2011 Minutes

December 2011

December 5, 2011


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Verna Pentilla, Chris Pinar


  1. Review of minutes:  Aho accept, Pinar second
  2. Treasurer’s report:  beginning balance $8,745.65.  Ending balance $10,581.25.  Pentti moves to accept,  Aho second.
  3. 8 calendars left.
  4. Next book meeting January 26.  10:00 am Sidnaw community building
  5. 74 Family histories as of today.
  6. Finntown:  still need stories. Ken and Dick Maki.
  7. Raffle ticket sales;  down from last year;  2010 –$3,925;  2011 - $3,695
    1. Net after disbursements:  2010   $1,651
    2. Net after disbursement s  2011   $1,381
    3. Difference $270.00
    4. Should we have a raffle next year?  Scale back sales?  50/50 raffle?  Would Covington allow sales at their events?  If July 4 fundraising event is held, perhaps sales there?   Any ideas will be appreciated.
    5. Top ticket sellers were Barb (1090) and Ruth (970) who split the $100.
  8. Hunter’s dinner was a success:  proceeds at door $1,189.00.  About 132 meals were served at $9.00 each.  Fewer people attended the dinner from Ewen and Bruce Crossing because the weather in that area was bad.
  9. Donated prizes were a success:  list of donors was published in the Ottawa Shopper.
  10. Cole Trainor has been contacted, no response yet.
  11. Gladys Budd plaque is in process.
  12. Does anyone have any information on Ira Cook who may have been an original member of the Rock 40 hunt club on Lake on 3 Road?  Ira Cook may have been the original homesteader.   Email from [email protected]
  13. Received a thank you from Linda Koski for 1st place prize of $1,000.
  14. Received a thank you notice from family of Gladys Budd.
  15. Purchase new chairs for the hall?  Is there a need:  some chairs may need to be replaced – We need to check the chairs in the hall to determine the need. 
  16. Things to think about – potential projects:

a.   new floor

b.   refinish floor in main part

c.    remove tile ceiling in main hall and restore ceiling to original height that the founders created

  1. Sharon mentions beautification for the Township?  Wildflowers, planters?  Flags in Kenton?  Banners? 
  2. Next meeting April 9, 2012. 
  3. Passmore Motion to adjourn, Pinar second.



Frank Pentti


November 2011


November 14, 2011


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Shelia Johnson, Chris Pinar, Mike Allen, Tom Nordine


  1. Review of minutes.  Correction:  Shelia Johnson was at the last meeting, Barb sold tickets as well.  Pinar move to accept, Beck second.
  2. Treasurer’s report:  income from raffle $185.  Other income calendars $322.00, more calendars and hat $210.00.   Expenses:  printing $112.40   closing balance $8,747.65.  Aho accept, Dunn second
  3. We have about 15 calendars left.
  4. Raffle:
    1. Sales $2,730.00; however additional funds are still out.
    2. Sales at POR were bad because it was raining: actual sales were $100.00.
    3. Sold tickets at Bigari’s $330.00 and also $5 donation.  This is better than last year which was $265.00.   Ticket sellers noted that it was a long day.
  5. Next book meeting:  December 1, 10:00 am Sidnaw community building.
  6. 68 family histories now (this reflects the fact that some that were combined).  Heather Platzke is combining with pictures.
  7. We still need to compile more info on Finntown: can Dick and Ken Maki help?
  8. Hunter’s dinner flyers are up:  bright orange.
  9. Donated prizes:  25 or 30
  10. Dinner details after the business meeting:  Ham has been purchased.
  11. Gladys Budd’s name will be added to the list of plaques on the wall.
  12. Cole Trainor, new owner of the Ottawa Lodge property, volunteers to have an event at the site of the chimney.  Sounds like a good idea.  Pentti will contact Trainor.
  13. After dinner lunch:  12:00 noon Friday the 18th.  Covington steak house.
  14. Next shopper will announce raffle ticket winners and thank you for donated prizes.
  15. Proposal:  next July 4:  Benefit to raise money for floor in the bar area?  Indoor picnic?
  16. Thank you note from Kyle and Amber Stein
  17. Sell more raffle tickets.
  18. Next meeting Dec 5.  Frank Pentti house.  7:00 pm.
  19. Pentti motion to adjourn.  Pinar second.


Frank Pentti


October 2011

October 10, 2011


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Chris Pinar, Mike Allen, Tom Nordine


  1. Review of Minutes:  Correction:  fly-in sales were $383.00.  Move to accept Mackey, second by Dunn. Minutes accepted
  2. Opening balance $6,318.78.  Additions $2,848.00 subtractions $1,023.93  (Calendar printing 765, 220).  Closing balance $8,142.85 Pentti motion to accept, Thompson second.
  3. Calendar sales going well about 41 remain; some of these are spoken for.
  4. Raffle ticket sales slow:  $1,855 sold, Need to sell $2,000 to pay for prizes.
  5. Raffle ticket Sales:
    1. Pond fest $485.00 (higher than last year)
    2. Fly in $380.00 (The difference of $3.00 from the figure above is post card sales.)  (higher than last year)
    3. Log Jamboree $740.00 – the weather was horrible. (lower than last year) Log Jamboree may not happen next year; this may require rethinking the raffle.
    4. Last year total raffle sales $3,905.
    5. Thanks to ticket seller at log jamboree:  Ruth, Alice, Barb  thanks for selling in the rain
  6. Next book meeting:  Wednesday October 26 Sidnaw 10:00 am Sidnaw Community Center
  7. Johnson reception a success, thanks to Joan, Dorothy, and Chris.  Donation of $75 to historical society
  8. Sharon will send thank you notes on KHS cards as necessary
  9. Elvie white donation on plaque
  10. John Pepin presented an interesting discussion about the POW camps at the Covington Historical Society
  11. 67 Family histories but there are multiple histories from some families
  12. Still need information on Finntown. Barb has a list of families in Finntown.
  13. The baseball caps are in: they cost $9.20. 
  14. The dedication has been revised/rewritten.  Discuss further changes at book meeting
  15. POR is Friday October 14, 2011 will be in Kenton at 6:25 pm.   Need raffle ticket sellers Barb, Ruth, Chris, Sharon.  Ranger Station is also a good place to sell.
  16. November 5 at Bigaris in Iron River, Barb and Ruth will sell.
  17. Hunters dinner
    1. Dinner Thursday November 17, 5:00 to 8:00, last years charge was $8.00, price of ham has gone up.  Go to $9.00.  Maybe ticket buyers will contribute the extra buck to the Kenton Historical Society.
    2. Flyer for dinner:  print 50 for $4.00.  Larry will distribute 25 fliers in his area.
    3. Donations for door prizes coming along.
    4. Food:  buy some (ham, potatoes) and other things donated.    
    5.  Ad in the November 3 Ottawa Shopper.  ¼ page ad.
  18. Voted to shorten the long family histories.  Long versions will be placed on the Website and in file cabinet in Sidnaw.  Two column format for book.
  19. Tom Nordine asks if there is any information on the Hansen family.  Carl Hansen made wooden crosses for the Kitchi cemetery.
  20. Sheilia Johnson proposed a great financial reporting form; we will begin to use for monthly postings. 
  21. Next meeting November 14, 7:00 pm, Duncan Township Hall.
  22. Aho motion to adjourn; Meeting adjourned.


Frank Pentti


September 2011


September 12, 2011


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Chris Pinar, Sheila Johnson, Sandy Johnson


  1. Review of Minutes:  Mackey motion to accept, Dunn and Aho second. Minutes accepted.
  2. Opening balance $6306.06. Deposits of $552.00, and $155.00; total deposits for preceding month $707.00; subtractions $391.28.  Closing balance $6,318.78.  Pentti motion to accept; Pinar second.
  3. Calendars are selling like hotcakes due to the great efforts of Dorothy Beck.  We have had to order 50 more calendars.  This is a total of 200 calendars.  Calendars are being sold at $10.00 each. 
  4. Raffle tickets
    1. Pond Fest sales of $552.00 for tickets and post cards.
    2. Fly in sales of $333.00 tickets and cards.
  5. Next book meeting:  September 22, 10:00 am Sidnaw community Building
  6. Deadline September 11 is past.  Submissions will continue to be accepted.  Example of family history attached.  A family is generally considered to be the name of the first family group residing in the township with successive generations included in the family group history.
  7. Need list of Duncan township fire chiefs and members of volunteer fire department.
  8. Nashland family history, including pictures of the Nashland family and the Skoglund homestead, has been received from Gary Garvens (grandson of Ole Nashland). 
  9. Korrie and Sherry reception was a success.  Thanks to the Kenton Historical Society ladies and all others who helped.
  10. Need a history of Finntown.  Ken Maki.
  11. Re Mary Tanner request for info on Leonard MacDonald.  Orajane Kennedy remembers her dad Jack Dunham reminiscing about MacDonald, but had no idea where he worked.
  12. Donald MacDonald appreciates the calendars.
  13. We note with gratitude a donation of $150 from Bob and Jeanne White in memory of Elvie White.
  14. Wedding reception at Duncan Township Hall on September 24, 2011 for Amber Johnson.  Again, need people to work at the town hall at about 3:30. 
  15. Log Jamboree in Ewen September 23 and 24.  Need raffle ticket sellers.  Sharon, Ruth, Barb, Alice.
  16. Suggested that we have baseball caps for sale stating “Kenton Historical Society”.    Unique images price about $8.50.  Order 12. 
  17. Judy Syria found photos of Tepee Lake picnic area and early ONIFIA picnic, possibly 1963 the year Tepee Lake was opened.  These are being scanned.
  18. Covington Historical Society open house Sunday Sept 18.  John Pepin will speak on the German POW camp located in Sidnaw during WW II.
  19. Joan Thompson has a rewritten dedication for the history book.
  20. Found 1935 and 1936 class pictures from Kenton High School
  21. Next meeting October 10, 2011, 7:00 pm Duncan Township Hall.
  22. Pentti motion to adjourn.


