About Us...

The Kenton-Sidnaw Historical Society began in 2006 with the idea of gathering information and historical photos pertaining to Duncan Township.  The task of gathering these photos has resulted in an impressive display on the interior walls of the Township Hall.  The current project which we are working on is to compile information in order to create a history book containing various details about the early businesses, schools, and families in Duncan Township.


The Historical Society works with the community to help to fund Township projects such as the purchase and installation of a new, fuel efficient furnace in the Hall.  The Kenton-Sidnaw Historical Society also contributed to a fund which made it possible for a project which involved the scraping and repainting of the Duncan Township Hall.  Since this is the only building left in Kenton which has been around for so many years, it is important to us that it be properly maintained and preserved.


We sponsor an annual Hunter's Dinner and Raffle which is held each November during deer hunting season.  Proceeds from the sales of the dinner will go towards funding future Historical projects.  Cash raffle drawing usually takes place at 8pm at the conclusion of the Hunter's Dinner.




The Kenton-Sidnaw Historical Society is dedicated to discovering and preserving the history

of Kenton, Kitchi, Sidnaw, and surrounding areas. 

Contact Us...

If you would like more information about the Kenton-Sidnaw Historical Society, please contact Barb: [email protected] or Heather: [email protected] 

We are always happy to hear from individuals who have an interest in the history of our area!  We welcome any historic photos that you would like to share or any other information/stories about the area! 

If you are so kind as to let us, we would like to make digital copies of your photos that you would like to share.  We simply scan them in and will always return the originals to you unless you state differently.  

 Thank you so much in your interest in the Kenton-Sidnaw Historical Society!