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Who Brews in the winter?


My neighbors look over at me when I'm brewing in the winter and I'm pretty sure they're convinced that a vehicle from the mental health facility will be over any minute to pick me up.  The propane burner is going, the hose is out, it's snowing, 10°, etc. and they have no idea what to make of any of it.  Well, they do actually because they know exactly what I'm doing.  I know some of you guys cut it off in the winter because it's just not pleasant to brew outdoors or in the garage in the winter.  Let's face it, the only perk is that the ground water is very cold which makes it nice for chilling at the end of the brew session.  Otherwise, it can be a chore.  I've already had the hose freeze up on me and I could *SWEAR* that I drained it completely the last time I used it.  Anyway, enough of that... let's move onto a more appetizing topic... BEER.  If you are brewing, what are you brewing?  Big, hoppy beers that work nicely in the winter or are you gearing up for spring and summer with something else?  Lately I have been working on some late-hopped beers using some whirlpool additions and I plan to do some dry-hopping to see if I can match the hop character that I'm getting in some commercial beers.  I have also been so pleased with some of my lighter styles like helles, pilsner and the like that I have been churning out a few of those so they can lager and be ready to go when the weather warms up.  There has been some new grains used here including Best Malz RedX which creates a crazy, deep-saturated red color.  Cheers to my brewing brothers.  I hope you make or drink (or both) some great beer between now and the time the weather improves!

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