Frank Pentti


August 2011

August 8, 2011


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Tom Nordine


  1. Review of Minutes:  Minutes accepted. Mackey, Beck
  2. Opening balance $6,108.03, Subtractions $105.00.  Closing balance:  $6,003.06   Pentti motion to accept Dunn second.
  3. Calendars being printed but not physically available for Pond Fest.  Calendars will be physically present August 18.  Take orders at Pond Fest.  Flyer for calendar on Kenton Historical society Facebook site and Kenton Historical Society website.  If calendar is a success, will repeat next year; suggestion to include photos of early residents.
  4. Raffle:  no ticket revenues have been turned in as of yet. 
  5. Hams (again).  Suggestion from WalMart in Houghton, Contact for bulk purchase in October.
  6. Pond Fest:  setup at 9:00 am August 13, 2011.  Sales volunteers:  Dunn, Mackey, Passmore, Aho, Pinar.
  7. Next Book Meeting:  Thursday, August 25, 2011, 10:00 in Sidnaw. 
  8. Gary Garvens, grandson of Ole Nashland, is writing a family history of the Nashlands; will send pictures to Heather Platzke.
  9. Korrie and Sherry wedding party on August 27.  Volunteers are Barb, Ruth, Chris, Alice, Sharon, Dorothy, and Joan.  Volunteers should show up at 5:00 pm.
  10. Email received from Mary Tanner seeking information on her uncle Leonard MacDonald or MacDonnell who worked for the Forest Service.  Call referred to Ironwood USFS office become Kenton does not retain records.  Does this name ring a bell with anyone?
  11. Notes from a book by Karl Bohnak, WLUC TV-6 weather repoter: 
    1. “May 17-18, 1906 Severe Forest Fires in the western UP.  Kenton and Sidnaw were threatened, but the wind changed and the towns were spared.”
    2. “June 23 – 25, 1946.  Severe flooding.  Bridge on M-28 in Kenton washed out forcing traffic to detour on US-2 or Lake on 13 road.”
  12. Next meeting:  7:00 pm, September 12, 2011 Duncan Township Hall.



Frank Pentti


July 2011

July 11, 2011


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Verna Pentilla, Dorothy Beck, Chris Pinar


  1. Review of minutes, Noted that the township purchased the microwave, not 50/50 with KHS.  Tepee Lake was dedicated June 2, 1963.   Mackey move to accept, Dunn second
  2. Treasurer’s Balance: $6,108.06, new donation of $30.00 from Halligan family.  accept Pentti, Chris Pinar second.
  3. Calendar under way.  Currently orders for 50 calendars.  Please send in your orders.
  4. Microwave and small coffee pot for election workers purchased for Township Hall.
  5. No Raffle ticket revenues have been turned in yet.
  6. Trout Creek Pond Fest:  Saturday, August 13 at 11:00 am.  Volunteers needed.  Meet at 9:00 am.
  7. Next book meeting Wednesday July 20 at 10:00 am at the Duncan Township Hall, Kenton.
  8. Need to plan for the Korrie Decremer, Sherrie Sterbenz wedding at the next meeting.
  9. Please note that we have a catch 22 in planning the family history:  many credit card companies request a mother’s maiden name for identification purposes.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue?
  10. Rough estimate for cost of flooring for bar area:  bamboo flooring $3.50 per square foot, 560 square feet.  $2,000.00.
  11. Sharon Aho asks where the titles for donations such as the organ lie:  the organ was given to the Historical Society. 
  12. Sharon Aho quotes “Saving our Sons, How the Civilian Conservation Corps rescued a generation of Michigan Men” by Larry Chabot.  The book notes: ”The tiny town of Kenton actually started a college 1934; Kenton Freshman College, one of the first in the U.P. for the study of composition, history, economics, rhetoric, trigonometry, music, French.  The staff came from Wayne State and Lawrence Colleges and courses offered through the University of Michigan.  By early 1935 Kenton had 51 students:  34 from Camps Kenton and Jumbo and 17 women from nearby towns.  The school’s glee club presented three concerts in the area and their basket ball team playing at the Kenton town Hall took on college freshmen, independent and CCC teams.”  Does this ring any bells with anyone?
  13. Next meeting August 8, 7:00 pm Duncan Township Hall.
  14. Motion to adjourn Sharon, second by Alice Mackey.


Frank Pentti


June 2011

June 13, 2011


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Verna Pentilla, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Chris Pinar, Mike Allen, Sheila Johnson


  1. Review of minutes, Mackey move to accept, Chris Pinar second.
  2. Treasurer’s report:   Balance: $6,272.15, another 100 to be deducted. Motion to accept Pentti, Dunn second
  3. Spreadsheet will be updated when more bills are available.
  4. Calendar:  NOTE:  Please indicate by return email if you would like a calendar and if so how many?  We need the estimates to generate the print run.  Current cost is planned to be $10.00.  Estimates at the table 20 calendars are sold here. Heather Platzke will design calendar.
  5. Good turnout for Memorial Day luncheon:  about 100 people.  $196.00 in contributions during the lunch for Township Hall fund. 
  6. Some supplies will be Town Hall and Microwave for Township propose 50/50 share with Township, KHS.
  7. Midwestern Guides has purchased three pictures to place in the Midwestern guide:  Camp Jumbo, USFS building in Kenton, and Sam Bennett by his car.  This will be good publicity for the Kenton Historical Society.  Will be printed by Book Concern in Hancock.  The Midwestern Guide is a travel guide for the area.
  8. Ruth Dunn has the raffle tickets:  goal is to sell all of the tickets.
  9. Long discussion about current ham prices.
  10. Memorial Service for Eleanor Halligan on Saturday, June 25, 2011 at the Kenton Cemetery at 11:00 am.  Luncheon at Duncan Township Hall to follow.
  11. Korrie Decremer and Sherry Sterbenz wedding on evening of August 27 at the Duncan Township Hall will be pot luck.  KHS ladies will serve beginning at 5:30 for servers.  Need to get volunteers from KHS.
  12. Can rusty patch on bar roof be painted with rust resistant paint?  Paint on window sills outside is painting:  need an estimate for building maintenance. 
  13. Book Club Meeting June 23, 10:00 AM at the Sidnaw community Center.
  14. For History Book:  the Ottawa National Forest Improvement Association (ONFIA) began at Robinson Lake about 1945; moved to Tepee Lake after the Tepee Lake campground opened in 1964.  ONFIA was a local community based group intended to support activities in the Ottawa National Forest.  ONFIA contributed chairs to the Duncan Township Hall.
  15. Aho adjourn, Dunn second.



Frank Pentti


May 2011

May 11, 2011


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Verna Pentilla, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Tom Nordine, Chris Pinar, Hazel Bennett


  1. Review of minutes, Mackey move to accept , Joan second
  2. Treasurers (deduction of 50) 7243.30.  motion to accept Pentti, Passmore second
  3. Electrical work in hall is done, KHS share is $925.  Water heater will be $150 plus half of installation.  The Electric system is now complete and will support the many cookers for various events.
  4. Calendars Joan Thompson source will cost $4.20 each per 100.  $45 per hour for design.  Joan will get rough estimate.  Go with old pictures because there really not much that is new in Kenton.
  5. Potluck dinner for Korrie Decremer’s wedding; waiting to hear from the family about the details.
  6. Donation to Suomi Kutsu:  do it before Memorial Day.
  7. Raffle:
    1. Raffle license has been received from the state.
    2. Design:  York house and Sidnaw hotel
    3. 1,000 tickets to be sold at $5.00
    4. Dinner November 17, 2011
    5. Cost of dinner to be determined, $8.00 or $10.00:  wait to see how food prices go.  Long discussion of price of ham.
    6. Extra raffle as last year?  Yes.
  8. Trout Creek will have a reunion August 12 – 13th at Abbot Fox Park good time to sell raffle tickets.  That weekend is Pond Fest weekend.
  9. Sell CDs of pictures?  $5 or $10 per CD?  Put on DVD so they can be viewed on television sets.
  10. Kenton Historical Society minutes from all 2010 meetings are posted to website.
  11. Memorial Day Lunch, May 30, 2011.
  12. KHS website posted to Covington Womens’ Art Store website.  The art store is a great contribution to the community and the area.  Add Covington URL to this line
  13. Barb Passmore bought some pots and pans.
  14. Barb found plat maps for Kitchi, Kenton, and Sidnaw in the Courthouse in Houghton.
  15. Book meeting:  May 26, 10:00am, Sidnaw Community Center. 
  16. NOTE:  Kenton families are requested to start providing family histories:  only a very few Kenton family histories has been received.  Kenton folks:  please create and submit family histories.
  17. Bring blank history forms to the Memorial Day luncheon.
  18. Next meeting:  Monday June 13, 2011, 7:00 pm, Duncan Township Hall.
  19. Meeting adjourned.


Frank Pentti


April 2011

April 11, 2011


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Verna Pentilla, Frank Pentti


1.      Both the November and December meeting minutes were reviewed.  Any additions or corrections?  Need an Ottawa Shopper ad regarding finding additional pictures.  Question:  did Lily Koskela have any pictures, records.  Thompson moves to accept, Mackey second. 

2.      Treasurers Report:  December checking balance $7,313.34. January, February and March balances, $7,293.34.Motion to accept by Pentti, Thompson second.  Report accepted.

3.      We received donations of two four drawer files, plus a lateral file. We also received some bookcases and two room dividers, and some other misc. items.

4.      Has anyone been able to locate any of the school pictures? Barb put an ad in the shopper, and interested parties are also directed to our website for more information.

5.      Barb also put an ad in the Shopper for the deadline for getting historical information to us:  September 11, 2011

6.      Next book meeting?  Wednesday April 20: at Sidnaw Community Center.  Everyone is welcome at these meetings.

7.      History book:

a.      Twenty-three family histories have been proof read 3 times. Joan and Dorothy are working on more of them.

b.      Heather and Barb are also doing some.  Any help from others would be appreciated.

c.       Barb Passmore has text on the early beginnings of Kenton.

d.      Joan is working on Sidnaw.

e.      The book dedication has been written.

f.        Verna working on the history of Hoppy’s.

8.      See about getting a small microwave for the hall.

9.      Hold off on doing any painting until we see what it is going to cost for the additional electrical work that has to be done in the hall, and the 40 gallon hot water heater.  Meeting with the Lawrence Hash, electrician Tuesday the 12th at 8:30.  Three outlets on each wall in main room, three new in bar area.

10. A spreadsheet for accounting (Frank)?  Not done yet.

11. We had a correction, comment on our website from Brad Livingston, Bergland Historical Society.  Technical point on how Bergland treats its records:   Heather took care of it.

