December 2012


December 10, 2012


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Marlene Allen, Mike Allen, Kathy Allen (Meeting held at Barb Passmore house)


  1. Minutes of the November meeting were read. Marlene made motion to accept, Dorothy second.  Accepted.
  2. Treasurer’s report.  Hunters’ dinner proceeds:  $1,652.36.   Closing balance $10,891.03.  Joan motion to accept treasurer’s report, Marlene second, accepted.
  3. Profit from 50/50 raffle:  $260.00.
  4. No comment from Cole Trainor re lodge chimney, as reported previous month.
  5. Report on discussion with Houghton County Historical Society.
  6. Signed copy of agreement with Brad Frederic re Sidnaw History building is in the Kenton Historical Society filing cabinet in the Duncan Township Hall.
  7. US Treasury Form 990-N has been filed.  Name change needs to be filed.
  8. Letter to congressman, Senators discussed.
  9. Sidnaw cemetery maps have been copied and copied to CD files.
  10. Need to send name of 50/50 winner and prize donors to Ottawa Shopper:  Joan will submit to Shopper.
  11. A note on prizes, and lists of prizewinners will be developed from Barb’s list.
  12. Hunters’ dinner lunch discussion:  Many comments for the attendees that the dinner was good, one of the best dinners in the area, pleased with “Real Mashed Potatoes.”
  13. The light bill for Sidnaw museum for non meeting months will be paid from funds collected there.
  14.  Next meeting:  May 13, 2013, Duncan Township Hall.  We will need to elect new officers at this meeting, as per our rules of organization.
  15. Frank motion to adjourn, Joan second; Meeting adjourned.


Frank Pentti


November 2012


November 12, 2012


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Joan Thompson, Dorothy Beck, Marlene Allen, Mike Allen, Chris Pinar, Ruth Dunn


  1. Minutes of the October meeting were read. Chis motion to accept, Ruth second.  Accepted.
  2. Treasurer’s report.  Expense:   Sidnaw museum electric:  $36.46.   Closing balance $9,497.96.  Joan motion to accept, Marlene second, accepted.
  3. No comment  from Cole Trainor re lodge chimney
  4. Houghton county registry needs to be done.
  5. Agreement from Brad Frederick (Southern Houghton County Airport& Heritage Association) regarding Sidnaw museum has been received.  Pentti motion to accept agreement Mackey second.  President Barb Passmore signs agreement
  6. Name change and 990-N need to be filed.
  7. There are township records in the Storage Building near the Duncan Township Hall in Kenton.  They have not been inventoried.
  8. Collection of donated prizes:  Joan and Dorothy collected on east end (9), Alice and Chris collected on west end (13).  Need to make a list.  Chris will do the door prizes.
  9. Write a letter to senators and congressman regarding additional USFS land for Kenton cemetery.
  10. Joan picked up food items for dinner from Gordon Food Service in Marquette. KS Historical society is now listed in GFS computer.
  11. Barb bought 100 pounds of Sugardale hams from Walmart in Houghton.
  12. Ruth and Sharon picked up some items as well.
  13. Pentti will file US Treasury 990-N
  14. Need to send name of 50/50 winner and prize donors to Ottawa Shopper:  Joan will submit to Shopper.
  15. Need to send notice of December meeting to shopper:  Joan.
  16. After dinner lunch will be held Nov 19 Hardwood steak house in Covington.
  17. History Book:  will be available after Jan 2013.  We now have 185 family histories   Book will be about 250 pages.  When the book is ready for printing we will set a price and we will send out a notice for orders.  As we have been saying, this is a huge project.  The book will have many pictures.  The Book Committee is to be congratulated!
  18. Hunter’s Dinner November 17, 2012. 
  19. Next meeting December 10, 2012, 7:00 pm:  Pentti House.  This was later changed to Barb Passmore house.
  20. Meeting adjourned.


Frank Pentti

October 2012


October 8, 2012

 Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Alice Mackey, Frank Pentti, Chris Pinar, Mike Allen, Marlene Allen, Dorothy Beck 

1.      Minutes of previous meeting read, no corrections.  Motion to accept by Alice, Barb second.

2.      Financial report:  expenses 16.78, 45.51 WE Energy for Sidnaw building.   Closing balance after expenses:  $9,534.29.  Chris moves to accept, Dorothy second.

3.      Nothing on Lodge chimney from Cole Trainor.

4.      Houghton County Registry: Pentti will rattle cage.

5.      Written agreement on Sidnaw museum forthcoming.

6.      License for 50/50 drawing has been received

7.      Raise price of Hunter’s Dinner adults to $10.00.  Children to $5.00.  Will make making change easier and the price of ham has gone up.

