chessmen Loughton Chess Club men

1st team 2015-16

Essex league Division 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
10 2 0 8 4

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Thur8-Oct-15AwayWanstead II2½-5½
Thur22-Oct-15AwayBarking II3-5
Wed25-Nov-15HomeUpminster II3-5
Wed6-Jan-16HomeWanstead II2-6
Wed27-Jan-16HomeBrentwood I1½-6½
Tue23-Feb-16 7.15pmAwayUpminster II2-6
Fri11-Mar-16AwaySouthend I2-6
Wed30-Mar-16HomeSouthend I4½-3½
Wed27-Apr-16HomeBarking II5½-2½
Tue10-May-16AwayBrentwood I3-5



Match reports

Wanstead House   Wed 8th Oct 2015
Wanstead II Loughton I
1Wei, Naomi162J1-0Spear, Brian J156
2Murrell, Mark R A155½-½Kershaw, Graham J150
3Jones, Keith S1491-0Groce, Ken145
4Mulay, Partha148J½-½Moth, Simon C129
5Keehner, John R139½-½Newby, Jonathan115
6Burtt, Laurie J1371-0Clarke, Gordon  98
7Siddo, Charlton1321-0Alexander, Raymond  95
8Jestico, John V1060-1Smith, Michael  61

An excellent win by Mick and good debut by Jonathan, but the absence of key players proved crucial.

St. Ethelburga Club   Thur 22nd Oct 2015
Barking II Loughton I
1Ramage, Colin R1690-1Bowmer, Kevin181
2Clow, Kenneth W1491-0Groce, Ken145
3Ansari, Gholamreza140½-½Van Tol, Martin135
4Oakley, Robin J140½-½Moth, Simon C129
5Monk, George H1351-0Jones, Barry E119
6Loh, Tony106½-½Clarke, Gordon  98
7Bowhill, Alexander W H  98½-½Smith, Michael  61
8Figgins, John A1311-d(default)

Loughton suffered a second defeat of the div 2 season, losing 3-5 away to a slightly higher graded Barking II side.
Kevin won what appeared to be a very complicated game. Both players had dangerous attacks on each other, but Kevin's queen penetrated his opponent's position and swept up a few pawns.
Ken (loss) attempted a knight sacrifice in his game, which unfortunately didn't come off.
Martin (draw) made a mess of a French Defence as black and lost a pawn early. His opponent failed to capitalise on the great attacking chance, and Martin clawed his way back into the game to claim a draw.
Simon (draw) had a 2-pawn advantage (one of those passed) in a rook and pawns ending. However, he got into time pressure and failed to convert this into a win.
Barry (loss) had another complicated position with dangerous chances for both sides. Unfortunately his opponent managed to see a winning move just in time.
Gordon (draw) - didn't manage to see anything of this game.
Mick (draw) had an interesting rook & knight vs rook & 2 pawns ending. A very good result for Mick.
Dee Fault ... made another appearance for us. Becoming a bit too regular these days!

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 25th Nov 2015
Loughton I Upminster II
1Bowmer, Kevin181½-½Corish, Aidan T162
2Kershaw, Graham J1500-1Robson, Scott M153
3Groce, Ken1451-0Iannetta, Robert150
4Van Tol, Martin1351-0Khoda, Noor
5Moth, Simon C129½-½Abbott, Stephen J149
6Jones, Barry E1190-1Johal, Satnam S142
7Newby, Jonathan1150-1Biggs, Peter138
8Smith, Michael  610-1Cooper, Geoff124

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 6th Jan 2016
Loughton I Wanstead II
1Bowmer, Kevin1911-0Parols, Vladimir172
2Kershaw, Graham J1540-1Bancroft, Paul168
3Groce, Ken1400-1Donnelly, Terence M162
4Van Tol, Martin132½-½Barclay, Paul R166
5Moth, Simon C136½-½Murrell, Mark R A153
6Jones, Barry E1210-1Jones, Keith S147
7Newby, Jonathan1140-1Nickals, Peter A132
8Smith, Michael  660-1Lu, Andy W H145

