August 2013 Minutes

August 12, 2013


Attending:  Joan Thompson, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Barb Passmore, Chris Pinar, Linda Heinonen, Dorothy Beck, Marlene Allen


  1. Minutes or last meeting read, Motion to accept by Ruth, Second by Barb, minutes accepted.
  2. Treasurer’s report income $3,174.53, routine expenses $49.70, payment to printer $2,756.50; closing balance $11,649.13.  Still some book sales money to deposit.  Motion by Ruth to accept, Barb Second, accepted.
  3. Books; 400 printed.  108 left.   Books are now paid for.
  4. Reviewed comments on book:  Jan Siers, book is fantastic.  Other compliments as well. Donald MacDonald compliments book.  Diane McKittrick likes the book. Frank and Julie Lacrosse like it .Marilyn Rappi liked the book.  Many written compliments on the book have been received.

5.      Flooring for the bar area:  Menards recommended vinyl.    Still need detailed bids.  (After the meeting I contacted, at the suggestion of Sharon Aho, Bratu’s Hardwood Interiors in Ironwood.   A person there suggested that if someone would donate hardwood saw logs, the logs could be cut into boards which Bratu could convert to flooring at a reasonable rate.  If we covered all of the floor area – 1,000 sq ft – in the bar area, it would require 1,500 to 2,000 sq ft of boards.)

  1. Board of Directors report due to State of Michigan October 1. 
  2. Insurance coverage:  are items stored in township hall covered by township insurance, same question for items in Sidnaw Museum.
  3. Michigan History Magazine:  Robert White had copies; Pentti will send email requesting copy of .  Would like the Henry Ford issue with photo of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone sitting on porch of Ford cabin on Lake 13 road for Sidnaw archive.
  4. Books donated to Keweenaw National Historical Park and the University of Michigan library system
  5. Publicity Pentti: will draft a press release for distribution.  Mining journal mining gazette, L’anse sentinel, Ontonagon Herald, Ironwood Daily Globe, and Iron County Reporter should receive copies.
  6. Next meeting:  Mon September 9 
  7. Motion to adjourn.


Frank Pentti



July 2013 Minutes

July 8, 2013


Attending:  Joan Thompson, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Barb Passmore, Chris Pinar, Linda Heinonen, Dorothy Beck, Marlene Allen


1.      Minutes read, no corrections; Alice motion to accept, Marlene second, accepted.

2.      Treasurer’s report Opening $8,369.63.  Revenues 2,827.75 expenses 96.58.        Ending balance $11,100.80. New book sale revenue of $1,949.53 not included in ending balance Ruth motion to accept, Barb second.  Accepted.

3.      The board approves Chris Pinar for second signature on signature card.

4.      325 books now printed.  On hand as of July 8:  115.

5.      For ad in Shopper:  what address for future sales:  Dorothy Beck (Sidnaw) 906-355-2203, Barb Passmore (Kenton) 906-852-3510 or [email protected]. Or contact any member of KS historical Society or email [email protected]

6.      New information:  covered in last minutes meeting, but we must maintain a list of items that come in.

7.      Archive of current detailed items is in Sidnaw Museum.  Most of the stuff is somewhat alphabetical.

8.      Roy Pentilla found an old play in Verna’s house:  Daisy’s Diet, a comedy in three acts by Richard Hill Wilkinson.  This was a play performed by Kenton ladies in the early 1950s in an attempt to raise money for school playground equipment in Kenton.   The entire action of the play takes place in the living room in a small eastern city.  The mother, Mrs. Carrie Benson, is described as “quite plump” and has been corresponding with Daisy Dalton, a dietician.  The play describes what happens when the dietician comes to visit.   It had the following cast of characters:   

a.      Carrie Benson, played by Irene Johnson

b.      Babs Benson, the first daughter, played by Lydia Maki

c.       Betty Benson, the second daughter, played by Martha Urpila

d.      Gyshia Giddy, an ex stage actress, played by Ann Kohtala

e.      Daisy Dalton, the dietician, played by Sylvia England

f.        Harriet Vander Smythe, a friend of Carrie, played by Senia Pentti

g.      Essie Eastabrook, a relative from the West, played by Signe Urpila

h.      Martha Lincoln Jefferson Davis Washington, the Benson maid, played by Verna Pentilla

i.        Mrs. Alonzo B. Goldmyne, a country woman, played by Betty  Matthews

j.        Alice Urpila Mackey remembers a play (is this a second play) where Signe Urpila played a man and had to jump over a couch.    If anyone remembers anything about these plays, please send notes.

9.      Projects for the Duncan Township Hall:  we need estimates to do the following:

a.      Walls in hall

i.      Paint

ii.      paint

b.      Floors

i.      Refinish main floor

ii.      New flooring in bar area

c.       What kind of flooring for bar floor

d.      Goal:  have floors completed by Hunters’ dinner.

e.      Estimates by next meeting

10. Sharon Aho will be moving downstate, but will remain in communication.

11. Next meeting August 12, 2013 Duncan Township Hall.



Frank Pentti

May 2013 Minutes


May 13, 2013

 Attending:  Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Ruth Dunn, Chris Pinar, Linda Heinonen, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Marlene Allen, Mike Allen


The Kenton-Sidnaw Historical Society notes with great sadness the passing of one of its founding members:  Verna Pentilla died on March 5, 2013.  A memorial service for Verna will be held on June 8, 2013 at 11:00 AM at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Trout Creek and a luncheon will follow the service in the Duncan Township Hall in Kenton.


  1. Minutes of December meeting read; Ruth motion to accept, Chris second.
  2. Treasurers report: $10,682.23 balance in checking account.  Bills paid 45.92 ad for shopper.  Recent contribution in memory of Verna Pentilla of $200.00 not included in previous balance. Joan motion to accept, Marlene second.
  3. Nothing yet on Houghton Co registry; need to make phone calls.
  4. Name change paperwork is done.
  5. Letter to congress re addition to Kenton cemetery needs to be done
  6. History Book:  We hope to have book for sale on Memorial Day in the Duncan Township Hall.  The book will be 320 pages, printed on both sides, with a spiral binder.  Sale price $25.00.  How many should be printed?  Based on existing pre orders, a decision was made to print 400 copies.  All vote Aye.  Secretary’s comment on the History Book:  it is spectacular.  It is typeset like a real book with pictures interspersed in the text.  It will set a new quality standard for local history books, and at 320 double sided pages, it covers a lot of ground.  NOTICE:  if readers of these minutes want to reserve a copy please contact Barb:  [email protected].  The copies that are shipped will be subject to a shipping charge.  The Book Committee deserves huge compliments and thanks for a job well done.
  7. Memorial Day luncheon pot luck.   Ruth and Marlene volunteer to call for dishes. 
  8. Baraga Co Historical Society Open House on June 1, Admission Free.  Building is in Baraga across from hardware store on US-41.
  9. Gordon Food Service we are members, but have to spend $1,000 or more to qualify for a gift card.
  10. Meeting ad for next shopper due by May 19.
  11. Election of new officers.  Ruth proposes Joan for President, Chris nominates Ruth for VP; Frank for Secretary:  Alice for Treasurer, Chris will help Alice. All elected by acclimation.  Thanks to Barb and Sharon for their years of service.
  12. Next meeting will be June 10 in the Duncan Township Hall, Kenton, 7:00 pm.
  13.  Pentti motion to adjourn , Dorothy second


Frank Pentti