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Essex League 1st Team

Essex League Division 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 1 1 0 3

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
7.40 pm
AwayBarking II W 5-3
7.15 pm
AwayUpminster II D 4-4
Wed15-Nov-17HomeBarking II
Thu23-Nov-17AwayWanstead II
Wed6-Dec-17HomeWanstead III
Wed21-Feb-18HomeUpminster II
Thu15-Mar-18AwayWanstead III
Wed9-May-18HomeWanstead II



Match reports


St Ethelburga Club, Barking   Thur 12st Oct 2017
Barking II Loughton I
1Ramage, Colin R159-Bowmer, Kevin174
2Clow, Kenneth W1560-1Stirling, William J172
3Ansari, Gholamreza139-Faulkner, David J158
4Monk, George H1330-1Kershaw, Graham J137
5Figgins, John A1331-0Van Tol, Martin134
6Sinha, Nikunj126-Moth, Simon C130
7Loh, Tony1060-1Groce, Ken120
8Bowhill, Alexander W H  89-Jones, Barry E117

The first team won their first game of the season with a little bit of luck.

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 7th Nov 2017
Upminster II Loughton I
1Khoda, Noor1691-0Bowmer, Kevin174
2Iannetta, Robert1470-1Stirling, William J172
3Corish, Aidan T148-Faulkner, David J158
4Abbott, Stephen J141-Kershaw, Graham J137
5Hannaford, Jamie137-Van Tol, Martin134
6Rahaman, Mustapha131-Moth, Simon C130
7Rosenfeld, Paul1310-1Groce, Ken120
8Johal, Satnam S1221-0Clarke, Gordon  94

A tight match.
Good wins for Bill and Ken. In the final game to finish Simon was very close to winning but his opponent held on for a draw.

Essex League Division 2 Results