12. The ladies of the Kenton Historical Society have been approached about serving the potluck dinner for Korrie DeCremer’s wedding reception, August 27, 2011.  Agreed with a crew of six or seven at the hall.  Need a proposal for work to be done at this event.  This will not be a Kenton Historical Society function.

13. Raffle tickets for 2011

a.      Design:  green paper, York house in Kenton, Great Northern in Sidnaw

b.      Cost of ticket $5.00 per ticket

c.       Date of dinner:  November 17, 2011

d.      How many do we want to have printed? 1, 000 tickets, $95 cost

e.      Where to have them printed?  Homestead in L’Anse, same place as last year.

f.        Memorial Day luncheon. (May 30th)  Verna will be in charge with the assistance of the ladies of the Kenton Historical Society.

14. Check out the KHS website www.freewebs.com/kentonhistoricalsociety

15. Joan Thompson has friend in Saginaw with a printing company.  Proposes to print calendar with historical area pictures:  probably cost at $7.50 per copy, sell for $12.00.  How many copies:  100?  Defer to next meetings.

16. Verna Pentilla suggests a contribution of $100.00 to Soumi Kutsu for publicity purposes.  Timing:  before Memorial Day, or before Hunter’s Dinner. Next meeting May 9, 2011, 7:00 PM Duncan Township hall.

17. Motion to adjourn.


Frank Pentti


2010 Minutes

December 13, 2010

 Attending:  Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, Sharon Aho, Verna Pentilla, Frank Pentti

 1.      Minutes of November meeting were unavailable

2.      Treasurer’s report:  Beginning balance $6,172.71.  November transactions: additions of $3,515.00 and subtractions of $2,163.44.  Ending balance:$7,524.27; there are less than 100 in checks outstanding.

3.      Perhaps spreadsheet for accounting:  Pentti

4.      Raffle

a.      785 tickets sold for $3,925.00

b.      Raffle profit of $1,651.00 after payouts

c.       List of winners needs to be included in these minutes

d.      Top ticket seller Barb, wins $100.00

5.      Profit from hunter’s diner can be calculated $1,295.00  (donations net of expenses)

6.      Donated items for ongoing raffle during dinner: 30 or  so

7.      Pentti makes motion to accept financial report; accepted

8.      Book meeting to be changed to 10:30 am January 20

9.      Mary Nordine has pictures of Kenton School, Barb will email link to Pentti

10. Beginning to proof family histories

11. Beginning to work on beginning of book

12. Bake sale was not a success, we will not have another; weather may have been the factor

13. Ad in shopper listing raffle ticket winners

14. Duncan Township Hall

a.      Still a problem with breakers, 4, 12, 9 tripping    two coffee pots.

b.      Wooden table by furnace roasters tripping   Will 30 amp breakers work?

c.       Need a larger hot water heater.  40 gallon hot water heater starts at $400

15. Bergland museum article from Ontonagon paper, we should congratulate Bergland museum.    Bergland website:   http://berglandmuseum.com/    We need to invite Bergland to Duncan Township Hall when weather warms up, coffee

16. Sharon received nice thank you from Mary Jenkins.

17. Verna will do history of Hoppy’s bar.

18. Possible new funding options: paint, small microwave

19. Next meeting April 11, 2011, Duncan Township Hall 7:00 pm

20. Motion to adjourn, Verna Pentilla

 Frank Pentti



November 2010

November 8, 2010


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Verna Pentilla, Gladys Budd, Chris Pinar, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Hazel Bennett, Mike Allen, Mary Nordine


  1. Reading of Minutes.  Correction “Wall”  should be ‘Walls” Plaque in honor of Warren Jenkins, Motion to accept  second Thompson, Dunn
  2. Treasurers report:  additions  $555.00. Closing Balance $6,172.71.  Pentti accept Pinar  Aho
  3.  See Ruth Dunn for Raffle Tickets.
  4. Hunters’ Dinner:  Ottawa Shopper posted the wrong day of the week.
  5. Nothing in Trout Creek according to Patsy Walls, there are some boxes in L’Anse high school basement,, no knowledge of what is in the boxes.  Joan Thompson will continue to follow up.
  6. Donations for prizes:  probably about 30 prizes at this point.  Sharon Aho proposes number stickers. 
    1. Need person at door to hand out tickets and explain procedure.
    2. Ruth Volunteers to hand out tickets
    3. Prize announcer:  Chris Pinar
  7. Sharon Aho will collect dinner donation monies
  8. Bake sale Nov 13 noon, meet at Fire hall before sale, may need to do some cleaning, all will bake.  Need key to clean, key for entry on Saturday.  Friday 2:00 to clean, Sales on Saturday Joan, Ruth, Sharon.   Baked goods by 11:30.  Sell raffle tickets at Bake Sale.  Price baked goods at time of sale.
  9. Ticket sales from POR:  $250.00
  10. Ticket sales from Bigari’s:  $265.00 Spend more time there.
  11. File cabinet:  Do we need a Fireproof?  Too expensive.   
  12. Raffle prize administrators; Larry Kosmatka, Frank Pentti.
  13. November 4  book meeting report: 
    1. Proof reading some family histories (about 12 family histories have come in)
    2. Work on beginning of book has come in
    3. Next book meeting Jan 20, 2011,  10:00 am Sidnaw Community Center
  14. New sign for bake sale
  15. No need to print new checks, simply add stickers
  16. After dinner luncheon; Thursday November 18 at Bill’s Grill
  17. Details on dinner details after this meeting:  town hall should be cleaned before Monday before dinner. 
  18. Ad in shopper for bake sale, dinner
  19. Ruth Dunn:  Total receipts $2,695.00  this covers the prizes
  20. Barb made name tags for Raffle ticket sellers.
  21. Next meeting December 13, location to be determined.
  22. Mike Allen proposal:  hold dinner later next year November 17. next year is proposed.  
  23. Need to test water at town hall. 
  24. Motion to adjourn.  Aho, Dunn Mackey second.


Frank Pentti

October 2010

October 11, 2010


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Verna Pentilla, Gladys Budd, Chris Pinar, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Hazel Bennett, Mike Allen, Mary Nordine


  1. Reading of Minutes.  Motion to accept Thompson, Aho second
  2. Treasurer’s report :  Transactions: deposits $1,150.00;  withdrawals $100.00  cash for ticket sales, $55.00 reimbursement to Barb, check for $287.81 for Kenton Historical Society share of tables for Township Hall.  Balance, $5,617.71.
  3. Total Ticket sales $1,725.00.  Sales since last meeting
  4. History form has been distributed in PDF and MS word.
  5. Ruth has Raffle tickets.
  6. Ray Rigoni has no idea of any Kenton records in Ewen.
  7. Hazel Sliger library call Dave and Patsy Wall; Joan Thompson will call Patsy Wall.
  8. Mike Allen thinks Kenton pictures were in Sidnaw School at one point.
  9. Michigan Gaming Commission:  the report was submitted September 14, 2010.  We received a letter from the Commission dated September 27, 2010 informing KHS that we qualify to conduct licensed gaming events.
  10. KHS needs a filing system; Sharon will explore prices for a 4 drawer fireproof filing cabinet that will be stored in the Duncan Township Hall.
  11. Contact numbers for access to Township Hall have been posted:
    1. Barb Passmore 852-3510
    2. Ruth Dunn     852-3373
    3. Frank Pentti   853-3216
  12. Flyers have been printed.
  13. Donated items: 
    1. time to ask
    2. prizes throughout the evening
    3. staffing the door table:  need two
    4. need announcer for prizes
  14. Fire dept says go for the Bake Sale at the Kenton Fire Hall on November 13:  noon to 3:00 pm. Ruth Sharon Joan will sell.  Bakers:  Joan, Sharon, Ruth, Chris
  15. Log jamboree sales:  $800.00 in sales, this beat last year’s sales of $595.00
  16. Greenland Harvest Festival:  $105.00, judged not worth it because it was cold.
  17. POR October 16, drivers will be in town 8:00pm.  Ticket sellers need to be in town by 6:00 pm.  Ticket sellers:  Ruth, Barb, Chris, Sharon (?).  Divide Kenton into sectors.
  18. Ruth and Barb will sell at Bigari’s in Iron River on November 6.  Angeli’s said no due to liability issue.
  19. Next book meeting:  November 4, 10:00 Sidnaw Community Center.
  20. Names have been added to Plaque:  in memory of Ruth and Art McKittrick by their family and in honor of Warren Jenkins.
  21. Signs for dinner are being made.
  22. Barb Passmore picked up the flowers in the cemetery, Thanks to Barb.  Saved flowers will be placed on graves that do not get flowers.
  23. Details on Hunter’s dinner, to be held on November 16, to be resolved after this meeting.
  24. Celebratory dinner for Dinner workers on Thursday November 18 at Bill’s Grill in Sidnaw.   Noon.
  25. Current checks have wrong address this means we must order new checks:  need to change address.  Use official KHS address that is on our stationery.  
  26. Mike Allen suggests next year explore changing date of raffle to a later date to permit sale of more tickets.  Cannot change this year because tickets have been printed and many sold.
  27. Historical story telling after next meeting.  Mike Allen has brought photos of old Kenton Jail
  28. Next meeting:  7:00 pm, November 8, 2010 at Duncan Township Hall.
  29. Dunn motion to adjourn.

