Kerry Vera Lea

about the artist

Kerry Vera Lea
a work in progress since 1980

Kerry Vera Lea assumes everyone is sad. While ambiguously approaching vast subject matters, her basis for creating is to explore sadness, its development, and the potential for escape. Her figures are robotic, yet, graceful, obese, broken, and trying to fit either invisibly or beautifully into a tall, thin world. There is more space in the depths of sadness, in the fleshes of the obese, but also a disgust, and seemingly no escape which propels the damned further downward. Lea searches desperately for an escape, for a smile, a connection, acknowledgement, but eventually will sit upon a lone tree stump, commiserating with the amputation of the tree, appreciating the last resort of nature creating a place for a rest, or at least a sigh. Looking upward to the planets, her pieces fill conversations with questions, mechanical and melancholy, saying "We are here. Please show us why."                                             
Kerry is a self-taught outsider artist, extraordinarily prolific with several collections of hundreds of pieces spanning the mediums from drawings to sculpture & photography. At times she appreciates her mental madness for allowing her to see through worlds and hear through time, but mostly, she wishes desperately she were simply pretty and content. She is vegan & mother to three exceptionally communicative cats, many other foster cats, and currently a resident of Sugar Hill, New York City. She was born in Philadelphia in 1980 at an old age and gets younger every year. At almost 30, she feels somewhere around age 7. She wants never to be pressured and loves nice, compassionate interactions. She loves the claw, stuffed animal arcade games, watching yawns, and finding things.  She is truly grateful for any and all attention and loves making others happy.  Ahimsa.


The Tsitra Tribe:
more than 100 doll sculptures of mixed media, photographed, Untitled Women: more than 50 white clay sculpted figures based upon original drawings, some of them are photographed,  Drawings: thousands of line drawings with extremely short stories/”moments” filling numerous books, some compiled into specific books with themes,   Paintings: hundreds of acrylic paintings, vibrant colours with line drawings and stories/moments, Non-Manipulated Hearts: hundreds of photographs of found heart shapes in garbage, concrete, cracks, etc., untouched, compiled into a book mixed with drawings and "moments" and dedicated to El Pew,    Old Ladies in Action: hand-coloured drawings of her "Old Lady" character participating in various unexpected activities such as archery and mime.    Misc. hand-painted reusable organic cotton bags and other useable crafts.

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