chessmen Loughton Chess Club men

2nd team 2014-15

Essex league Division 3

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
10 1 1 8 3

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Tue07-Oct-14AwayBrentwood II2½-3½
Tue28-Oct-14AwayWanstead III3½-2½
Thu13-Nov-14AwayBarking II ½-5½
Tue16-Dec-14AwayUpminster III2½-3½
Wed21-Jan-15HomeIlford II 3-3
Wed11-Feb-15HomeBarking II ½-5½
Wed18-Feb-15HomeWanstead III 1-5
Mon23-Mar-15AwayIlford II 2-4
Wed25-Mar-15HomeUpminster III1½-4½
Wed15-Apr-15HomeBrentwood II 0-6



Match reports

Brentwood Baptist Church   Tues 8th Oct 2014

Brentwood II Loughton II
1 Gambardella, David 146 0-1 Van Tol, Martin 132
2 Davies, Robert J V 135 1-0 Groce, Ken 126
3 Smith, Benjamin 129 1-0 Leadon, Ben 113
4 D'Cruz, David 102 0-1 Jones, Barry E 112
5 Phillips, Chris C   99 ½-½ Melhuish, Ronnie   96
6 Fisher, Russell   99 0-1 Baker, Dane

Note: Board six was won by Dane and will be graded as a win. However Dane was not registered with the league in time ( seven days earlier ) for this match. Hence for league purposes, this board is considered a Brentwood win.


Wanstead House   Tues 29th Oct 2014

Wanstead III Loughton II
1Mulay, Partha140½-½Van Tol, Martin132
2Keehner, John R139½-½Groce, Ken126
3Warden, Michael J 1351-0Clarke, Gordon116
4Lu, Andy WH130½-½Baker, Dane
5Nickals, Peter A1220-1Jones, Barry E112
6Sweeney, Kevin M1180-1Melhuish, Ronnie  96

This was really an excellent result for us. Wanstead usually put out a strong side, and we were surprised at how strong their team was tonight We were actually outgraded on all six boards.

Particularly good results for our two winners. Sadly it's Ronnie's last game for the club, as he moves next week to Whitstable. But what a way to go ... with a win against an opponent 22 points higher ! Dane continues a really good start with us too.

Martin was the last to finish. He might have had a win on against his opponent. He had more active pieces and a significant time advantage (14 mins left vs 4 mins left). But against a higher graded opponent, and with the match at 3-2 to us, he knew a draw would take us over the winning line and didn't want to risk things.

A really good start to the season for the second team. In real terms we've beaten two decent opponents. Just a pity about the default awarded against us at Brentwood.

Barking St. Ethelburgas Catholic Club   Thur 13th Nov 2014

Barking II Loughton II
1Ramage, Colin R1701-0Van Tol, Martin132
2Paveliuc, Alin-Dumitru1611-0Groce, Ken126
3Clow, Kenneth W1551-0Gordon Clarke116
4Figueroa, Edison150½-½Jones, Barry E112
5Monk, George H1391-0Alexander, Raymond  99
6Figgins, John A1371-0default

We got a bit battered. However, there will be few matches where we're outgraded this badly. They were 35-40 points better per board than us. A decent debut for Raymond. Martin and Ken almost scraped a draw in their games. But Barry is clearly man of the match today ... getting a draw against a player 38 points higher. Well done!

Overall the second team has not had a bad start to the season.

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Tue 16th Dec 2014

Upminster III Loughton II
1Iannetta, Robert151½-½Van Tol, Martin132
2Johal, Satnam S1430-1Groce, Ken126
3Foley, Phil T1421-0Clarke, Gordon116
4Hurst, David C1110-1Jones, Barry E112
5Sullivan, Michael1101-0Alexander, Raymond  99
6Nice, Nigel1081-0Smith, Michael

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 21st Jan 2015

Loughton II Ilford II
1Groce, Ken145½-½Barton, Tom A151
2Clarke, Gordon1031-0Page, Jeffrey142
3Leadon, Ben1100-1Chandrasekaran, Siddharth146
4Jones, Barry E118½-½Berlin, Howard J114
5Neogy, A (Robbie)1121-0Kishore, K Prathees  68
6Smith, Michael  610-1Stefanoni, Leonardo116

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 11st Feb 2015

Loughton II Barking II
1Groce, Ken1450-1Ramage, Colin R171
2Van Tol, Martin133½-½Clow, Kenneth W150
3Neogy, A (Robbie)1120-1Figueroa, Edison151
4Leadon, Ben1100-1Monk, George H132
5Clarke, Gordon1030-1Chtym, Vladimir115
6Smith, Michael  610-1Loh, Tony111

