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NCCL TEAM 2014-15

North Circular League Div 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
12 7 1 4 15

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed05-Nov-14HomeBarnet II3½-1½
Wed19-Nov-14HomeChingford II3-2
Wed03-Dec-14HomeEnfield I3-2
Thu18-Dec-14AwayWanstead III2-3
Wed28-Jan-15HomeEnfield II 2½-2½
Tue03-Feb-15AwayEnfield III 4-1
Mon23-Feb-15 7.15pmAwayChingford II2-3
Wed22-Apr-15HomeEnfield III2-3
Tue28-Apr-15AwayEnfield I3½-1½
Wed06-May-15HomeWanstead III2-3
Tue19-May-15AwayEnfield II1-4
Wed27-May-15LoughtonBarnet IIW

Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 5th Nov 2014

Loughton Barnet II
1Finnegan, Oliver1621-0Myers, Philip174
2Moth, Simon C1401-0default
3Van Tol, Martin126½-½Morley, Howard135
4Groce, Ken1201-0Mohamed, Nadir  99
5Clarke, Gordon1140-1Osland, Bryan  96

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 19th Nov 2014

Loughton Chingford II
1Finnegan, Oliver163½-½Spear, Brian J154
2Van Tol, Martin1321-0Brown, Robert C147
3Groce, Ken1261-0Neogy, A Robbie111
4Alexander, Raymond  99½-½Laxton, Mike  99
5Smith, Michael0-1Dawson, John  97

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 3rd Dec 2014

Loughton Enfield I
1Finnegan, Olive1631-0Dover, Robert137
2Moth, Simon C140½-½O'Caolaidhe, Cormac128
3Van Tol, Martin132½-½Efthymiou, Demetris136
4Groce, Ken1260-1Kyriacou, Kyriacos123
5Clarke, Gordon1141-0Banks, Stephen  87

Another good win for the NCCL team, leaving us with a 100% record after 3 matches (although, all admittedly at home). Oliver had a good win and Gordon finished off nicely with a family fork! There were solid draws by Simon and Martin. Ken needs to fine tune his rook and pawn endings ☺

Wanstead House   Thur 18th Dec 2014

Wanstead III Loughton
1Barclay, Paul R150½-½Finnegan, Oliver163
2Mulay, Partha 140J1-0Moth, Simon C140
3Burtt, Laurie J144½-½Van Tol, Martin132
4Siddo, Charlton1280-1Groce, Ken126
5Nickals, Peter A1221-0Alexander, Raymond  99

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 28th Jan 2015

Loughton Enfield II
1Groce, Ken145½-½Gilberg, Paul140
2Moth, Simon C1360-1McNish, David138
3Van Tol, Martin133½-½Kyriacou, Kyriacos135
4Clarke, Gordon1031-0Efthymiou, Demetris134
5Smith, Michael  61½-½Newby, Jonathan120

Enfield II had a stronger team than the Enfield I team which visited Loughton before Christmas. Excellent results for Gordon and Michael on the lower boards.

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield   Tues 3rd Feb 2015

Enfield III Loughton
1Perlstein, Steve0-1Finnegan, Olive158
2Maher, Matthew1020-1Groce, Ken145
3Banks, Stephen  92½-½Moth, Simon C136
4March, Steven J  890-1Jones, Barry E118
5Palmer, Steve½-½Smith, Michael  61

British Legion Club, Chingford   Mon 23rd Feb 2015

Chingford II Loughton
1Spear, Brian J154½-½Finnegan, Olive158
2Brown, Robert C1441-0Groce, Ken145
3Oakley, Robin J1421-0Moth, Simon C136
4Maynes, Richard DJ133½-½Van Tol, Martin133
5Neogy, A (Robbie)1120-1Alexander, Raymond  99

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 22nd Apr 2015

Loughton Enfield III
1Moth, Simon C136½-½O'Caolaidhe, Cormac129
2Van Tol, Martin133½-½Maher, Matthew102
3Leadon, Ben1101-0Mitchell, Jim H  96
4Clarke, Gordon1030-1Banks, Stephen  92
5Smith, Michael  610-1Winchester, Roy  76

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield   Tues 28th Apr 2015

Enfield I Loughton
1Cook, Chris RD1460-1Finnegan, Oliver158
2Gilberg, Paul1400-1Groce, Ken145
3McNish, David1381-0Moth, Simon C136
4Kyriacou, Kyriacos1350-1 Van Tol, Martin133
5Newby, Jonathan120½-½Jones, Barry E118
6Yoon, Jacob D  72J1-0Alexander, Raymond  98

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 6th May 2015

Loughton Wanstead III
1Finnegan, Oliver158½-½Barclay, Paul R149
2Groce, Ken1451-0Bancroft , Paul UG
3Moth, Simon C136½-½Keehner, John R139
4Van Tol, Martin1330-1Nickals, Peter A135
5Jones, Barry E1180-1Warden, Michael J134

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield   Tues 19th May 2015

Enfield II Loughton
1Gilberg, Paul140½-½Finnegan, Oliver158
2McNish, David1380-1Groce, Ken148
3Kyriacou, Kyriacos1350-1Moth, Simon C136
4Efthymiou, Demetris134½-½Van Tol, Martin133
5Newby, Jonathan1200-1Jones, Barry E118

             Wed 27th May 2015

Barnet II Loughton
Match conceded by Barnet

Unofficial NCCL Team Grading Stats

July 2014 Grade Games Points Sum of Grading Points % Score NCCL Team Grade
Alexander, Raymond 99 4 1.5 355 38 89
Clarke, Gordon 114 4 2    224 50 56
Finnegan, Oliver 163 9 6.5 1534 72 170
Groce, Ken 126 10 7.5 1488 75 149
Jones, Barry 112 4 2.5 513 63 128
Leadon, Ben 113 1 1    146 100 146
Moth, Simon 140 9 3    947 33 105
Smith, Mick 56 4 1    132 25 33
Van Tol, Martin 132 10 5.5 1251 55 125


North Circular Chess League B Div