8.      Name and phone number on 50/50 drawing ticket, do not have to be present to win 50/50.

9.      Pentti has yet to register name change:  Today was Columbus Day and the Federal and State government offices were closed.

10. Planning for hunter’s dinner after meeting.

11. Who will collect donated prizes:  Dorothy Beck, Chris Pinar.

12. GFS:  supplies from GFS?  To be decided after meeting.  

13. Letter to FS:  After election.

14. Book is coming along, slow.  It is a huge project.  The History Book is expected to contain the following sections:

 Beginning/dedication-disclaimer-about this book-early Duncan twp


Govt – Duncan Township

Post Office


Town Hall



Natural Resource Agency (USFS)




Volunteer Fire Dept





Family Histories


Filler throughout the book (historical advertisements, etc)

15. Minutes of meetings will continue be posted on the site.

16. Kenton cemetery map available in Adobe Acrobat on CD (we should consider posting to website)  CD will be available.   The date of the original map is uncertain, although it has been updated in pencil over the years.  The file is huge:  6.3 MB.  If anyone wants, please let me know and I will email.

17. Sidnaw maps will be copied by same process.

18. Bergland historical society:   Museum is open Memorial Day through September.  Bergland folks like the idea of the various organizations meeting.

19. Mike Allen will correct list of Veterans.

20. Next meeting November 12

21. Motion to adjourn by Ruth, second Alice.


Frank Pentti


September 2012


September 10, 2012


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Chris Pinar, Mike Allen, Marlene Allen, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, and Alice Mackey.

1.       Review of minutes of the August meeting:  Minutes were read by Sharon Aho.  Motion to accept the minutes as read made by Alice Mackey, second by Marlene Allen.  Motion carried.

2.      Financial report:  Report was presented by Alice Mackey, balance of 9,668.25; there was $71.54 in expenses leaving a balance of $9,596.71.  The expenses were $15.00 to State of Michigan for 50/50 drawing permit, $20.00 to State of Michigan for Board of Directors filing and $36.54 to WE Energies (light bill for the Sidnaw Museum). Motion by Chris to accept, supported by Joan, motion carried.

3.       We have 185 family histories, no changes or additions will be accepted.

4.      No information from Cole trainer.

5.      Gas valve has been replaced and works nicely.

6.      Houghton County registry is in the works.

7.      There is still no written agreement with Brad Frederick for the use of the building that houses the Sidnaw Museum.  Joan will e-mail Brad again.

8.      Frank is working on the paper work for the name change for the organization.

9.      We did have a book meeting and the people that were able to attend put the misc. articles in order for the book.

10. Barb has a CD copy of an old map of the Kenton Cemetery if anyone would like to see it, it is available.

11. The book is coming along; Heather and Barb are working on the family histories.  The cost of the book will depend on the size of the book.

12. The land trade with the Forest Service was discussed and Mike Allen suggested that the Township Board write a letter to our Congressman to see if land could be donated for the Cemetery.

13. Next meeting will be October 8, 2012, 7:00 pm at the Duncan Township Hall.  At this meeting we will plan the Hunter’s Dinner.

14. We will have one 50/50 drawing at the Hunter’s Dinner at 8:00 pm.  Other prizes will be awarded during the dinner.  Members should be working on getting donated prizes.  50/50 tickets will be $1.00 or 6 for $5.00.

15. Chris Pinar asked if the Society would like to donate to Sonco Ambulance:  it was determined that a non-profit cannot donate funds to another non-profit.

16. Sharon Aho suggested that in the spring we should get a group together and go and visit other museums and invite them to visit our museum and photo gallery and end the day with beverages and cookies at the Hall.  If we want to continue being active we need to create some interest in our organization.

17. Motion to adjourn offered by Dorothy Beck, supported by Alice Mackey: adjourned.

Joan Thompson


August 2012


August 13, 2012


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Ruth Dunn, Alice Mackey, Chris Pinar, Mike Allen, Marlene Allen, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Frank Pentti


  1. Review of Minutes of July meeting: no corrections.  Motion to accept by Joan, Ruth second
  2. Financial $9,668.25 balance after expenses.  Joan motion to accept, Frank second.
  3. As of August 13, we now have about 183 family histories. 
  4. Cole Trainor re lodge:  ball in his court.
  5. Gas Oven:  due to expense of stand alone oven, idea of purchase is on hold for now.
  6. Gas range valve change.  Not yet.  Contact plumber.
  7. Lawyer approved payment of electric bill in Sidnaw Museum.
  8. Houghton County registry under way. 
  9. Membership dues:  $20.00 was suggested in last minutes, there was no on line response.  Various fees:  Ontonagon $15.00, Bergland $5.00, Bessemer $12.00, Baraga $18.00 (this includes free access to various data bases).  Suggestion $5.00 annual (April – April) membership fee due to limited collection.  Frank makes motion to charge $5.00, Chris second, unanimous. Discussion of charge for on line access to minutes:  minutes are now on website so they are basically free.
  10. License for 50/50 drawing at Hunter’s dinner Nov 17.
  11. Name change paperwork to be done.  
  12. Joan did a flyer for name change:  post it anywhere and everywhere.
  13. Board of Directors:  Ruth, Chris, Joan.  Other officers remain.  Barb will submit paperwork to State of Michigan.
  14. Need a book meeting:  August 15 time to be determined in Duncan Township Hall.
  15. Other samples for book cover?
  16. Other Items?   None
  17. Next Meeting September 10, 7:00 pm Duncan Township Hall.
  18. Motion to adjourn Pentti, Ruth second; adjourned.