 Frank Pentti



September 2010

September 13, 2010


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Verna Pentilla, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Gladys Budd, Chris Pinar, Tom Nordine


  1. Reading of Minutes.  Note that reimbursement
  2. Treasurers report.  $18.94 check for supplies, $20.00 filing fee to State of Michigan; check for printing, $21.50; donation from McKittrick family in memory of Ruth and Art McKittrick, $1,000.  Closing balance: $4,910.52.   Thompson move to accept, Aho second.
  3. Ruth Dunn has $250.00 from Raffle ticket sales to add to account.
  4. History form will be converted to a Word Perfect form. 
  5. Raffle tickets are still available.  Current funds turned in:  $640.00.  1,000 tickets were printed.  $425.00 in sales of tickets at Pond Fest plus $9.00 in postcard sales.  Sales at fly in were bad due to rain.
  6. Report to Michigan Lottery Board nearly complete.  Will go out this week.
  7. Barb Passmore will ask Ray Rigoni about Kenton School pictures.
  8. Tom Nordine has no memory of what happened to Kenton School Records.
  9. Need to ask Mike Allen if he has any memory about any School records.
  10. No school records in township storage building.
  11. New tables have been purchased for Township hall, cost to KHS $287.81 at 50/50 share with Township.
  12. Kenton Historical sign is now on Duncan Township Hall.  Need contact numbers to open the building:  Barb Passmore, Ruth Dunn, and Frank Pentti. 
  13. Hunters’ Dinner: 
    1. Raise dinner donation?  Stay at $8.00. 
    2. Flyer approved.  $5.00 for 50 flyers.
    3. Suggestion:  Bake sale at Fire Hall on Saturday Nov 13.  Passed.  Check out the building.  Need to check with Fire Department.  Move truck out and put sign on truck.  Need to make decision, set time.
    4. Donated prizes still a good idea.  Timing of prizes:  during Dinner. Make business contacts in October.
  14. Book meeting:  deadline for family histories September 11, 2011.  Need an ad in the Shopper at some point.  Next book meeting will be November 4, 10:00 am at Sidnaw Community center.
  15. Hunters’ dinner: 
    1. Buy hams if on sale:  $1.29 per pound.  Need 80 pounds of ham and 80 pounds of potatoes this year.
    2. Sufficient supplies, but do need 8” desert plates; Sharon Aho will pick up.
    3. Raffle tickets will permit better count of dinner attendees.
  16. Raffle Tickets
    1. Need to push Raffle tickets:  may have to sell at Bigari’s in Iron River.  Also, perhaps Angelis’ Market.
    2. Joan Thompson and Dorothy Beck will sell tickets at Midway Phone company open house.
    3. Log Jamboree Sept 24 and 25 needs sales:  last year yielded $595.00.  Ticket sellers:  last year set up outside by door, walk parade route.  Ruth Dunn, Sharon Aho, Chris Pinar if weather ok, Alice Mackey, Maybe Barb Passmore.
  17. Kenton Historical Society notes gracious donation from the McKittrick Family in memory of Ruth and Art McKittrick.
  18. The Kenton Historical Society notes with sadness that Township Supervisor Warren Jenkins died on September 3, 2010. 
  19. Facebook now has 82 fans. 
  20. Proposal for discussion period for history book after KHs MEETING
  21. Next meeting, October 11, 7:00 pm
  22. Pentti, Motion to adjourn, Aho second.

 Frank Pentti



August 2010

August 9, 2010


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Verna Pentilla, Gladys Budd, Chris Pinar


  1. Reading of Minutes.  Corrections: siding, not crossing at Whitney, Alice Mackey moves to accept, Ruth Dunn second.
  2. Treasurer’s report beginning balance $6,013.67; additions of $100.00, expenses $2,482.91 (Historical Society share of Duncan Township Hall electrical work), garbage bags $20.00, $48.80 Barb Passmore,   new balance $3,561.96.  Chris Pinar moves to accept, Sharon Aho second.
  3. Deadline on family history forms:  should be decided at History meeting in September.
  4. Still need to convert PDF form to be active form
  5. Raffle Tickets are still available
  6. Report to raffle commission not yet complete; will include 2010 data.
  7. Tables for Duncan Township Hall.  Approved by Duncan Township, will be purchased.  Old tables are available for sale by township.
  8. Old chairs:  more chairs than needed? Evaluate need at Hunter’s dinner; Ruth Dunn suggests at least 100 chairs.
  9.  Kenton Historical Society sign for Duncan Township Hall:  Aluminum sign,  black lettering with stickers, $50 homestead graphics, other bid $68.00 for smaller sign.  Small door sign to gain entry, call whomever to gain entry.  Pentti moves go with $50 sign, Dunn second.  Approved.
  10. Hunter’s dinner:  no need to change timing.
  11. Two new 32 gal garbage cans and garbage bags have been purchased.
  12. Sidnaw fly in September 4th, need ticket sellers.  Chris will sell tickets, if she is available; need additional ticket sellers.  Tickets can be sold at airport.  If available, Sharon Aho will sell by Sidnaw Museum.
  13. Pond fest at 11:00 am on August 14, booths will be established on a first come basis.  Will try to get site near little bridge.  Barb will be there at 9:00 am, Chris Pinar will assist.  Need ticket sellers:  Ruth Dunn, Sharon Aho, Barb Passmore.  KHS will donate free meal ticket to Pond Fest game board.
  14. Covington will have historical pageant on August 29 at 1:00 pm if anyone interested in attending.
  15. Need to file Michigan Nonprofit report with a $20.00.  Need three directors: Ruth Dunn, Verna Pentilla, Heather Platzke nominated and accepted.
  16. Sharon Aho notes the continuing contribution of Heather Platzke, thanks!
  17. Blueberries at Sidnaw Museum call Mary Jenkins, 355-2630.  Blueberries will be at mini-mart at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, Aug 11.  $15.00 for 5 pounds.
  18. “Soft Earmark” Pentti reports on inclusion of Duncan township projects in joint US House/Senate Agriculture Conference Committee report.  The “soft earmark” notes the Committee’s interest in the Duncan Township Hall and the Sidnaw Fire Hall/Township Office projects, but does not provide funding.  Possible improvements discussed include insulation wall and crawl space, new windows in bar area, remove ceiling tile in main hall, farm sink, new single counter in serving area, new cabinets. New floor in bar area.  Refinish floor in main hall.
  19. New business:  Reference to Anthony Lake in July 12 minutes:  new information – the lake has been identified as Burns Lake.
  20. Sharon Aho motion to adjourn, Alice Mackey second.

 Frank Pentti


July 2010

July 12, 2010


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Verna Pentilla, Dorothy Beck, Gladys Budd, Tom Nordine.


  1. Reading of Minutes.  Corrections:  none, Heather Platzke arranged for the printing of the raffle tickets.
  2. Treasurer’s report beginning balance $6,212.72; expenses $249.05 donation of 50, Sharon Aho 59.10, donation of 50.00; new balance $6,013.67.   Ruth Dunn moves to accept, Joan Thompson second, accepted.
  3. Need new PDF of history form that will permit direct entry of data into the form, several more have been distributed
  4. Shirley huff has been added to the donation list.
  5. 5th annual Sidnaw Fly in will take place September 4.
  6. Hope’s camp was located T47 N R36W, section 35
  7. No report from Nina on Ray Rigoni on KHS pictures.
  8. Meeting for history book:  September 9, 2010, 10:00, in Sidnaw Community Center, Sidnaw Voting Precinct.
  9. Have the double tickets, too early for door prize donations; wait until end of September to seek donations.
  10. Hunter’s Dinner 5:00 – 8:00, drawing at 8:00 pm.  Raffle tickets have been printed.  Note on ticket; If less than 1,000 tickets are sold prizes will be pro-rated base on total number of tickets sold.  Minimum first Prize award:  $1,000.00.  Last year we awarded all prizes despite disclaimer.
  11. Information on Anthony:  settlement was not at Crystal Lake but at another “unnamed” lake near Railroad Track.  Foundations and garbage can be found p 41 of article Anthony grade was steep, need extra locomotives to push trains up grade.  Also a crossing at Whitney with spur to Withey.
  12. Reviewed 2008 township review of repairs needed to town hall, most have been completed:  Painting, electrical (200 amp main service, new outlets for refrigerators on individual circuits, new circuits with outlets behind kitchen counter, new electric water heater, new overhead lighting in both main hall and bar area) new furnace, restrooms ADA compliant, plumbing upgraded to code) sign identifying building, done.  Now need sign noting that Historical society items are in the Township Hall.  We need to note that all of the items on the improvement list have been accomplished by the joint work of the Kenton Historical Society and Duncan Township.  It was noted that no breakers were blown by crock pots at two recent events.
  13. Bill for Kenton Historical Society share of electrical work $2,482.91.
  14. State of Michigan, Bureau of State Lottery is asking for receipts for 2009 and 2010.  Old receipts.  Pentti will write statement explaining how expenditures contribute to the charitable purpose of the Kenton Historical Society.
  15. Need to buy garbage bags, and two 32 gallon garbage cans.  Approved.
  16. We note with sorrow the passing of Ruth McKittrick on June 24, 2010. She was interred in the Kenton Cemetery on July 12, 2010
  17. Ruth Dunn proposes acquisition of 8 new 8 foot tables (for a total of 12 tables) at max of $100 each, will propose at township meeting and propose that township share the cost.  Township could then sell old heavy tables.
  18. Joan Thompson shares Covington Township brochure on their museum, no apparent website.
  19. Donation:  $100.00 from Janet A. and William P. Siers of Gilberts, IL.  We will add their names to the plaque.  Thank you very much to the Siers.
  20. Motion to adjourn by Ruth Dunn.  Second by Sharon Aho.

 Frank Pentti



June 2010

June 14, 2010


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Verna Pentilla, Dorothy Beck, Chris Pinar, Nina Humphrey.


  1. Reading of Minutes.  Corrections:  none, minutes accepted Alice Mackey motion to accept, Chris Pinar second.
  2. Treasurers report $6,212.72 balance in Treasury.  Ruth Dunn moves to accept, Dorothy Beck second.
  3. 6 family history forms were handed out at Memorial Day event.
  4. Plaque up and done.
  5. License to sell raffle tickets has been received.
  6. Please note donation by Shirley Huff in memory of Joe Zimmer on the plaque.
  7. Proposed revision to Hunter’s Dinner on November 16, 2010. raffle prizes:  change fourth prize to $150:  new prize schedule
    1. First $1,000
    2. Second $500
    3. Third $250
    4. Fourth $150
    5. Fifth $100
    6. Accepted
    7. Drawing at 8:00 pm at November 16, 2010.
    8. Motion by Ruth to have Heather Platzke to print cost $95.00 for 1,000 tickets.
    9. Ruth Dunn will manage records of ticket sales.
  8. Door prizes at hunters dinner:  no donations yet but lists of possible merchant donors have been developed.  Sharon and Chris Pinar will do the Western contacts.
  9. Dinner scheduling to be determined.
  10. Kenton School information:  Ewen School does not have pictures.  Unclear if Ensio Suhonen records made it to Ewen, there may some transcripts.  Apparently an individual from Baraga participated in take down of Kenton school, unclear as to who that person was. Nina will call Gary Fors and Ray Rigoni about any possible Kenton School records, pictures.
  11. Kenton Historical Society has a Facebook page, 2 new fans, 9 wall posts.  66 total fans.
  12. Jill Adamson, Sharon Aho’s daughter, donated $50 to the Kenton Historical Society at the Memorial Day dinner.
  13. No info yet as to Sidnaw Fly in; Dorothy Beck will check with Brad Fredericks.
  14. Bob Thompson knows where Hope’s Camp was located:  Lower Dam.
  15. Lowered water at Bond falls has exposed the Calderwood sawmill site.  Photos have been taken of a few bricks, concrete footing. 
  16. Comments on settlement near Crystal Lake:  apparently lasted 13 –14 years.  Was the settlement at Anthony Crossing?  Anthony is noted on DSSA railroad map.
  17. Next meeting:   July 12, 2010, 7:00 pm, Duncan Township Hall.
  18. Pentti motion to adjourn.  Sharon Aho second.

