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Essex Team Rapidplay

Knockout 2017

Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Thu22-Jun-17AwayBarking AL 4-6
Wed 2-Aug-17HomeUpminster A  L 4-6




Round 1

St Ethelburga Club, Barking    Thur 22nd June 2017

Barking A R1 R2   Loughton
1Goldberg, Jeff A191r(W,B)1-0½-½Bowmer, Kevin197r(B,W)
2Jaszkiwskyj, Peter188r0-11-0Stirling, William J168r
3White, John A170r½-½1-0Kershaw, Graham J154r
4Clow, Ken W147r½-½½-½Moth, Simon C145r
5Chtym, Vladimir137s1-00-1Groce, Ken140r
3-2 3-2

Grades shown are January 2017.    r rapid play    s standard play

A missed opportunity in a match that could have gone either way. We ruined some good positions and should have done better.


Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 2nd Aug 2017

Loughton R1 R2   Upminster A
1Bowmer, Kevin192r(W,B)1-00-1Crane, Leslie J185r(B,W)
2Stirling, William J167r½-½½-½McCall, Martin171r
3Kershaw, Graham J146r0-1½-½Davenport, John163r
4Moth, Simon C145r0-1½-½Corish, Aidan T148s
5Spear, Brian J129r½-½½-½Abbott, Stephen J141s
2-3 2-3

Grades shown are July 2017.    r rapid play    s standard play

Congratulations to Upminster on reaching the Plate final.

Essex Team Rapid Knockout