Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the Club’s premises on Wednesday 1st July 2015 at 7.45pm


Present: Gordon Clarke (in the chair) plus 10 others: Alistair Clark, Martin Van Tol, Simon Moth,  Oliver Finnegan, Graham Kershaw, Kevin Bowmer, Ken Groce, Barry Jones


In attendance : Ronnie Melhuish


Apologies for Absence: Mick Smith


Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th June 2014: These were approved


Matters arising from the minutes:


KG advised that he had not given apologies for absence from the 2014 meeting; BJ advised that he had given apologies for absence.


KG queried why the fee increase of £1 per annum was not recorded in the 2014 minutes. It was confirmed that this was not discussed at the 2014 AGM


Treasurer’s Report: GC reported that the balance was £429, down from £629 in the previous year.


A discussion was held on subs for the forthcoming year:




Team Captains’ Reports:


Essex League 1st Team : GK confirmed that KG was First Team player of the year, and thanked Mick Smith for his contribution, particularly on turning out at short notice. A highlight of the season was beating Ilford I both at home and away. The team won five matches and lost five during the season.


Essex League 2nd Team: MVT reported that the 2nd  won 1 match, drew 1 and lost 8, and will be demoted to Essex League division 4. He highlighted that the playing strength of the 4th Division offered realistic competition for the weaker players in the club. BJ was player of the year with a 75% record.


NCCL Team: SM reported that in the NCCL B division, the team finished mid-table, winning 7 matches, drawing 1 and losing 4. The team was defeated by Enfield I in the quarter final of the Finchley Cup.


GC thanked the captains, and OF for his help in setting up the boards.


In this section of the meeting, other awards were also covered:


MVT was awarded a special “Club Player of the Season” award, having played 42 games.


KG was the winner of the Club tournament.


Club Tournament : MVT reported that 7 players qualified and KG won with a 100% score


Website Report: KB reported that the club results and details of some County games were shown on the website. He confirmed that the website was currently free, but the meeting agreed that should costs be incurred to maintain the website they would be met by the club. KB encouraged members to send in examples of specific games which could be put on the website. He also suggested contributers not use “I” in submitted reports, as readers of the website wouldn’t know who the “I” is.


GC thanked KB for his work and KG for initially setting up the site.


Programme for Next Season:


OF advised that he would not be playing for the club in the coming season, but would consider returning for future seasons. The meeting encouraged OF to remain and thanked him for his contribution, confirming he would be very welcome back in future seasons



It was discussed how many teams the club should field in the forthcoming season. It was agreed that the club should field at least 1 Essex League team and 1 NCCL team, with a decision on a third team deferred until grading information was confirmed, along with whether the Essex League would have a 4th Division.


A number of variations were suggested to encourage participation in the club tournament, including:



The decision on format was delegated to MVT, who advised he would contact members who were not present for their views.


A rapidplay will be arranged for either 23rd or 30th September, with a Christmas rapidplay on the 16th December, which is to be kept free of league matches


Election of committee: It was agreed that the committee for the following season would be:


Gordon Clarke – President and Treasurer

Alistair Clark – Secretary

Graham Kershaw – First Team Captain and Publicity Officer

Martin Van Tol – Second Team Captain & Tournament Organiser, also assisting GC with Treasurer duties

Simon Moth – North Circular Team Captain

Kevin Bowmer - webmaster


Any other business


SM highlighter that three members of the club are representing Essex in the finals of the County Championship, and encouraged participation in County matches


The meeting closed at 10 pm.