Frank Pentti


May 2010

May 10, 2010


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Gladys Budd, Verna Pentilla, Mike Allen, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Chris Pinar, Tom Nordine


  1. Reading of Minutes.  Corrections:  none, minutes accepted
  2. Treasurers report $6,262.72 balance in Treasury.  Sharon moves to accept, Dorothy second.
  3. Old business:  second stove removed.  Outlet scheduled for installation.  Electrical work not yet complete:  goal is to have it complete by Memorial Day.
  4. Language for plaque:   In Appreciation:  The following have made contributions of One Hundred Dollars or more to the Kenton Historical Society.
  5.  History of Raffle Ticket Sales:
    1. 2007
    2. 2008
    3. 2009
    4. Need max prize history
  6. Prize proposal
    1. First $1,000
    2. Second $500
    3. Third $250
    4. Fourth and fifth: $100
    5. 1000 tickets to be printed
    6. Accepted
  7. Add drawing for items donated by local businesses.  Joan Thompson will call some local businesses on east and Sharon Aho will call to the west about donating items.  Receipt tickets at entry.  Must be present to win donated items.  All accept.
  8. Local Crafters Show in Trout Creek May 29
  9. Report:  Nina Humphrey did not claim to have much to do with the Ewen History book.
  10. Ewen School will try to locate Kenton School pictures.
  11. Hope’s Camp location:  Photos of Lula York at Hope’s camp:  no idea of where it was located.
  12. Logging camp at Paint Lake? Weidman camp. No information.
  13. What was the building across from Hoppy’s Bar?  Arvid Haarala pool room, bar, dentist.
  14. The August Nordine home burned down on March 23, 1934.     The family moved to the Trombley farm after home burned.
  15. Kenton School closed 1962; torn down shortly after.
  16. Memory cards for digital frames for events.  Heather Platzke will store the photos on memory cards,
  17. Ensio Suhonen bought contents of Kenton School.  Did records go to Ewen?  Heather Platzke will check with Ewen School.
  18. Family history forms and spreadsheet will be available on the website.
  19. Chris proposes retaining current officers, Verna seconds.  Current officers reelected. 
  20. Verna Pentilla will organize Memorial Day lunch.  Ottawa Shopper calendar of events for Kenton notice.
  21. Next meeting June 14, 2010, 7:00 pm, Duncan Township hall.
  22. Pentti motion to adjourn.  Sharon Aho second.

 Frank Pentti


April 2010

April 12, 2010


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Chris Pinar, Tom Nordine


  1. Reading of Minutes Thompson motion to approve,  Mackey second
  2. Treasurers’ report; $5,847.72 is current balance.  All raffle tickets have cleared. Pentti accept, Chris Pinar second.
  3. Still need family history form:  Talk to Nina Humphrey about history books, Nina has done Ewen history books.  Joan, Alice Dorothy, Chris, Barb to work with Nina to develop form based on previous genealogic questions.
  4. Thank you sent to Sharon and Doug Aho.
  5. Electrical work.  Need to add ceiling lights:  15 at 50 another $1,000 approved, add one more circuit on South Wall.
  6. Fly problem:  hall has been sprayed by the township.
  7. Still need to remove second gas stove.
  8. Keep the piano in the hall.  Where did it come from?
  9. Donation from David, Rick, and Dennis Passmore in memory of Dorothy Passmore in the amount of $365.00.  Alice Mackey will write thank you notes.
  10. Donation from Tom Nordine:  $50.00 from Tom Nordine.
  11. Plaques to recognize donations to the Kenton Historical Society of $100.00 or more.  12 x16 plaque, $76.95.  Pentti moves, Passmore accept.  Need language for next meeting.
  12. Raffle tickets for next hunter’s dinner:  Pentti motion to proceed, Mackey second.  Raffle question:  does a raffle have to have a certain portion payout?  Passmore will check raffle license papers.  Settle on $5.00.
  13. History of raffle sales.
  14. 2007 total sales $8,940, profit $2,021
  15. 2008 total sales ????,  profit $1,539
  16. 2009 total sales: $3,905, profit $1,351 (ticket sales were down in 2009)
  17. Pentti and Pottala farms are 100 years old on May 9, 2010.
  18. York House had a bar in front.
  19. Ideal Hotel in Sidnaw was a hotel and “sample room” where salesmen would get off the train and display their samples.
  20. Next events:  Memorial Day lunch with donation cans on tables.
  21. Any other summer events?  Showing of movie on POW camps?
  22. Next meeting:  May 10, 2010, DT hall, 7:00 pm.
  23. Motion to adjourn by Pentti, second by Mackey.

 Frank Pentti


2008-2009 Minutes

Additional comments to the October 09 minutes-

Information has been received from the Historical Society of Bergland regarding item #5.  Many thanks to Brad Livingston for this information.  We apologize for the misunderstanding and  appreciate the statement to inform us of the way historical items are documented and saved within their organization.   It is a great way to learn from each other so that we can all bring the history and photos of the past to a whole new generation so that we may  inspire more people to get involved! 

The correction I'd like to make is about the pictures in our Museum. I believe it to be a misunderstanding. We do take copies of photos. We would like to make copies of the original photos if possible. If the owners want to keep their originals, that's great. All the photos we have, have been donated and we have a record of who donated what. All of our records have hard copy as well as electronic copies. I feel we have made leaps and bounds for only being open 7 weeks. Our future is inspiring. The services we offer to the public grow greater each week. Family photo albums on CD or DVD if they like. A copy of every photo we have is available to the public, as well as copies of articles. Each artifact is documented the same way.  - Brad Livingston

October 2009 Minutes

October 12, 2009


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey,  Frank Pentti, Gladys Budd, Verna Pentilla, Mike Allen, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck


  1. Corrections:  Tarpaper Rose had a husband, Godfrey Throne, Tarpaper Rose worked like a man, probably did not take in laundry because no water at location.  The son’s name was James Throme.  Rose died of cancer and body was donated to science. Thompson makes motion to accept, Mackey second.
  2. Treasurer’s report.  Bills paid $67.12 deposits $352.00 from fly-in sales of raffle tickets.  Current total balance $4,066.55.  Thompson moves to accept Aho second.
  3. Raffle ticket sales at log jamboree sales $595.00 (not included in the above figures), sales team stayed until noon Friday; walked parade route on Saturday.  Great job of selling raffle tickets.
  4. Attended Bergland Historical Society meeting where different things were discussed.  John Osborne, a descendant of Bergland (founder of Bergland)presented a violin to the Bergland Historical society.  Bergland started out in Sidnaw, one of the founders of Sidnaw in 1896.
  5. Bergland does not number pictures, only keeps original pictures, no copies.  Museum is old USFS house, they keep gift receipt records in notebook.
  6. 50 flyers printed for Hunters’ Dinner.
  7. History Book:  Mary Nordine worked on Sacred Heart History book, visited homes of some key people and interviewed and wrote down individual family histories.  Need a standard history form:  this will be developed. 
  8. Mick Pinar gifts:  once item is donated by Mick Pinar to Kenton Historical Society the historical society can do what it needs to do with the item.  The Sidnaw railroad map will be donated to the Sidnaw historical museum.
  9. Highland farm:  no information may have been on the west side of Sidnaw.  Andrew Johnston named Highland farm.
  10. Questions for Dr. Weston?
    1. Anything about the highland farm?
    2. Did Keith buy store from Andrew Johnston?  Someone thought vegetables in store came from the Highland farm.
    3. How old was tarpaper Rose?
  11. USFS house:  raise issue at board meeting.
  12. Hunters’ dinner on November 16: 5 hams -- Barb Alice Ruth Sharon Joan will cook hams.  Joan and Sharon will cook mixture of rutabaga and carrots, last year we ran out.  Joan will make apple crisp.  Last year green beans and corn.  Sharon will do pickled beets. Potatoes: 75 pounds?  Half gallon of 2% milk.  Trout Creek may not have its dinner this year; this may provide additional traffic for the dinner in Kenton. 
  13. POR auto race is this weekend:  October 16, 2009.  Alice and Barb will sell tickets, maybe Ruth.  Divide up service areas; be there by 5:00 pm.
  14. Erik Diekman, KHS website:  Curious about hunters’ Dinner.  Add email address to distribution list.
  15. Kenton cemetery:  reminder remove flowers – KHS will use its garbage bags to clean out barrel.
  16. Need numbering system for gifts:  Year, accession number.  Pictures are numbered. 
  17. Mike Allen has picture of Kenton jail, also old newspaper and will donate.
  18. Need books of pictures so pictures can be viewed more readily; motion to buy appropriate materials approved.
  19. Date of last meeting for 2009:  December.
  20. First meeting in spring:  April.
  21. New goals:
    1. Think of goals during winter, all suggestions are welcome; Sharon Aho notes that Bergland has taken 34 years to this date.
  22. Send note to Carl Johnson.
  23. Bergland has fellowship time after business meetings, should we do something similar?
  24. Note at next Township Board meeting the possible use of the Ranger House in Kenton as Township Office.
  25. It is noted that a sawmill has begun operation at the site of old Nordine sawmill on M-28.
  26. Frank Pentti noted that on September 29, 2009 Congressman Bart Stupak entered a tribute to Dr. Kathleen Weston in the Congressional Record as part of the proceedings of the 111th Congress, First Session.
  27. Next meeting November 9, 7:00 pm.
  28. Motion to adjourn by Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey second.

