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Essex League Team 2016-17

Essex League Division 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
10 4 2 4 10

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed30-Nov-16HomeBarking II L 2-6
Wed7-Dec-16HomeBrentwood I W 7½-½
Tue7-Feb-17 7.15 pmAwayUpminster II L 3-5
Wed22-Feb-17HomeSouthend I D 4-4
Wed15-Mar-17HomeIlford W 7-1
Fri31-Mar-17AwaySouthend I D 4-4
Mon3-Apr-17AwayIlford W 4½-3½
Thu6-Apr-17 7.40 pmAwayBarking II L 3½-4½
Tue25-Apr-17AwayBrentwood I L 2-6
Wed10-May-17HomeUpminster II W 5-3



Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 30th Nov 2016
Loughton I Barking II
1Bowmer, Kevin1880-1Ramage, Colin R161
2Stirling, William J1810-1Clow, Kenneth W153
3Faulkner, David J162½-½Oakley, Robin J152
4Spear, Brian J1510-1Ansari, Gholamreza135
5Kershaw, Graham J142½-½Figgins, John A132
6Groce, Ken1410-1Monk, George H129
7Moth, Simon C1410-1Chtym, Vladimir126
8Newby, Jonathan1181-0Loh, Tony108

Congratulations to Barking on an amazing result.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 7th Dec 2016
Loughton I Brentwood I
1Bowmer, Kevin1881-0Strachan, Gavin I162
2Stirling, William J181½-½Adams, Ronald F158
3Faulkner, David J1621-0Davies, Robert J V128
4Groce, Ken1411-0Phillips, Chris C103
5Kershaw, Graham J1421-dDee, Fault
6Van Tol, Martin1271-dDee, Fault
7Jones, Barry E1251-dDee, Fault
8Smith, Michael  771-dDee, Fault

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster    Tue 7th Feb 2017
Upminster II Loughton I
1Robson, Scott M1540-1Bowmer, Kevin179
2Corish, Aidan T153½-½Stirling, William J175
3Khoda, Noor1501-0Faulkner, David J158
4Iannetta, Robert146½-½Kershaw, Graham J139
5Abbott, Stephen J147½-½Moth, Simon C139
6Rosenfeld, Paul1271-0Groce, Ken139
7Biggs, Peter131½-½Van Tol, Martin132
8Hannaford, Jamie1411-0Clarke, Gordon101

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 22nd Feb 2017
Loughton I Southend I
1Bowmer, Kevin1790-1Grist, Howard179
2Stirling, William J1751-dSutherland, Neil A180
3Faulkner, David J158½-½Westrap, Christian F169
4Spear, Brian J1480-1Wedlock, Stephen L163
5Kershaw, Graham J1391-0Dartnell, Dennis R150
6Groce, Ken1390-1Saunders, Michael J145
7Moth, Simon C139½-½Newton, Colin M131
8Van Tol, Martin1321-dDee, Fault

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 15th Mar 2017
Loughton I Ilford I
1Bowmer, Kevin1791-0Twitchell, Neville H172
2Stirling, William J1751-0Barton, Tom A170
3Faulkner, David J158½-½Kent, Anthony R153
4Kershaw, Graham J1391-0Kalinsky, Syd M148
5Moth, Simon C139½-½Page, Jeffrey137
6Groce, Ken1391-0Gericke, Grant139
7Van Tol, Martin1321-0Stefanoni, Leonardo116
8Newby, Jonathan1191-dDee, Fault

A brilliant result against a team second in the league ! Well played everybody.
Also see Beware the Ides of March for Ilford report.

Thorpe Bay Bridge Club    Fri 31st Mar 2017
Southend I Loughton I
1Grist, Howard1790-1Bowmer, Kevin179
2Sutherland, Neil A180½-½Stirling, William J175
3Shaw, Matthew H175½-½Faulkner, David J158
4Westrap, Christian F1691-0Kershaw, Graham J139
5Wedlock, Stephen L163½-½Moth, Simon C139
6Winiberg, Josh1601-0Groce, Ken139
7Dartnell, Dennis R150½-½Van Tol, Martin132
8Saunders, Michael J1450-1Jones, Barry E125

We travelled to the seaside, for the first of three away games in six days. José Mourinho would not have been happy with the fixture congestion.
For the second time this year, we had the title favourites on the ropes but failed to deliver the knock out blow.

