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NCCL Team 2017-18

North Circular League Div 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
8 4 3 1 11

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed27-Sep-17HomeWanstead IIIL 2-3
Thu30-Nov-17AwayBarking II D 2-2
Wed10-Jan-18HomeEnfield II W 3-2
Wed7-Feb-18HomeEnfield I D 2-2
Thu15-Feb-18AwayWanstead III W 3-2
Wed7-Mar-18HomeBarking II W 3-2
Wed4-Apr-18AwayBarnet II W 3-2
Tue10-Apr-18AwayEnfield I D 2-2
Wed25-Apr-18HomeChingford II
Tue1-May-18AwayEnfield II
Mon14-May-18AwayChingford II
Wed30-May-18HomeBarnet II

Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 27st Sep 2017
Loughton Wanstead III
1Faulkner, David J1580-1Burtt, Laurie J150
2Kershaw, Graham J137- Saravanan, Aadarsh145J
3van Tol, Martin1341-0Bui, Kyan127J
4Moth, Simon C130- Sharman, Jay121
5Groce, Ken1200-1Rawlings, David J124

St Ethelburga Club, Barking   Thur 30th Nov 2017
Barking II Loughton
1Ramage, Colin R1591-0Kershaw, Graham J137
2Clow, Kenneth W1561-0Van Tol, Martin134
3Ansari, Gholamreza139-Moth, Simon C130
4Figgins, John A1330-1Groce, Ken120
5Bowhill, Alexander W H  890-1Jones, Barry E117

A creditable away draw as we were outgraded on almost all the boards.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 10th Jan 2018
Loughton Enfield II
1Faulkner, David J1561-0O'Caolaidhe, Cormac128
2Kershaw, Graham J140-Kyriacou, Kyriacos117
3van Tol, Martin137-Maher, Matthew128
4Moth, Simon C1311-0Tsentides, Mike102
5Groce, Ken1210-1McHugh, Ralph  66

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 7th Feb 2018
Loughton Enfield I
1Faulkner, David J1560-1Olulode, Olu167
2Kershaw, Graham J140-Efthymiou, Demetris144
3van Tol, Martin137-McNish, David139
4Moth, Simon C1311-0O'Caolaidhe, Cormac128
5Groce, Ken121-Maher, Matthew128

A good close match.

  1. Dave had a tough game against a strong opponent who was very highly graded several years ago and has recently restarted playing. He lost to a king side attack.
  2. Graham had a very interesting game where he sacrified a bishop but his opponent defended well to hold the draw.
  3. Martin was slightly worse in a heavy piece ending but his opponent offered a draw which was accepted.
  4. Simon won a piece in the early middle game and was always winning.
  5. Ken was a pawn down in a rook and opposite coloured bishops ending but held the draw.

So a drawn match and a fair result.

Wanstead House   Thur 15th Feb 2018
Wanstead III Loughton
1Barclay, Paul R150-Faulkner, David J156
2Saravanan, Aadarsh157J-Kershaw, Graham J140
3Collyer, Alex138J0-1van Tol, Martin137
4Bui, Kyan134J0-1Moth, Simon C131
5Siddo, Charlton1301-0Groce, Ken121

An excellent win as we were out graded on most boards and playing against three good underrated juniors.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 7th Mar 2018
Loughton Barking II
1Faulkner, David J1560-1Ramage, Colin R163
2Kershaw, Graham J1401-0Clow, Kenneth W154
3van Tol, Martin137-Ansari, Gholamreza136
4Moth, Simon C131-Figgins, John A130
5Groce, Ken1211-0Chtym, Vladimir115

Graham had an excellent win against a higher graded opponent.
Ken won us the match with his win.

East Barnet Royal British Legion   Wed 4th Apr 2018
Barnet II Loughton
1Myers, Philip1550-1Faulkner, David J156
2Morley, Howard1401-0Kershaw, Graham J140
3Bowie, Brian S1330-1Groce, Ken121
4Devan, Matthew1260-1Jones, Barry E115
5Penn, D1-0Smith, Michael  86

Well done to Dave, Ken and Barry for helping us to win a close match.

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield   Tue 10th Apr 2018
Enfield I Loughton
1Olulode, Olu167-Kershaw, Graham J140
2Efthymiou, Demetris144-van Tol, Martin137
3McNish, David139-Moth, Simon C131
4O'Caolaidhe, Cormac1280-1Groce, Ken121
5Chowdhury, Majbaha1231-0Smith, Michael  86

An excellent result as we were outgraded on all boards.

North Circular Chess League B Div