Frank Pentti

July 2012


July 9, 2012


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Ruth Dunn, Alice Mackey, Chris Pinar, Mike Allen, Marlene Allen, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Frank Pentti


  1. Review of Minutes of June meeting:  mechanic was free, but tools were rented.  Spelling correction:  Ethel, not Ethyl.  Motion to accept: Joan; Barb second.
  2. Financial:  closing balance $9,703.58.  Ruth moves to accept, Chris second.
  3. History book now includes 165 family histories.  Deadline for submissions is August 1.  This is a firm deadline! 
  4. Discussion of Hunters’ Dinner:  we will have a 50/50 raffle.  Must be present to win.  There will be three raffles 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 pm.  Note hourly drawings in the announcement.  Meal ticket will be used for donated prizes.  50/50 will be on separate ticket.  Tickets priced at 6 for $5.00.   Need three colors of tickets.  Need to sell tickets for each 50/50.   Sell tickets for all three at the same time?  Barb will complete license.
  5.  Cole Trainor.  Building Inspector has spoken to Cole Trainor.
  6. Gas Range.  Just get an oven?  Gas valve needs changing; this will be noted at Duncan Township Board meeting meeting.
  7. Is there a Houghton County register/listing of “official” sites in Houghton County?  The Houghton County Historical museum website has a listing on links to history websites in the county:  Need to check procedure to add Kenton – Sidnaw website to this list for starters.
  8. Name Change of Kenton Historical Society.  Motion to change name to “Kenton - Sidnaw Historical Society.”   Kitchi will not be included in the name because there are no longer residents in Kitchi.  Joan motion, Chris, second.  Passed unanimously by all members present in accordance with the charter of the organization.
  9. Should the historical society charge dues for membership?  $20.00 per year is proposed.  Any comments?  Internet members would be charged.  Membership would be required to receive minutes.  Membership cards were discussed – would they be of value.
  10. Sidnaw Museum building (former Catholic Church, now privately owned).  Need to contact lawyer re payment of electricity; is it legal for Historical Society to pay?  Need written agreement for use of museum.   K-SHS will pay annual electric, bills probably about $450.00, and Sidnaw museum will make contributions.
  11. Sympathy card sent to family of Gary Garvens
  12. Again:  the DEADLINE FOR RECIEPT OF Family Histories is August 1.
  13. Book committee has suggested a name for the book:  “History of Duncan Township” and the cover will include the names Kenton, Kitchi, Sidnaw and a map of the township.
  14. There being no other business, Pentti made motion to adjourn.
  15. Next meeting is7:00 pm, August 13.  Book meeting to be scheduled.


Frank Pentti

June 2012

June 11, 2012


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Ruth Dunn,  Alice Mackey Chris Pinar, Mike Allen, Marlene Allen, Tom Nordine, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Frank Pentti