September 2009 Minutes

September 14, 2009


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Verna Pentilla, Gladys Budd, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson


  1. Corrections to minutes:  $79.52 for a variety of things, not just maps.  Credit Mary Nordine for info from death certificates.  Tarpaper Rosie took in laundry, location on Lake on 3 Road; Not Lake 13 road.  Alice moves to accept, Joan second.
  2. Treasurer’s report:  additions $575.00 deposited; subtractions $92.17 balance $3,781.67.   Raffle ticket sale component in Ruth Dunn records. 
  3. Raffle ticket sales:  $350 sales at Fly in.  Log Jamboree sales last year on both days.  Craft fair in Ewen at 10:00 am Friday Sept 25.  Sell on both days of Log Jamboree.  Sales team:  Alice, Barb, Sharon,
  4. Bergland historical society meeting to accept gift 1:00 pm Friday, Sept 25.  Could attend after sales at craft fair.
  5. Printing of flyer for hunters’ dinner approved; print 50 copies. 
  6. Hunters’ dinner; investigate chinet plates, rutabaga and carrots as vegetable, 8 #10 cans of vegetables needed.  Sharon Aho has list of last year. 
  7. Review of use of USFS house:  Historical Society has decided it cannot use the house for a museum.  Perhaps the house could be used by the township for township offices:  building has space for record storage and the building has a bathroom.
  8. Expansion of Kenton cemetery is in process, assessor Khris Kennedy is identifying the ownership of the current cemetery.
  9. History book at standstill.  Family histories are needed.  Put note in transmittal note.  We need a handout at a Hunters’ dinner requesting family histories.  Perhaps a form to fill in:  Family name, dates, children, etc:  can Mary Nordine invent the form?  Have preaddressed stamped envelopes with the forms.  Also a listing of those who pick up the forms.
  10. Gift/Loan forms have been printed.  Forms will be filed in filed in room in Duncan Township Hall.
  11. Gift of maps from Mick Pinar.
  12. Tarpaper Rosie’s son’s name was Keith.
  13. Kathleen Weston questions:  Chapmans came from Kentucky, Mrs. Dental was a Chapman.  Tommy dentals mother was a Chapman.  Ad in Calumet newspaper seeking loggers.  William “dancing Billy” Bennet was a coal miner from Cornwall.  Ferguson house was the great northern hotel.  Huhtala farm became senior care facility, barn has collapsed.  No info yet about role of Canadian immigration.  Bowmans and Budds were related.
  14. Any info on Highland farm?
  15. KHS has a facebook page.  Heather has created it.
  16. Need to develop questions for Dr. Kathleen Weston.
  17. Next meeting October 12, 7:00, Duncan Township Hall, Adjourned

August 2009 Minutes

August 10, 2009


Attending;  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Mary Nordine, Verna Pentilla, Ruth Dunn, Gladys Budd, Barb Van Alstine


  1. Minutes read and approved with following corrections:  Hunter’s dinner is November 16;  $25 payment to Stampers was for design, not printing.  Approved Ruth Dunn, second Alice Mackey
  2. Treasurers report:  donation $20, expense, cemetery maps $79.52 current balance $3,298.84.  Ruth Dunn moves to accept, Sharon Aho second.
  3. Raffle ticket sales at Pond Fest:  $345.00, post card sales $6.00.
  4. Donations received:  Janet Johnson, $100.00; Donald Mac Donald, $100.00.  Thank You note to be sent.
  5. Next ticket sales:  Fly in.  11:00 a.m., September 5.  Need ticket sellers, Ruth Dunn, Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, anyone else?  Sale of tickets will be at the museum.
  6. Hunter’s Dinner November 16.  Too early to discuss dinner.  Should inventory supplies.
  7. Shingler family gathering a great success; everyone contributed. 
  8. Does anyone know about “Kentuckyville” in Duncan Township?  A woman from the Crandon, WI historical society was visiting the cemetery and provided examples of gift forms for receipt of gifts.  Historical Society will print gift forms.  Crandon saves a copy of its documents on a CD in a safe deposit box.
  9. The Kenton Historical Society by laws should state that only gifts that relate to Duncan Township can be accepted.  Frank Pentti makes motion, Sharon Aho second.  Passed.
  10. Arlene Vlahos has an early map of the Ottawa National Forest; will donate to the Kenton historical Society.
  11. Information on the deaths of three Spicer children in 1907: one bronchitis, three died of scarlet fever.   This information is from death certificates and Dr. Kathleen Weston.
  12. Dr. Kathleen Weston provided many notes on internments in Kenton Cemetery.  Some name edits will be necessary.  Barb Passmore will make the edits and return the document to Frank Pentti.
  13. Questions posed by Dr. Weston will be answered, first by discussion and written answers will be developed as we find out more. 
  14. Many have heard of Tarpaper “Rosie;” when it was possible to dig for bottles many Clorox bottles were found at Tarpaper “Rosies” residence.  The implication is that there was at that location a “house of ill repute.”  Residence was on Lake on 13 road.  Need to review the 1900 and 1910 census records to see who might have been working there. 
  15. Barb Van Alstine:  USFS is reviewing again the future of the three ranger houses in Kenton.  Current state of review suggests sale of buildings, not the land.  Kenton historical society discussed use of the main house as a museum; might be possible with a USFS special use permit.  USFS would maintain title.  USFS would possibly do annual maintenance if maintainence needs were identified.  Kenton Historical society would likely have to heat, pay for electricity, provide insurance, plow snow, pay fee to USFS, and would have to staff the museum.  Pentti cautions that if the Kenton Historical Society were to consider such a proposal, we would have to develop a detailed plan for the use of the house.  Also, who would take care of the museum in the future?
  16. Who has the Kenton Historical Society copy of the VHS tape of “Enemy in our Midst,” the record of the POW camp in Sidnaw? 
  17. Mary Nordine has copies of Duncan Township Death Certificates from 1897 to 1925.  The records include burials in Kitchi, Kenton, and Sidnaw.  Mary will add names to Cemetery list:  many of these may be in the grave sites listed as “unknown.”
  18. Cemetery expansion:  USFS cannot sell land, should approach Congress directly.  Current cemetery is Duncan Township property.  Issue will be referred to Duncan Township Board.
  19. Ruth Dunn on raffle ticket sales:  in past years we gave $100 to person who sold most tickets.  Do we want to continue this tradition, and should officers be eligible for award.  Frank Pentti makes motion to make officers eligible for award, Sharon Aho second, passed.
  20. Sidnaw cemetery listing and maps done and will be presented to the Board meeting.
  21. How can we thank Dr. Shingler for her help?
  22. Next meeting September 14, 700
  23. Barb Passmore makes motion to adjourn, Sharon Aho second.  Adjourned.

July 2009 Minutes


July 13, 2009


Attending;  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn,

Verna Pentilla, Mike Allen, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck


  1. Minutes read, Teepee approved
  2. Treasurer’s report:  expenditures:  Stampers $25.00 for printing, $20 for trash bags,  $246.93 Settlers Coop (Historical Society share of new propane tank)  Balance in account $3,358.36  Joan moves to accept, Ruth 2nd
  3. Raffle Ticket sales Update:  apparently slow as of yet.
  4. TC pond fest August 8:  reserve same spot as last year,  Ruth, Alice, Barb
  5. Sidnaw Fly in (Saturday September 5; last year the fly in began at 10:00 am) Joan Thompson will set up ticket sales outside museum in Sidnaw; Artists will set up sale booths as well at museum.
  6. History book:  not yet much discernable progress.
  7. Veterans’ names to be annotated on both Kenton and Sidnaw Cemetery maps.
  8. Introduced photos from Dr. Kathleen Weston:  her wedding photo with all parties identified, Kenton school 6th and 7th grades, 1919 – 1920 with all students identified, picture of ___ bicyclists at Sparrow Kroll store.
  9. Kenton Methodist church closed about 1970 or 1971 although the date is in dispute.  Matt May of Detroit conference of the Methodist church notes that the minutes of the church cease in 1919.  Reverend Alex Poobus was the last pastor in Kenton; no idea where Poobus lived – Ewen or Bruce Crossing?
  10. Hunters’ Dinner:  November 17, 2009.
  11. Where are original and scanned records to be deposited?
    1. Need physical storage:  needs to be fireproof and mouse proof.
    2. Electronic files:  store at MTU?  Pentti will check with Eric Nordberg.
    3. All electronic files should be maintained with the idea of total availability and no use restrictions for future users.
    4. We need to answer these questions.
  12. Shingler family will be at the Duncan Township Hall at 10:00 am on July 25, 2009.  Society members should try to be at the town hall by 9:00 am.  Sharon Aho is coordinating food and coffee.
  13. Sharon Aho suggests a guest book for Duncan Township hall, approved.
  14. Mike Allen thinks the hoist referred to in Sparrow-Kroll Payroll records was the “Sagola” hoist near Skoglund’s farm.  May have logged the East Branch below Kenton and floated the logs to the “Sagola hoist.”  The hoist was a conveyor up from the river, Mike Allen seems to remember two railroad spurs reaching the hoist and connecting to the mill in Kenton.
  15. Land east of Kenton was Sparrow Kroll land until about 1975 – 1978.
  16. What information do we have on CCC camps?  Need to establish a project to compile information on CCC camps in the area.   CCC camps in the area include Camp Jumbo (#1612), Camp Kenton – the first CCC camp in the Ottawa National Forest (#662), Camp Sidnaw (no camp number available),  Camp Pori (#682).
  17. Next Meeting:  7:00 pm August 10, Duncan Township Hall.
  18. Motion to adjourn:  Alice, Sharon second.



