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Essex League 2nd Team

The third division of eight teams will initially consist of two four team groups, division three east and west.
In the second stage played from February 2018, the two top teams of each group will go into a higher group. The two bottom teams in each group will go into a lower group.

Essex League Division 3 West

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
6 2 1 3 5

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed04-Oct-17HomeUpminster III L 2-3
Wed03-Jan-18HomeThurrock I L 2-4
Thu11-Jan-18AwayWanstead IV D 3-3
Wed17-Jan-18HomeWanstead IV W 4-2
Wed24-Jan-18AwayThurrock I L 2-4
7.15 pm
AwayUpminster IIIW 3-2

Essex League Division 3 Bottom

In the second phase of third division, we will play in the lower group.
Our first stage match results against Wanstead IV i.e. one draw and a one win will be carried forward.

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
6 4 2 0 10

Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Thu11-Jan-18AwayWanstead IV D 3-3
Wed17-Jan-18HomeWanstead IV W 4-2
7.15 pm
AwayUpminster IVW 4-2
Wed28-Mar-18AwayThurrock II D 3-3
Wed18-Apr-18HomeUpminster IV W 3-2
Wed23-May-18HomeThurrock II W 4-2


Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 4th Oct 2017
Loughton II Upminster III
1Nadeem, Raja I1-0Hannaford, Jamie137
2Jones, Barry E117-Biggs, Peter128
3Newby, Jonathan109-Nice, Nigel124
4Clarke, Gordon  94-Johal, Satnam S122
5Smith, Michael  860-1Wicks, Stephen
6Green, Bryan0-1Sullivan, Michael104

We were outgraded a little bit by our opposition, but lost by only a point.
Debuts for Raja and Bryan ... welcome and well played !
It got close, with the scores even and Mick and Gordon in close positions. Gordon got a good draw. Mick had a position which was probably a draw, but lost on time.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 3rd Jan 2018
Loughton II Thurrock I
1Nadeem, Raja I1-0Woodward, Ian P146
2Van Tol, Martin1370-1Bradford, Michael D125
3Moth, Simon C131-Reynolds, Derek122
4Clarke, Gordon  92-Crane, Malcolm K108
5Smith, Michael  860-1Derrett, Joe
6French, Harvey0-1Butterworth-Parr, Francis115

A tough game against the league leaders and a debut for Harvey.
The highlight was Raja's game. He sacrificed a knight, then a rook and checkmated his opponent.
In the final game to finish, Martin had outplayed his opponent, was material up and clearly winning. However he missed a long range bishop check and the tables were turned. C'est la vie! A shame as we were heading for 3-3 draw against a good team.

Wanstead House   Thur 11th Jan 2018
Wanstead IV Loughton II
1Harte, Ben1160-1van Tol, Martin137
2Fuller, Victor1170-1Jones, Barry E115
3Le Gassicke, Mark  951-dNewby, Jonathan114
4Burns, Sidney  730-1Clarke, Gordon  92
5Mulay, Tejas106J1-0Smith, Michael  86
6De Jong, Wim  651-0French, Harvey

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 17th Jan 2018
Loughton II Wanstead IV
1Nadeem, Raja I-Harte, Ben116
2Jones, Barry E1150-1Fuller, Victor117
3Clarke, Gordon  92-Gailans, Voldi  82
4French, Harvey1-0De Jong, Wim  65
5Smith, Michael  861-dDee, Fault
6Wilson, Luc 1-dDee, Fault

Our opponents had two of their team drop out on the day, leaving us 2-0 up before a piece was moved.
Raja had the initiative for much of his game, but his opponent held him off. He was a pawn up at the end, but unable to progress in pawns and minor pieces ending, and agreed a draw.
Barry fell victim to an unfamiliar opening. Despite struggling hard to get back into the game, the position proved too difficult to handle.
Gordon had a slightly confused game and a draw was agreed in the end.
The best point of whole evening was ... Harvey getting his first win! It was a very closed board, but he played fairly solidly and executed a nice attack on his opponent's king-side castled king. Fantastic. He won us the match!
Thanks also to Mick and Luc for being prepared to play but not getting a game.

St Thomas Church Social Club, Grays   Wed 24th Jan 2018
Thurrock I Loughton II
1Vlcek, Marek1671-0Nadeem, Raja I
2Bradford, Michael D1250-1Van Tol, Martin137
3Reynolds, Derek1220-1Moth, Simon C131
4Butterworth-Parr, Francis1151-0Jones, Barry E115
5Wysocki, Miroslaw1101-0Smith, Michael  86
6Groombridge, Leslie J1021-0Wilson, Luc

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 30th Jan 2018
Upminster III Loughton II
1Biggs, Peter132-Van Tol, Martin137
2Johal, Satnam S117-Moth, Simon C131
3Wicks, Stephen116-Jones, Barry E115
4Cooper, Geoff1080-1Newby, Jonathan114
5Pelling, Nicholas J114-Clarke, Gordon  92
6Malik, Aaron  46-French, Harvey

Quite an amazing result ...

