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NCCL TEAM 2015-16

North Circular League Div 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
12 4 1 7 9

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed14-Oct-15HomeBarking 2 L 1½-3½
Mon26-Oct-15 7.45pmAwayBarnet 2 W 3½-1½
Wed02-Dec-15HomeEnfield 1 W 4-1
Wed09-Dec-15HomeChingford L ½-4½
Thu14-Jan-16 7.40pmAwayBarking 2 W 3-2
Thu21-Jan-16AwayWanstead 3 L 1½-3½
Mon01-Feb-16 7.15pmAwayChingford L 1½-3½
Wed02-Mar-16HomeEnfield 2 L 2-3
Tue08-Mar-16AwayEnfield 1 W 3-2
Wed16-Mar-16HomeBarnet 2 L 2-3
Tue19-Apr-16AwayEnfield 2 L 1½-3½
Wed04-May-16HomeWanstead 3 D 2½-2½

Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 14th Oct 2015
Loughton Barking II
1Groce, Ken145½-½Ramage, Colin R169
2Moth, Simon C129½-½Clow, Ken W149
3Jones, Barry E119½-½Ansari, Gholamreza140
4Clarke, Gordon  980-1Monk, George H135
5Smith, Michael  610-1Loh, Tony106

East Barnet Royal British Legion   Mon 26th Oct 2015
Barnet II Loughton
1Bowie, Brian S146½-½Kershaw, Graham J150
2Jones, Michael N1331-0Groce, Ken145
3Morley, Howard1330-1van Tol, Martin135
4Nunn, Geoffrey C1040-1Moth, Simon C129
5Riddoch, Ian A  800-1Smith, Michael  61

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 2nd Dec 2015
Loughton Enfield I
1Groce, Ken145½-½Dover, Robert145
2Moth, Simon C1291-0Gilberg, Paul139
3Jones, Barry E1191-0Kyriacou, Kyriacos133
4Clarke, Gordon  981-0O'Caolaidhe, Cormac131
5Alexander, Raymond  95½-½Newby, Jonathan115

An convincing win against a side who outgraded us. Special mentions for Barry and Gordon who defeated opponents 14 and 33 grading points higher.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 10th Dec 2015
Loughton Chingford II
1Groce, Ken1450-1Spear, Brian J156
2van Tol, Martin1350-1Brown, Robert C134
3Moth, Simon C129½-½Maynes, Richard DJ140
4Jones, Barry E1190-1O'Gunej, Ljulzim142
5Alexander, Raymond  950-1Rose, Peter W132

St. Ethelburga Club   Thur 14th Jan 2016
Barking II Loughton
1Ramage, Colin R1640-1Bowmer, Kevin191
2Clow, Kenneth W157½-½Kershaw, Graham J154
3Ansari, Gholamreza1410-1Moth, Simon C136
4Monk, George H1411-0Jones, Barry E121
5Chtym, Vladimir118½-½Smith, Michael  66

Barry's early loss was cancelled out by Kevin's win. Graham agreed a draw in a complex position and Mick has the best of a draw against a higher graded opponent. In a dramatic finish, it was captain Simon who clinched the match in a long bishop and pawn endgame.

Wanstead House    Thur 21th Jan 2016
Wanstead III Loughton
1Hunnable, Ian D1771-0van Tol, Martin132
2Lu, Andy WH1451-0Jones, Barry E121
3Siddo, Charlton1331-0Clarke, Gordon103
4Jestico, John V111½-½Alexander, Raymond  93
5Slattery, Jim  890-1Smith, Michael  66

Good results for Ray and Mick but Wanstead made their grading advantage count.

British Legion Club, Chingford    Mon 1st Feb 2016
Chingford II Loughton
1Spear, Brian J151½-½Moth, Simon C136
2Brown, Robert C136½-½van Tol, Martin132
3Rose, Peter W1381-0Jones, Barry E121
4Neogy, A Robbie103½-½Smith, Michael  66
5Dawson, John  971-0Hall, Richard

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 2nd Mar 2016
Loughton Enfield II
1Moth, Simon C136½-½O'Caolaidhe, Cormac131
2van Tol, Martin1321-0Efthymiou, Demetris131
3Clarke, Gordon1030-1Kyriacou, Kyriacos123
4Smith, Michael  66½-½Maher, Matthew119
5Hall, Richard0-1Moran, Joe110

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield    Tue 8th Mar 2016
Enfield I Loughton
1Dover, Robert1470-1Kershaw, Graham J154
2McNish, David1450-1Moth, Simon C136
3Gilberg, Paul131½-½van Tol, Martin132
4Kyriacou, Kyriacos123½-½Smith, Michael  66
5Maher, Matthew1191-0Hall, Richard

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 16th Mar 2016
Loughton Barnet II
1Kershaw, Graham J154½-½Bowie, Brian S146
2van Tol, Martin132½-½Jones, Michael N138
3Clarke, Gordon1030-1Devan, Matthew120
4Smith, Michael  660-1Chidziva, Para
5Hall, Richard1-0Dee, Fault

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield    Tue 19th Apr 2016
Enfield II Loughton
1Maher, Matthew119½-½Moth, Simon C136
2Newby, Jonathan1130-1van Tol, Martin132
3Moran, Joe1101-0Clarke, Gordon103
4Banks, Stephen1051-0Smith, Michael  66
5March, Steven J  881-0Hall, Richard

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 4th May 2016
Loughton Wanstead III
1Kershaw, Graham J154½-½Barclay, Paul R166
2Groce, Ken1401-0Jones, Keith S147
3Moth, Simon C136½-½Keehner, John R141
4van Tol, Martin132½-½Rawlings, David J134
5Clarke, Gordon1030-1Nickals, Peter A132

North Circular Chess League B Div