Congratulations to Southend on a Barcelona v. PSG recovery. They will win the league if as expected they win or draw their final game.
A good away draw by the team but it could have been more.
An excellent match and a credit to both teams.

Redbridge Social Centre, Ilford    Mon 3rd Apr 2017
Ilford I Loughton I
1Twitchell, Neville H172½-½Bowmer, Kevin179
2Barton, Tom A1700-1Stirling, William J175
3Kent, Anthony R1530-1Spear, Brian J148
4Kalinsky, Syd M1481-0Kershaw, Graham J139
5Klimach, Jason W1471-0Moth, Simon C139
6Page, Jeffrey1370-1Groce, Ken139
7Yunis, Umar1240-1Van Tol, Martin132
8Ainkaran, Lavanan1201-0Newby, Jonathan119

An excellent away win against a good Ilford team.

Also see Ilford's report and pictures.

St Ethelburga Club, Barking   Thur 6th Apr 2017
Barking II Loughton I
1Ramage, Colin R158½-½Bowmer, Kevin179
2Clow, Kenneth W1511-0Stirling, William J175
3Cresswell, Mike J1380-1Faulkner, David J158
4Sinha, Nikunj1171-0Moth, Simon C139
5Monk, George H1241-0Groce, Ken139
6Chtym, Vladimir137½-½Van Tol, Martin132
7Bowhill, Alexander W H  86½-½Jones, Barry E125
8Dee, Faultd-1Smith, Michael  77

Our third away game in six days was a bridge too far and ended with a disappointing defeat.
Our only highlight was Dave's win. He won two pieces for a rook and pawn and finished his opponent off in the time scramble.
The result confirms Southend as champions. Congratulations to them.

Brentwood Baptist Church   Tue 25th Apr 2017
Brentwood I Loughton I
1Hughes, Gavin J1661-0Faulkner, David J158
2Kingsley, Malcolm P1621-0Kershaw, Graham J139
3Adams, Ronald F1551-0Groce, Ken139
4Weaver, Timothy147½-½Moth, Simon C139
5Davies, Robert J V1270-1Van Tol, Martin132
6Fisher, Russell1121-0Jones, Barry E125
7Rosser, Stephen103½-½Smith, Michael  77
8Phillips, Chris C1051-0Clarke, Gordon101

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 10th May 2017
Loughton I Upminster II
1Bowmer, Kevin1790-1Khoda, Noor150
2Stirling, William J1751-0Corish, Aidan T153
3Faulkner, David J1581-0Foley, Phil T143
4Kershaw, Graham J1390-1Iannetta, Robert146
5Moth, Simon C139½-½Abbott, Stephen J147
6Groce, Ken1391-0Rahaman, Mustapha137
7Van Tol, Martin132½-½Rosenfeld, Paul127
8Newby, Jonathan1191-0Biggs, Peter131


The Essex Division 2 Team with the welcome addition of Bill & David being available for all our matches on paper was the strongest we have put out for a long while. Unfortunately a few of us didn't have as good a season as usual. lt didn'st start well when we lost two of our first three games. Then followed a draw against a depleted Southend l team. We hit top form with an emphatic 7-1 win over llford l. After that we travelled to the Champions Southend for the return fixture and achieved an exciting draw against their full strength team,which could easily have gone our way. ln the end we came 4th of the six teams, but were only 1 point behind 2nd placed llford 1.
Top of the averages was Martin with 77%, followed by Bill, Kevin & Dave with 56%.
Total Record for the season P 10 W 4 D 2 L 4 Pts 10
Games for 42.5 Games against 37.5

Individual Averages

Played Won Draw Lost %
van Tol, Martin   7 3 4 0 71%
Stirling, William J   8 3 3 2 56%
Bowmer, Kevin   9 4 2 3 56%
Faulkner, David J   9 3 4 2 56%
Groce, Ken 10 4 0 6 40%
Kershaw, Graham J   8 2 2 4 38%
Moth, Simon C   9 0 6 3 33%
Newby, Jonathan   3 2 0 1
Jones, Barry E   3 1 1 1
Smith, Michael   1 0 1 0
Spear, Brian J   3 1 0 2
Clarke, Gordon   2 0 0 2
Dee, Fault   8 8 0 0
TOTAL 80 31 23 26

Player of the Season   -   Martin

Essex League Division 2 Results