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Interview done by Josechung. In 1988, Takeshi Kitano decided to have a second international Special. 118 competitors from 17 different countries were invited to compete for a chance to storm Takeshi's Castle and Win 1 million Yen. Kevin Krejci was one of those competitors

Jose: How did you learn about/apply for Takeshi's Castle?

Kevin: I was studying at Waseda University Kokusaibu and an agent came to campus rounding up several of us foreigners for their for henna gaijin special... I believe it was Motoko Inagawa-san that recruited us.

Jose: Were you living in Japan at the time or were you living in America?

Kevin: I was living in Tokyo at the time with my host family.

Jose: Why did you apply for the show?

Kevin: It sounded like too much fun to pass up.

Jose: Had you ever seen the show before you appeared on it?

Kevin: Yes, and was a big fan. It was the only show I could understand at the time. I remember thinking then that a show like it would be a hit in the US, but probably couldn't survive because of all the lawyers they would need to hire in case somebody sprained their ankle...

Jose: Do you speak any Japanese?

Kevin: Yes. I even know a few kotowaza and haiku, and a few words of Kumamoto-ben. And I can sing Izakaya in the karaoke bars...

Jose: Do you remember when the show was taped?

Kevin: Late 80's?

Jose: (Jokingly) That sounds about right, it aired in 1988.


Jose: You were shown playing the game where you have to get the bun in your mouth; did you get to play any of the other games?

Kevin: No, that was the first one, and the process of elimination eliminated me on the spot. :-(

Jose: You did not win the bun game, what went wrong?

Kevin: Had my hands tied in the doughnut-like inner tube things, the bagels were wrapped in slippery plastic, and they were bouncing randomly on an elastic clothesline while 100+ other henna gaijin were trying to do the same thing...

Jose: After you were eliminated, did you get to stay and watch the other competitors play the other games?

Kevin: Yes, I watched with great envy...

Jose: In the aired episode you were shown talking to the battlefield reporter, what were the two of you talking about?

Kevin: They asked me in Japanese how I felt being one of the first to be eliminated, on such an easy game. I told them "ana ga attara hairitai" which loosely translated means "I am so embarrassed that I want to bury my head in the sand like the mythical ostrich does when facing great danger "

Jose: Did you get to meet any of the Japanese hosts or Characters, if so what were they like off camera.

Kevin: Yes, they were pesty in their special way, yet friendly somehow, like my friends from New Jersey.

Jose: On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being poor 10 being great, how would you rate your experience on the show.

Kevin: I'll give it a 9. If I could have gotten past the bagel eating game, I might have considered a 10.

I'm Kevin Krejci, I was in episode 83 of Takeshi's Castle and you're at the Keshi Kingdom

I want to thank Kevin for taking the time out of his schedule to take part in this interview. This interview is the sole property of the Keshi Kingdom and is not to be posted anywhere without permission.