Frank Pentti


June 2009

June 8, 2009


Attending;  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn,

Verna Pentilla, Mike Allen, Ed Milzeski, Barb VanAlstine, Tom Nordine


  1. Minutes read, accepted with correct spelling of tepee (however Teeepeee is spelled).
  2. Treasurer’s report current balance $3,650.29.  Pending bills for the tickets. Approved.
  3. Raffle Tickets have been printed. 
    1. 1,000 tickets printed rather than 2,000 printed last year.
    2. Name stub is larger.
    3. Ruth Dunn will hold tickets:  contact Ruth for tickets to sell
    4. Trout Creek Pond Fest:  August 8.  need volunteers to sell tickets
    5. Sidnaw Fly-in:  Labor Day weekend, again need volunteers.
  4. 1900 Census report.  Any comments?  A couple edits were noted; these will be incorporated in a revised version to be distributed later.
  5. Frank Lewis had a bar near the current location of the fire hall in Kenton.
  6. William Spicer:  four children died in April 1907; Mike Allen remembers hearing that all three died of the same problem.
  7. Who owned the houses on the “Yellow Row?”  Question for Dr. Weston.
  8. Shingle mill located on FS road 1224, USFS map notes Dolph’s mill.  Original access was via a spur from DSSARR.  Made white pine and northern white cedar shingles at mill.
  9. Check Sparrow Kroll records in the Bentley to see if shingle production can be ascertained at SK mill in Kenton.
  10. Tom Nordine says Gus Nordine had a shingle mill in Jumbo.
  11. Pentti kids would walk to M-28 past the Honga farm to take bus to Kenton School and Golden Glow Corner because Golden Glow road was not plowed originally.
  12. There was a USFS telephone line to the Trout Creek fire tower and Camp Jumbo.  The wire may have been used to install the commercial telephone line on Golden Glow road.
  13. New 500 gallon propane tank at Duncan Township hall funded 50/50 with the township.  Historical society agrees to pay for 50% of installation tubing and new regulator.
  14. Shingler family will visit July 25, 2009 at 10:00 am and will be able to visit for an hour.
  15. Ottawa Forest new sign noted. Thanks to USFS.
  16. Website comments:  Jan Stiers noted location of Skoglund farm 4 miles north of Kenton opposite road 1300.
  17. Ruth Dunn suggests that the chat sessions take place after the general meeting.
  18. Historical society has a locked room in the Duncan Township hall for storage.
  19. Ed Milszeski has listings of other historical societies; guidelines for acquiring information.
  20. add www.freewebs.com/kentonhistoricalsociety
  21. Keweenaw Digital Archives:  www.digarch.lib.mtu.edu
  22. From last minutes:  Mary Thompson was Pricket’s secretary.
  23. Next meeting:  7:00pm, July 13, 2009, Duncan Township Hall, Kenton.
  24. Adjourned.


Frank Pentti


May 2009 Minutes

May 11, 2009


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn,

Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Verna Pentilla, Gladys Budd, Bob Rydzewski, Mike Allen


  1. Minutes read, accepted with correct spelling of Tepee.  George Townsend was first postmaster of Kenton, not Kroll.  Mrs. Chapman’s first name was Nina.
  2. Treasurer’s report current balance 3735.21.  Approved.
  3. Raffle tickets
    1. Application submitted to State of Michigan, approval received.
    2. Ticket draft approved.
    3. Motion to print tickets by Pentti, second by Mackey.  Passed.
  4. History Book:  Family histories are needed.
    1. Short histories completed for following families:

                                                              i.      Spargo

                                                            ii.      McPherson

                                                          iii.      Passmore

                                                           iv.      Harry Matthews (Kenton Ranger 1944 -1957)

  1. Hunter’s Dinner:  Hall reserved for November 16.
  2. Hall reserved for Kenton historical Society 2nd Monday of each month until end of summer.
  3. Shingler family is likely to Kenton on Saturday, July 25.  Need to plan lunch.
  4. Inventory of all records:  need to list all records, items maintained by the Kenton Historical Society as a first step to organize the information.
  5. History of Hoppy’s:  previous owner John Bergeron.  
  6. Nestor and Ellen Mantela owned Verna Pentilla’s house before Verna and Art. Einar and Nestor Mantela were brothers.
  7. Picture of Skoglund school; people in the picture have been identified.  Skoglund school was located at Skoglund farm, wherever that was.
  8. Bess Elliott’s photos have been scanned to disk:  about 50 pictures.
  9. Goal of inventory:  list all pictures with description to extent possible.
  10. At community gatherings:  Specifically ask attendees to identify pictures if possible.  Have note cards available. 
  11. Two display cases have recently been donated to Sidnaw Historical Museum.
  12. Alice Mackey received a phone call inquiring as to the existence of a Baptist church in Kenton – apparently not.  Only church in Kenton was Methodist.
  13. Mr. Hiram White was the barber.  American Legion marker marks his grave.
  14. Pentti briefed Congressman Bart Stupak on Duncan Township on Tuesday, May
  15. Sharon Aho has picked up more silverware to use at dinners.
  16. Comments on 1900 census?  Mary Thompson in Sidnaw may have worked for Prickett.
  17. Next meeting:  7:00 pm, June 8, Duncan Township Hall.

 Motion to adjourn by Barb.


 Frank Pentti


April 2009 Minutes

April 13, 2009


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Verna Pentilla, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Tom Nordine, Kenton District Ranger Barb Van Alstine


  1. Read and approved minutes of previous meeting, accepted.
  2. Hoppy’s bar previously was Peg Leg Bergeron’s bar.  Need more history.
  3. Treasurer’s report:  account balance $3,785.29.  Accepted.
  4. Thank you note sent to Marilyn Bailey for check in memory of Jack Nordine.
  5. Raffle Tickets:  agree to sell again this year
    1. $5,000 goal for sales.
    2. Print only 1,000 tickets this year:  only 863 sold last year.
    3. Printing of raffle tickets will cost $85 for 1,000 tickets.
    4. Award first prize first:  all tickets will be in barrel.
    5. Drawing will be at 8:00 pm.
    6. Ticket will have pictures of old Kenton and Sidnaw schools.
    7. Heather Platzke will design ticket.
    8. Need to apply for raffle license:  Alice Mackey will submit.
  6. Hunters’ dinner:  Sidnaw’s Hunters’ dinner is the first Sunday in deer season, this year that will fall on November 15, the first day of hunting season.  Kenton Hunters’ dinner will be Monday, November 16, dinner from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm with the raffle at 8:00 p.m.
  7. History book: 
    1. Dorothy Beck has been doing family history.  Dorothy also has a logging history.
    2. Can Verna Pentilla do history of Ottawa National Forest Improvement Association and the creation of Teepee Lake Park, and history of Hoppy’s Bar.
    3. Two newspapers in Sidnaw:  Sidnaw Journal (published by Will E. Holbein) Record (published by Haasbrouck and Hand)
    4. There were 8 sawmills in Sidnaw.
    5. Postmasters in Kenton:  Wm Kroll, (was there anyone between Kroll and Anderson ?), Heino Anderson, Mrs. ???? Chapman, Tom Haarala, subsequent postmasters?
    6. Postmasters in Sidnaw:  to be supplied by Dorothy Beck.
    7. Need to get together in summer to work compiling history book.
    8. Need Nordine family history.
    9. Need any other one page family histories.
    10. Frank Pentti has 16 page Pentti history that includes much Kenton history.
  8. Kenton cemetery mapping continues; there has been still too much snow on Sidnaw cemetery to make progress there in recent days.
  9. Trout Creek sawmill started 1910 or 1911.  Hardes’ mill burned in 1920 or 1921.  Did Kenton families move to Trout Creek?  Knivilas?
  10. The Shingler family is likely to attend a Houghton high school reunion in the coming summer.   We will set up meeting with the Shinglers as time gets closer; perhaps as pot luck lunch at Duncan Township Hall in Kenton.
  11. Dr. Kathleen Weston has provided notes on the location of various buildings in Kenton and the occupants of the buildings based on photos of Kenton and a plat map of Kenton.  The notes are attached.  They serve as great basis for understanding early Kenton.  A great thank you to Dr. Weston.
  12. Tom Nordine indicated he could identify the residents of all of the houses on the “Yellow Row.”
  13. Also a thank you to Ranger Van Alstine for use of the Kenton Ranger Station.
  14. Next meeting May 11 at Duncan Township Hall, 7:00.
  15. Motion to adjourn, adjourned.





Frank Pentti


March 2009 Minutes

March 9, 2009


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, Dorothy Beck, Mary Nordine, Mike Allen, Kenton District Ranger Barb Van Alstine


  1. Read and approved minutes of previous meeting.  Correction:  Ruth Dunn not at meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s Report given by Alice Mackey.  Balance in account of $3,386.29.  Approved by Mary, second by Mike.
  3. A donation of $200.00 in honor of Jack Nordine was sent by Marilyn Bailey (daughter).  A thank you note will be sent.
  4. Discussion of coming raffle – how much should it be?  Should we change it to $10.00 or not?  Decided to wait until next meeting when more members are present.  Also, Frank brought some bread to the Hunter's dinner – which we all enjoyed.  Maybe he would make it for next time.
  5. Dorothy Beck brought information on relatives and Sidnaw people.  Gave to Barb.  Pictures will be scanned into the computer for the Historical Society.
  6. Question of Walter Prickett, where he is buried.  He is in the Menominee cemetery.
  7. Discussion of Historical book – will get together at a later date about both Kenton and Sidnaw history.
  8. The guard shack that was at the Hutula’s mill will be moved to the airport in Sidnaw. 
  9. Snowmobile races were held at the Sidnaw airport and the money collected will go to Habitat homes which will be built in Topaz.
  10. Question from Dorothy Beck about Hoppy’s bar.  Was it called something else or what?  Hoppy’s bar and Pentilla Gas at one time.
  11. Next meeting April 13 at Kenton Ranger Station, 7:00pm.
  12. Motion to adjourn, adjourned.





