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Joe Phalan and some of his friends/co-workers wrote in to the show and requested to appear on Takeshi's Castle It was the 71st episode that was one of the last to air in 1987. It had great moments such as Shinoburyo's wig falling off in Sumo, and that contestant who cleared all the games until the penultimate one while dressed as a Chinese hopping vampire. Joe shares his moments on the show in J Murphy's interview below.

Josh: Why were you in Japan at the time?
Joe: I was stationed in Japan with the United States Air Force.

Josh: How did you end up appearing on Takeshi's Castle?
Joe: We wrote into the Japanese network and requested to appear.

Josh: Had you seen the show before you were on it?
Joe: We watched the show each week on Japanese TV.

Josh: Did you speak Japanese or were interpreters present?
Joe: Spoke very little Japanese at the time and yes they had interpreters.

Josh: Do you remember when the show was taped?
Joe: It was taped in the mid 1980's.

Josh: In the beginning of the episode you were shown talking to the host, Hayato Tani. Do you remember what you talked to him about?
Joe: Yes, he wanted to remind me that he was the boss and I was the guest. He poked fun at me and tried to get me fired up.

Josh: What do you remember about the behind the scenes of show?
Joe: The behind scenes were based on the movement of 200 contestants between sets. They had different events being taped at the same time. The show started with 200 contestants and they eliminated contestants down to 2 or 3.

Josh: You were shown playing 3 games (The Barrier Wall, The First Fortress and the Bridge over the River Kwai). What do you remember about the games you played?
Joe: Yes, I played 3 games on the TV however, we really did 5 games and only 3 made it on the show.

Josh: In the Bridge over the River Kwai challenge, you overshot the mark and fell into the water. Did that hurt?
Joe: No it didn't hurt at all, just cold.

Josh: Did you play any games that weren't shown and if so how well did you do?
Joe: Yes, there were 2 other games in large groups - they are never aired as they are used to eliminate contestants.

Josh: Did anyone (that you know of) get hurt during the making of the show?
Joe: A few people got lumps and bruises - they made us sign a discloser stating we would not sue the network over injury's.

Josh: How long were you there for the shooting of the show?
Joe: The shooting lasts' from 6:00AM to 23:00PM - Like 17 hours

Josh: Did you get to meet any of the characters or actors from the show?
Joe: Yes, we met lots of the regular cast. We were gaijin's (Outside Person or Foreigners) the cast like to mess with gaijins.

Josh: On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the experience?
Joe: It was most defiantly a 9 to 10, we had a great time.

A big thank you to Joshua Murphy and Joe Phalan for making this interview possible. It is not to be used outside Takeshi Kingdom or Keshi Heads without permission.