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 18st Feb 2015

Loughton II Wanstead III
1Groce, Ken1450-1Mulay, Partha144J
2Van Tol, Martin133½-½Keehner, John R139
3Neogy, A (Robbie)112½-½Warden, Michael J134
4Clarke, Gordon1030-1Ali, Niall136J
5Smith, Michael  610-1Siddo, Charlton130
6default0-1Lu, Andy WH132

The second team had difficulty getting a team out tonight, and even ended up defaulting a board at home. Wanstead put out a reasonable team, although we beat them at their place earlier in the season.

To give ourselves any chance at all we needed wins on the top boards. Unfortunately Ken on 1 blundered a piece and lost against an upcoming youngster. Martin on 2 messed up in the opening ... although the error was recoverable it really did ruin any chance of gaining an advantage. Robi on 3 got a very decent draw. We were outgunned on the boards 4 and 5, although Mick (outgraded by 69 grading points) ran his opponent close and lost only narrowly.

A quick word to all second team players ... with three matches left we're bottom of the table in the 3rd division. Realistically, we need to win two of the final three matches to survive. We'll need to put out as strong a team as we possibly can for those matches. I know chess isn't the only thing we do ... but if people could have a look at their diaries and plan to make themselves available for the remaining three matches
23 March away at Ilford,
25 March home to Upminster and
15 April home to Brentwood,
we'd be grateful.



Redbridge Social Centre, Ilford   Mon 23rd Mar 2015

Ilford II Loughton II
1Verma, Aditya1601-0Groce, Ken145
2Page, Jeffrey142½-½Van Tol, Martin133
3Pelling, Nicholas J1260-1Neogy, A (Robbie)112
4Yunis, Umar  92½-½Clarke, Gordon103
5Stefanoni, Leonardo  441-0Alexander, Raymond  99
6Kishore, K Prathees  681-0default

At one stage it was looking like we would turn up with three players. That would have earned us a two point penalty for cumulative defaults, which would have relegated us. Thankfully Gordon and Robi rearranged other plans so that they could make it. So a particularly big thanks to them for playing tonight. Unfortunately this is the fourth time we've defaulted a board. And in a six board match, being a board behind at the start really is a heavy disadvantage.

Ken sacked a pawn for an attack but his young opponent won a long rook and pawn endgame. Robi got a very good result to beat a player graded fourteen points higher. His opponent failed to see the saving move while under time pressure. Gordon did well to come from a piece behind to draw. Martin came under heavy pressure but escaped with a draw. Ray was a bit unlucky. He had a clearly winning position when he lost on time.

The second team really does need results in its final two matches to survive in this division. We're three points behind Brentwood. One of our remaining two matches is actually against them. If we win our final two matches and Brentwood lose theirs, we survive.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 25st March 2015

Loughton II Upminster III
1Groce, Ken1450-1Iannetta, Robert152
2Van Tol, Martin1330-1Foley, Phil T140
3Jones, Barry E118½-½Biggs, Peter136
4Neogy, A (Robbie)1120-1Cooper, Geoff131
5Clarke, Gordon103½-½Sullivan, Michael113
6Smith, Michael  61½-½Hurst, David C110

Unfortunately this is the match which ensures the second team's relegation to division four. Another side that was just a little too strong for us, outgrading us on every single board. Nevertheless everybody put up a decent struggle, and there were three draws against higher graded opposition. A particularly good result for Mick on board six.

Loughton Bowls Club    Wed 15st April 2015

Loughton II Brentwood II
1Van Tol, Martin1330-1Strachan, Gavin I153
2Groce, Ken1450-1Gambardella, David149
3Neogy, A (Robbie)1120-1Smith, Benjamin141
4Leadon, Ben1100-1Weaver, Timothy127
5Clarke, Gordon1030-1Rosser, Stephen107
6Smith, Michael610-1Phillips, Chris C105


Unofficial Second Team Grading Stats

July 2014 Grade Games Points Sum of Grading Points % Score 2nd Team Grade
Alexander, Raymond9930   153051
Baker, Dane10621.527575138
Clarke, Gordon11492   8872299
Groce, Ken126102   121020121
Jones, Barry E11264.588575148
Leadon, Ben11340   257064
Melhuish, Ronnie9621.526775134
Neogy, A (Robbie)11162.570742118
Smith, Michael5660.5368861
van Tol, Martin13293.5123139137

Essex League Division 3 Results