Alice Mackey

Acting for the absent Secretary

December 2008 Minutes

December 8, 2008


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Verna Pentilla, Ruth Dunn, Gladys Budd, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Mike Allen, Kenton District Ranger Barb Van Alstine


  1. Minutes of last meeting read, approved Thompson, Aho, passed
  2. Financial Report:  Net proceeds of dinner:  841.24.  Net proceeds on raffle 1539.55.   Ending balance in checking $3,644.36, two outstanding bills 40 127.07.  Motion to approve treasurer’s report. Thompson moves to accept, Beck second. Passed.
  3. Secretary’s note:  we did spend money during the past year painting the Duncan Township hall and installing a new furnace.
  4. Raffle sales way down:  total sales 2008 -- $4,315.00, 2007 -- $8,940.00.  Net proceeds of raffle:  2008 -- $1,539.00; 2007 – 2,021.00.  Many fewer ticket sales this year; prizes were lower.
  5. Mike Allen won prize for sale of most tickets.  Mike notes that $5.00 ticket price too low:  some people buy only one ticket, thus a $10.ticket would yield more from the single ticket buyers.
  6. Next year print 1,500 tickets, base prizes on the sale of 1.000 tickets.
  7. Doug Aho donated $100.00 of his raffle winnings to the Historical Society.
  8. Note for next year:  first ticket drawn should be for the largest prize – starting at the smaller prizes means that the early minor winners do not qualify for the grand prize. 
  9. History book:  not much progress.  This is a busy time of year.
  10. Hunter’s dinner notes:
    1. Ran out of cranberries
    2. Vegetables were on the mark
    3. Not enough rutabagas (Secretary’s note:  It is hard for me to type that statement!)
    4. 100 pounds of potatoes too much.
    5. 13 dozen dinner rolls too many.
    6. Make sure plates are coated.
    7. Problems with electrical breakers.  Next year bring food hot.
  11. Reminder:  the website is operating www.freewebs.com/kentonhistoricalsociety    Some additional photos have been included as well as minutes from last 3 Kenton Historical Society meetings.  Indication of some usage:  23 hits, no comments as of yet.  Do people not want to sign up to provide comments on the forum page?  Also note, an entry on the contact page will simply result in an email to the Kenton Historical society without need to register.)  A Mr. Martin Hogan after viewing the website contributed two photos of Kenton.
  12. Where is Walter Prickett buried?  Prickett had Roycroft farms in Sidnaw and the Airport in Sidnaw.
  13. Those who worked on the dinner had a lunch at the restaurant in Covington.
  14. Gladys Budd provided picture of Edward Trombley from WW II.
  15. Next meeting March 9, 2009, 7:00 pm at Ranger Station in Kenton.
  16. Passmore motion to adjourn, Aho second, passed.



Frank Pentti


November 2008 Minutes 


November 10, 2008


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Frank Pentti, Verna Pentilla, Ruth Dunn, Gladys Budd, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Mike Allen, Alice Mackey, Warren Jenkins, Kenton District Ranger Barb Van Alstine, Joyce Winberg


  1. Minutes of last meeting read, approved Mackey approve, Beck second, approved with following edit:  Alice Mackey and Sharon Aho also sold raffle tickets at the Ewen Log Jamboree.
  2. Financial Report:  treasurer is absent; no report.
  3. Ticket sales continue:  additional $500 in ticket sales.
  4. Deliver any remaining raffle ticket sales to Ruth Dunn at hunter’s dinner.
  5. Should have gotten to the POR earlier:  much walking was involved; organize better for next year.  Passmore reported on prospect of lunch at township hall:  thinks not likely because most of the activity is on M-28.
  6. History book:  no major progress.  Copies of register and deaths between 1902 – 1905 for Kenton and Sidnaw.  A quick review of death lists shows that many of the deaths are not recorded in cemetery records.  Copies of register of births January 1, 1906 – to March 28, 1909 for Kenton and Sidnaw.
  7. Hunters’ Dinner. 
    1. Ruth Dunn has the hams and potatoes.
    2. Potatoes should be mashed before delivery to Hall. 
    3. Please slice hams before delivery to Hall.
    4. Jan tucker emailed, Hunters’ dinner is being announced on Ontonagon radio station. 
    5. Ad appeared in the Shopper.
    6. Thirteen dozen dinner rolls ordered.
    7. Other food contributions welcomed:  need deserts.  Jenkins will provide cheesecake.  Pentti will contribute pickles, olives.
    8. Dinner workers should show up at 2:30 on Monday November 17, 2008.
  8. Larry Kosmatka will be resigning as Treasurer.  Need a new Treasurer.  Alice Mackey will volunteer to be Treasurer.  Passmore nominates Mackey, Aho second, passes unanimously.
  9. Web site for Historical society:  Free website (limited to 40 Megabytes) www.freewebs.com/kentonhistoricalsociety    Website will provide a link to a larger storage device for more photos.   The website is very new:  photos will be added.  Keep checking back to see the progress.
  10. Thompson asks about base of National Forest sign at east entrance to Ottawa National Forest on M-28.  District Ranger Van Alstine reported that the sign will eventually be replaced:  the replacement has been ordered. 
  11. Dunn suggests a new type of fundraiser for next year:  Duncan Township reunion/open house perhaps next July 4th.
  12. Joyce Winberg reports maps are done for Sidnaw and Kenton cemeteries:  they contain the best information available.  Sexton will maintain maps; copy will be available for public display.  Two transactions:  sale of lot by Sexton with notice of sale to treasurer, permit to bury to the clerk.  Actual procedures need to be clarified by the Duncan Township Clerk.
  13. Next meeting December 8, 7:00 pm at Ranger Station in Kenton.
  14. Passmore motion to adjourn, Aho second, passed.




Frank Pentti


October 2008 Minutes


October 13, 2008


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Larry Kosmatka, Frank Pentti, Verna Pentilla, Ruth Dunn, Gladys Budd, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Mike Allen


  1. Minutes of last meeting read, approved Passmore approve, Beck second.
  2. Financial Report:  $3,253.12 of which $2,165 is raffle ticket sales.  Reflects payment of 1400 to Duncan Township for furnace contribution.  This leaves a discretionary balance of $1100.   New bills to show up next month, new raffle ticket sales of $300.00.  Log Jamboree sales: $820 in two days, Thanks to Mary and John Nordine, Barb Passmore, Ruth Dunn.
  3. Pentti motion to accept treasurer’s report, Dunn second.
  4. Free ticket offer on Iron River Radio station; 5 days running.  Approved. Aho, Pentti, all.  Sharon will take to Iron River radio station.
  5. Hunters’ dinner:  50 flyers to be sold.
  6. POR car race:  Friday October 17, 5:00 PM for raffle ticket sales.  Barb Passmore, Larry Kosmatka, Bob Thompson, and Sharon Aho to sell.
  7. New Ranger Barb VanAlstine.  To be invited to Township Board Meeting on October 14 in Sidnaw.
  8. Advertise with Jan Tucker, Ontonagon radio.  Barb Passmore will send email to Jan Tucker.
  9. Need to sell more raffle tickets:  last year sold about $1,000 in tickets at Hunters’ dinner last year, may sell more tickets this year because price is reduced.
  10. Any other places to sell raffle tickets?
  11. Current standing:  the basic prize award is covered.  Prizes to be determined by total ticket sales.
  12. Suomi Kutsu dance at Covington Town Hall October 17?
  13. New furnace is installed.  Barb painted the location of the old oil tank.  Thanks.
  14. History Book:  Joan Thompson provided history of Sidnaw churches, some cemetery records added by Dorothy Beck, also a list of residents of Sidnaw in 1950.
  15. Thanks to Mary Nordine’s work, we now have clear copies of Census records for 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 for Duncan Township.  Mary has copy on her computer.
  16. Duncan Township birth and death records found in small township building; by Michigan Law Township must retain.
  17. Joan Thompson reports on surveys of Sidnaw in 1960.  Copy will be available.
  18. Hunters’ dinner:  need shopper ad in November 6 in free listing and ¼ page ad.  Barb Passmore will contact the Shopper.  Next meeting will be final planning for the dinner.  Distribute frozen hams at November 10 meeting.
  19. Issue:  Not enough tables:  cost of new tables:  $120 delivered for order of 1 to 10, plastic from Menard’s price $70.  Need to order three weeks in advance.  Need to address at Township board meeting October 14.
  20. Calendars for historical society; expensive.  No calendars for 2009.
  21. History book annotation of progress delivered.   Need to do more work.  Sidnaw newspaper: the Record.
  22. Report from meeting with Dr. Kathleen Weston.  Photos, notes, yellow row, Kenton plat map.  Misc photos. 
  23. Put photos on a CD and cell.  Need way to organize the information and how to save the information.
  24. Magazine article in Soo Magazine with information from the Carl Hansen collection.  Where is the Carl Hansen Collection located?
  25. Next meeting November 10, 7:00 pm at Ranger Station in Kenton.
  26. Pentti motion to adjourn, Aho second, passed.





Frank Pentti


September 2008 Minutes


 September 8, 2008


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Larry Kosmatka, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Gladys Budd, Alice Mackey, Mike Allen


  1. Minutes of last meeting read, approved Dunn, Pentilla second, corrections noted:
    1. Change miscellaneous receipts to $53.
    2. Add to email list: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    3. Dunn motion to approve, Aho second, passed.
  2. Financial Report: current checking account balance is $3,038.37 of which $500 is raffle ticket sales.  This leaves a discretionary balance of $2,538.   New activities:  Bill from Ottawa Shopper, New Raffle ticket sales $645 (Sales at Sidnaw fly-in were $430.)  Total raffle balance is now $1,145.00) Aho motion to accept, Dunn second, passed.
  3. Future raffle ticket sales:  Mary and John Nordine will sell raffle tickets at Log Jamboree.  Dunn, Passmore, Mackey will assist in sales.  Sales start at 10:00 on Friday and 10:00 on Saturday.  Again, the Kenton Historical Society will aware a prize of $100 to person who sells most tickets.
  4. It was noted that the painting of the Duncan Township Hall is underway and should be completed shortly.
  5. Furnace:  will require new electrical connection to breaker box.  This should be part of the bid.  Proposal:  if Furnace bid is $3,000 or less, the Kenton Historical Society will contribute up to $1,500 for a new furnace if Township will match the other half.
  6. History Book:  letter from Irish family in Sidnaw (Nona Brown) provided history of family.  Plus scanned pictures.   Update of history book.  Still need annotated version of history book showing progress being made.
  7. Cemetery listing:  Mary Nordine has about 120 obituaries from the Ironwood Daily Globe site.  Joyce Winberg still putting names on Kenton Cemetery map.  Joyce is also working on Sidnaw
  8. Need albums of pictures in Duncan Township Hall:  put albums out during events.
  9. Mike Allen has various Kenton photos:  Barb Passmore will work with Mike to copy, display.
  10. Hunters’ dinner:  Ham Dinner.  Approve flyer at next meeting.  Dinner will be Monday November 17, 2008, 5:00 to 8:00 pm.  Same flyer as last year with date change:  print 50 flyers.  Dinner $8.00 adults, $4.00 children.  Pentti motion to approve food purchase food as necessary, Mackey second.  Passed.  Perhaps advertise one free dinner ticket on Iron River Radio station for 5 days the week before the dinner.
  11. Kenton Historical Society may want to explore sale of alcohol at future events.
  12. Next meeting:  October 13, 2008, 7:00 pm at Kenton Ranger Station.  (November meeting on November 10.)  Shopper comes out November 6.
  13. Pentti makes motion to adjourn, Kosmatka second, passed.






Frank Pentti