Loughton were heavily outgraded and well beaten by a Wanstead team challending for the championship. Kevin was the only winner. Honourable draws for Martin and Simon against higher graded opponents.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 27th Jan 2016
Loughton I Brentwood I
1Bowmer, Kevin1910-1Coote, Trevor D174
2Spear, Brian J151½-½Adams, Ronald F158
3Kershaw, Graham J1540-1Strachan, Gavin I159
4Groce, Ken1400-1Gambardella, David158
5Van Tol, Martin1320-1Kingsley, Malcolm P151
6Moth, Simon C1360-1Weaver, Timothy137
7Jones, Barry E1211-0Rosser, Stephen111
8Smith, Michael  660-1D'Cruz, David  95

St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster    Tue 23rd Feb 2016
Upminster II Loughton I
1Corish, Aidan T1671-0Bowmer, Kevin191
2Iannetta, Robert145½-½Kershaw, Graham J154
3Rahaman, Mustapha146½-½Van Tol, Martin132
4Khoda, Noor1091-0Moth, Simon C136
5Johal, Satnam S1410-1Clarke, Gordon103
6Biggs, Peter1391-0Smith, Michael  66
7Rosenfeld, Paul1-0Hall, Richard
8Abbott, Stephen J1461-0Dee, Fault

Gordon's excellent win was the silver lining in the cloud.

Thorpe Bay Bridge Club, Southend    Fri 11th Mar 2016
Southend I Loughton I
1Grist, Howard182½-½Bowmer, Kevin191
2Sutherland, Neil A164½-½Kershaw, Graham J154
3Westrap, Christian F172½-½Van Tol, Martin132
4Wedlock, Stephen L160½-½Moth, Simon C136
5Gilbert, Ian D1581-0Clarke, Gordon103
6Winiberg, Josh1521-0Smith, Michael  66
7Saunders, Michael J1451-0Hall, Richard
8Wright, John1521-0Dee, Fault

The final result was a little harsh on us. We held the advantage on all the top three boards but Southend hung on for three draws. On the lower boards grading advantage told.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 30th Mar 2016
Loughton I Southend I
1Bowmer, Kevin191½-½Grist, Howard182
2Faulkner, David J167½-½Sutherland, Neil A164
3Kershaw, Graham J1540-1Gilbert, Ian D158
4Spear, Brian J1511-0Saunders, Michael J145
5Groce, Ken1401-0Wright, John152
6Van Tol, Martin1320-1Dartnell, Dennis R140
7Moth, Simon C1361-0Newton, Colin M142
8Newby, Jonathan113½-½Whitefield, Fred R137

Two defeats were offset by wins with black for Simon and Ken against higher graded opponents. With the score 3-3, the match was decided on the final two boards to finish. Brian won from a complex position despite his opponents dangerous passed pawns. Dave, making a welcome return to the team, clinched the match by forcing a repetition of moves and drawing from a difficult position. An excellent win against a team challenging for the title.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 27th Apr 2016
Loughton I Barking II
1Bowmer, Kevin1911-0Ramage, Colin R164
2Faulkner, David J167½-½Clow, Kenneth W157
3Kershaw, Graham J1540-1Monk, George H141
4Spear, Brian J151½-½Figgins, John A130
5Groce, Ken1401-dChtym, Vladimir118
6Moth, Simon C136½-½Bowhill, Alexander W H  93
7Van Tol, Martin1321-dDee, Fault
8Newby, Jonathan1131-dDee, Fault

Brentwood Baptist Church   Tue 11th May 2016
Brentwood I Loughton I
1Raoof, Adam N198½-½Bowmer, Kevin191
2Strachan, Gavin I1591-0Faulkner, David J167
3Adams, Ronald F1581-0Kershaw, Graham J154
4Kingsley, Malcolm P151½-½Groce, Ken140
5Murphy, Nick1350-1Van Tol, Martin132
6Weaver, Timothy139½-½Moth, Simon C136
7Davies, Robert J V122½-½Smith, Michael  66
8Fisher, Russell1131-0Dee, Fault

Essex League Division 2 Results