  1. Martin and his opponent cancelled each other out and drew relatively quickly.
    All the others boards went the full distance and were keenly contested games.
  2. Simon got a small advantage, but ended up down on time and agreed a draw as he didn't have time left to convert the win.
  3. Barry played on well in an end-game when he was two pawns down and achieved a draw from a position of disadvantage.
  4. Jonathan achieved a position where his opponent's king was left exposed and he had lots of dangerous attacking pieces. He transposed into a pawn end-game two pawns up, to achieve the only decisive game of the evening.
  5. Gordon was under heavy pressure in a tight closed game, although both players ran short of time.
  6. Harvey had a very sharp intense game in which he eventually queened an extra pawn to end up Q+K vs K ... before running out of time.

So five draws ... although you wouldn't have bet on that halfway through.
Great effort from our team.

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 20th Mar 2018
Upminster IV Loughton II
1Nice, Nigel1140-1Van Tol, Martin137
2Sullivan, Michael104-Moth, Simon C131
3Hurst, David C  970-1Groce, Ken121
4McGuire, Anthony  911-dNewby, Jonathan114
5Watkins, David  840-1Clarke, Gordon  92
6Hood, John K  91-French, Harvey

Our side had a grading advantage in this one, so we had hopes of a good result.

So a 4-2 victory puts our second team top of the division 3B table.

St Thomas Church Social Club, Grays    Wed 28th Mar 2018
Thurrock II Loughton II
1Derrett, Joed-1Van Tol, Martin137
2Wysocki, Miroslaw1100-1Groce, Ken121
3Butterworth-Parr, Francis1150-1Jones, Barry E115
4Ball, Richard  971-0Smith, Michael  86
5Groombridge, Leslie J1021-0French, Harvey
6Burrowes, Adrian  651-dWilson, Luc

There was a default on either side, Thurrock defaulting on board 1 and Loughton on 6 (through illness).
On the games which got played ...

That leaves Loughton II currently still top of the table.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 18th Apr 2018
Loughton II Upminster IV
1Van Tol, Martin1371-0Nice, Nigel114
2Moth, Simon C131-Cooper, Geoff108
3Groce, Ken1211-0Sullivan, Michael104
4Clarke, Gordon  920-1McGuire, Anthony  91
5Smith, Michael  861-0Watkins, David  84
6French, Harvey0-1Hood, John K

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 23rd May 2018
Loughton II Thurrock II
1Moth, Simon C131-Butterworth-Parr, Francis115
2Groce, Ken1211-0Groombridge, Leslie J102
3Jones, Barry E1151-0Offord, Andrew109
4Clarke, Gordon  92-Ball, Richard  97
5Smith, Michael  86-Hazell, Alan  93
6French, Harvey-Sealey, Frank A  83

Now this means we win the lower section of the Essex League 3rd division. Effectively, it is like winning the old 4th division. So well done to everyone who has played in this team.


This season, the Essex League combined its 3rd and 4th divisions and ran it as a two-stage competition. So to be honest, our second team, which has been a 4th division team in previous seasons, was unlikely to be in contention for the whole 3rd division competition. Even so, we came quite close to qualifying for the top section in the first phase.

This is how the first phase ended for the 3rd division (west section)

1.Thurrock I 11 points
2.Upminster II   7
3.Loughton II   5 (won 2, drew 1, lost 3 .... we lost both against Thurrock, won and lost against Upminster, won and drew against Wanstead)
4.Wanstead IV   1

Here is the final table for the bottom section ...

1.Loughton II10 points(won 4, drew 2, lost 0)
2.Thurrock II   7
3.Upminster IV  4
4.Wanstead IV   3

So we won it by a fairly decent margin.

I have done a little calculation of individual scores in this competition ...
Throughout the season, we have called on 11 players, and the games have been spread around quite well.
Most people got some quite good scores:

Raja   63% (4 games)
Martin   75% (6)
Simon   58% (6 and was unbeaten)
Ken 100%(4)
Barry   57%(7)
Jonathan   75% (played 2, but had 2 defeats against his own diary ! )
Gordon   56% (8)
Mick   31% (8)
Harvey   31% (8)
while Luc and Bryan got only one game each.

There were some real highlights in this ...

I have calculated some unofficial grading performances (... but a warning: this is really rough, particularly for those who did not play so many games) ...

Mick  80
Harvey  64
Bryan  54

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the team this season.     -     Martin

Essex League Division 3 West Results

Essex League Division 3B Results