writers were always funny and my supervisors were surprisingly forgiving of me being a terrible Production Assistant.

Joshua: What did you think of the footage from Takeshi's Castle when you first saw it?

Patrick: As another of my duties, I was tasked with maintaining the database of which clips from Takeshi's Castle had already been used to avoid rearing the same contests multiple times. We had about 130 BetaSPs of the original show. I would scan through them and keep track of what games appear in what episodes. The show is pretty awesome on its own and with the added dialogue it became something amazing.

Joshua: Was there any footage from Takeshi's Castle that you thought was too insane or bizarre to use on MXC?

Patrick: I doubt it. I feel like we used the craziest stuff we could find for the most part.

Joshua: You started working on the show during Season 5, where you surprised when the show wasn't picked up for a season 6?

Patrick: Surprised and disappointed. If it hadn't been cancelled, I might still be working there now, maybe in the writers' room.

Joshua: Did you ever get to voice a character on the show?

Patrick: I never had the chance to voice anybody and it's really America's loss. If you want to hear my voice, you can listen to my episode-by-episode MacGyver Review podcast "Phoenix Foundation" available wherever podcasts are sold.

Joshua: What would you say was your most important contribution to MXC?

Patrick: For MXC, it was probably the routine caffeination of the writers. I didn't get any jokes on the air in my first and only season. I think I maybe got a couple jokes into Super Big Product Fun Show, but I can't remember them at this point.

Joshua: What was the transition from MXC to Super Big Product Fun Show like?

Patrick: I think there was enough of a gap between MXC and SBPFS, that I had left the office for another job between the shows. I came back when they were already in full swing and it felt like business as usual right away.

Joshua: Do you have a favourite joke or scene from MXC that stands out to you?

Patrick: I don't remember if it made it into the show or not, but there was a joke somewhere about the inventor of the vibrator having come up with the idea when his proctologist developed Parkinsons and I think I laughed until I almost blacked out.
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