chessmen Loughton Chess Club men

1st team 2014-15

Essex league Division 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
10 5 0 5 10

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed01-Oct-14HomeUpminster IIL  2-6
Tue14-Oct-14AwayWanstead II L  3½-4½
Wed26-Nov-14HomeIlford I W  5½-2½
Wed10-Dec-14HomeWanstead II L  3-5
Wed07-Jan-15AwayThurrock I W  6½-1½
Tue24-Feb-15AwayUpminster IIL  3-5
Wed04-Mar-15HomeThurrock I W  6½-1½
Wed11-Mar-15HomeBrentwood I W  5-3
Mon16-Mar-15AwayIlford I W  4½-3½
Tue07-Apr-15AwayBrentwood I L  3½-4½



Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 1st Oct 2014

Loughton I Upminster II
1 Finnegan, Oliver 163 ½-½ Crane, Leslie J 163
2 Kershaw, Graham J 143 ½-½ McCall, Martin 160
3 Moth, Simon C 140 ½-½ Davenport, John 154
4 Van Tol, Martin 132 ½-½ Abbott, Stephen J 151
5 Groce, Ken 126 0-1 Iannetta, Robert 151
6 Clarke, Gordon 114 0-1 Foley, Phil T 142
7 Jones, Barry E 112 0-1 Biggs, Peter 141
8 Baker, Dane ½-½ Cooper, Geoff 128

Note: Board eight was drawn and will be graded as drawn. However Dane was not registered with the league in time ( seven days earlier ) for this match. Hence for league purposes, this board is considered an Upminster win.

Wanstead House   Tue 14th Oct 2014

Wanstead II Loughton I
1 Wei, Naomi 163J 0-1 Bowmer, Kevin 179
2 Whitton, Terry D 164 1-0 Finnegan, Oliver 163
3 Murrell, Mark R A 159 ½-½ Spear, Brian 154
4 Smith, David 151 ½-½ Kershaw, Graham J 143
5 Barclay, Paul R 150 1-0 Moth, Simon C 140
6 Rawlings, David J 141 ½-½ Van Tol, Martin 132
7 Mulay, Partha 140J 0-1 Groce, Ken 126
8 Ali, Niall 134J 1-0 Baker, Dane



Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 26th Nov 2014

Loughton I Ilford I
1Bowmer, Kevin179½-½Hodgson, John H198
2Finnegan, Oliver1631-0Kent, Anthony R153
3Spear, Brian J1540-1Twitchell, Neville H155
4Kershaw, Graham J143½-½Kalinsky, Syd M146
5Moth, Simon C140½-½Joseph, Adrian P149
6Van Tol, Martin1321-0Page, Jeffrey141
7Groce, Ken1261-0Pelling, Nicholas J132
8Clarke, Gordon1141-0Kishore, K Prathees  67

Gordon got the team off to a winning start and Martin soon trapped his opponent's queen. Kevin played leading Essex player John Hodgson. They were both regulars in the Hendon team which won the London league division one many, many years ago. John sacrificed material, but it only led to perpetual. Ken showed excellent technique and won a rook and pawn endgame. Oliver finished the night in style, checkmating his opponent on the kingside. An excellent result for us against a top team.



Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 10th Dec 2014

Loughton I Wanstead II
1Bowmer, Kevin1790-1Whitton, Terry D164
2Finnegan, Oliver163½-½Murrell, Mark R A159
3Kershaw, Graham J143½-½Barclay, Paul R150
4Moth, Simon C140½-½Jones, Keith S143
5Van Tol, Martin132½-½Burtt, Laurie J144
6Groce, Ken1261-0Keehner, John R139
7Leadon, Ben1130-1Warden, Michael J135
8Clarke, Gordon1140-1Nickals, Peter A122



St Thomas Church Social Club, Grays   Wed 7th Jan 2015

Thurrock I Loughton I
1Vlcek, Marek1620-1Bowmer, Kevin179
2Woodward, Ian P1490-1Finnegan, Oliver163
3Daczkowski, Marcin  800-1Kershaw, Graham J143
4Bradford, Michael D130½-½Moth, Simon C140
5Field, Terry1150-1Van Tol, Martin132
6Smith, Robin C1140-1Groce, Ken126
7Sealey, Frank A  990-1Jones, Barry E112
8Ellis, John  921-0default



St Laurence Minor Hall, Upminster   Wed 24th Feb 2015

Upminster II Loughton I
1McCall, Martin165½-½Bowmer, Kevin180
2Crane, Leslie J162½-½Finnegan, Oliver158
3Robson, Scott M155½-½Kershaw, Graham J146
4Davenport, John1551-0Moth, Simon C136
5Abbott, Stephen J155½-½Van Tol, Martin133
6Rahaman, Mustapha1500-1Groce, Ken145
7Iannetta, Robert1521-0Jones, Barry E118
8Biggs, Peter1361-0Clarke, Gordon103



Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 4th Mar 2015

Loughton I Thurrock I
1Bowmer, Kevin1801-0Vlcek, Marek167
2Finnegan, Oliver1580-1Weeber, Richard J159
3Spear, Brian J1541-0Woodward, Ian P148
4Kershaw, Graham J1461-0Bradford, Michael D134
5Moth, Simon C136½-½Daczkowski, Marcin  87
6Van Tol, Martin1331-0Hazell, Alan  87
7Groce, Ken1451-0default
8Leadon, Ben1101-0default

Thurrock arrived missing two players. Simon agreed an early draw. Kevin soon checkmated his opponent, but we were in trouble on most of the remaining boards. However Brian and Graham turned difficult positions into winning ones and Martin won a queen and pawn ending. A crucial win to move us clear of the relegation zone, but not as easy as the final score suggests.



Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 11th Mar 2015

Loughton I Brentwood I
1Bowmer, Kevin180½-½Adams, Ronald F162
2Faulkner, David J1671-0Hammond, Robert J155
3Finnegan, Oliver1581-0Strachan, Gavin I153
4Kershaw, Graham J1460-1Kingsley, Malcolm P149
5Moth, Simon C1361-0Gambardella, David149
6Van Tol, Martin133½-½Weaver, Timothy127
7Groce, Ken1450-1Fisher, Russell  98
8Jones, Barry E1181-0Phillips, Chris C105

Dave returned to the team with a good winning performance. Oliver and Simon had winning attacks with Black. Barry won a carefully played rook and pawn ending. An excellent win which moves us up the league table.



Redbridge Social Centre, Ilford   Mon 16th Mar 2015

Ilford I Loughton I
1Twitchell, Neville H161½-½Bowmer, Kevin180
2Klimach, Jason W1600-1Finnegan, Oliver158
3Kent, Anthony R150½-½Kershaw, Graham J146
4Verma, Aditya160½-½Moth, Simon C136
5Kalinsky, Syd M1520-1Van Tol, Martin133
6Barton, Tom A1510-1Groce, Ken145
7Chandrasekaran, Siddharrth1461-0Clarke, Gordon103
8Page, Jeffrey1421-0Smith, Michael  61

The first team took on a strong Ilford team. Apart from top board, we were outgraded on all boards. There were some exciting games played. Oliver got us off to a good start with a winning attack on the black squares around his opponent's king. Ken's opponent tried to storm Ken's kingside. When the dust had cleared, Ken had turned the game around to have a clear win. Graham achieved a totally blocked position to get the draw while Simon did something similar, giving us an early lead of 3-1. Our two bottom boards were heavily outgraded. Gordon lost but Mick was unlucky not to get a draw. In the end, his opponent's passed pawns proved to be unstoppable, making the score 3-3. Two exciting games remained. Martin won with a prolonged and decisive attack on his opponent's king. Meanwhile Kevin spoilt a winning position and settled for a drawn rook and pawns ending to a clinch a narrow victory by 4½-3½. An excellent win for us and a double against the league leaders but a severe blow to Ilford's title ambitions.



Brentwood Baptist Church   Tue 7th Apr 2015

Brentwood I Loughton I
1Coote, Trevor D176½-½Bowmer, Kevin180
2Hammond, Robert J1550-1Finnegan, Oliver158
3Strachan, Gavin I1531-0Spear, Brian J154
4Kingsley, Malcolm P149½-½Kershaw, Graham J146
5Johnson, Roderick S153½-½Moth, Simon C136
6Davies, Robert J V130½-½Van Tol, Martin133
7Haddock, Peter W120½-½Jones, Barry E118
8D'Cruz, David1001-0default

Oliver won with a good attacking game but a late illness proved crucial.
So we finished the season with five wins and five losses and no drawn matches.


Unofficial First Team Grading Stats

July 2014 Grade Games Points Sum of Grading Points % Score 1st Team Grade
Baker, Dane10620.521225106
Bowmer, Kevin17995.5161361179
Clarke, Gordon11451   4502090
Faulkner, David J16611   205100205
Finnegan, Oliver163106.5167465167
Groce, Ken12686   127975160
Jones, Barry E11252   4684094
Kershaw, Graham J143105.5150055150
Leadon, Ben11310   85085
Moth, Simon C140104.5138445138
Smith, Michael 5610   51051
Spear, Brian J15441.556538141
van Tol, Martin132107   154170154

Essex League Division 2 Results