  1. Minutes accepted, Joan motion, Chris second.
  2. Financial report No change: current checking account balance $9,639.76. Motion to accept, Ruth; Pentti second. Accepted.
  3. 153 family histories.  Nothing on Hoppy’s, Pentillas, Matt Pentti, Charles Pentti family.  We need a history of Duncan Township Hall.
  4. Hoppy’s:  Tom Nordine reports peg leg Bergeron worked in woods, started gas station at current Hoppy’s location.  Bergeron’s gas station. Would rent tools at 75 to 50 cents per hour.  More info will appear in History book.
  5. 50/50 raffle.  Would need a license.  Need to apply for a license for a small raffle.  The fee will be $15.00.
  6. No word yet from Cole Trainor.  Check with HoCo building inspector.
  7. Problem with gas range at Memorial Day:  It was difficult to light.  Agenda item for DT board:  call plumber to replace gas valve.   Pentti will investigate replacement; someone with a truck may have to pick up.
  8. Houghton County Register:  what is meant by Register?   Need to have Duncan Township, Kenton, Kitchi, and Sidnaw registered on Official Houghton County “Register”  Find url for Michigan E Library.  Note: the url is  It requires input of Michigan driver’s license number for some functions.
  9. Defer purchase of new chairs.
  10. Name change of KHS:  Tom Nordine asks what Duncan Township is:  who knows “Duncan Township” – at least Kenton and Sidnaw are known on maps.  No decision was made.  Further opinions are welcome. 
  11. Ira Cook:  note item 9 in May 14 minutes and note additional information about farming and Ira Cook being a moonshiner, who reportedly made a “good product.”
  12. Power at the Sidnaw museum:  billing rate still unclear.  Last bill was more than a dollar a day.  Will have to wait for next bill.  Pentti to check with attorney.  Building owner gives Sidnaw building managers authority to deal with the building.
  13. Received a $100.00 from Bernard and Frances Kuehnl in memory Robert and Ethyl Allen.  Robert Allen was Mike Allen’s brother.  Thank you will be sent and a name plate has been added to the plaque on the wall.
  14. Memorial Day luncheon took in $258.00 in donations, after expenses.  Money will be given to Jane Wyatt, Township Treasurer, for deposit into the Duncan Township Hall account.
  15. Received a donation from Mike and Marlene Allen.  (Memorial Day)
  16. Death of Gary Garvens was noted and death notice circulated.
  17. Add to email list [email protected] .  Sue Brown is the daughter of Werner Mattson, of L’Anse, MI. 
  18. Next meeting Monday July 9, 2012
  19. Motion to adjourn Mackey, second Dunn.


Frank Pentti


May 2012

May 14, 2012


Attending:  Barb Passmore, Sharon Aho, Ruth Dunn, Frank Pentti, Dorothy Beck, Joan Thompson, Mike Allen


  1. Correct email address relating to Ira Cook  in December minutes to [email protected],  Joan accept, Alice second
  2. Financial report had 10,589 December deposits 81.30 disbursements 1040 (raffle check, deposit 40 add, 50 February, Current balance in account $9,639.76.  Pentti motion to approve, Dunn second.
  3. All calendars were sold.  There will be no calendar this year due to work on book.  There was a suggestion that the next time calendars are developed, the availability be advertised in the Ottawa Shopper.  We now have 130 family histories, a few more on the way.  Need to keep them coming in.  For those who are still struggling please note the example of the Passmore Family History attached to these minutes.
  4. Mike Allen reported Anton and Lydia Maki lived next to Mike Allen when they were first married.  Alex and Pikie Anderson lived at one time in the house where Anton and Lydia Maki lived. 
  5. No raffle ticket sales this year.  Should we have some sort of 50/50 raffle at dinner (do we need state permission?).  Will have donated prizes.
  6. Hunter’s dinner was a success.  Take at door was $1,189.00  profit was $898.25 
  7. Cole Trainor regarding the Ottawa Lodge fireplace chimney:  Houghton county building inspector will inspect.
  8. Gladys Budd nameplate is on plaque by door
  9. Ira cook:  note email change.  Mike Allen thinks Ira Cook was the original homesteader.  A group of priests from Lower Michigan bought the property and named it the Rock 40 hunt club.  Ed Johnson was a caretaker at Rock 40. 
  10. Future projects:  any thoughts?
    1. Floor in bar, refinish main floor.  Need estimates. 
    2. Work on book
    3. Banners:  not now.
    4. Chairs:  review need at Memorial Day lunch.  Are there enough chairs?
  11. A question has been raised about the name of Kenton Historical Society:  is the name appropriate given the heavy involvement of Sidnaw personnel in every part of the project.  Would the name “Kenton and Sidnaw Historical Society” be more appropriate?  Please comment by return email to [email protected] or [email protected].
  12.  Dave and Barb Passmore bought access:  it costs $300 per year.  They have for this year, will not renew.
  13. Gas range:  built in 1974 South Bend restaurant range.  Repairs to upgrade are not feasible.  Replacement cost at least $1,500.00.  Check with South Bend to see if there are any easy lighting fixes.  Fireplace matches.
  14. Book meeting report:
    1. Dorothy Beck done with Sidnaw
    2. Barb Passmore has some questions
    3. Book Meeting will take place May 24, 10:00 AM at Barb Passmore’s home because that is where all of the materials are located.
  15. Covington is having no July 4 celebration due to lack of volunteers
  16. Brad Fredricks ok with turning on electricity in Sidnaw museum:  considered commercial by the power company.  We do not have the rate info at this time; research is underway to find the least expensive way to do this.
  17. Is there a Houghton County Historical Register? 
  18. Duncan Township will cover the Duncan Township Insurance. 
  19. Motion to adjourn Aho, second Pentti
  20. Next historical society meeting June 11, 2012, 7:00 pm Duncan Township Hall



Frank Pentti