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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the club 8 p.m. on Tuesday 16th July 2013
Present: Gordon Clarke (chair), John Campbell, Martin Van Tol, Simon Moth, Robi Neogy, Eric Spielmann, Kevin Bowmer, Oliver Finnegan, Ronnie Melhuish, Graham Kershaw, David Hodis, Harold Felton, Mick Smith
Apologies for Absence: Alistair Clark, Barry Jones
Minutes of previous AGM (24July 2012): Approved.
Treasurer’s Report: (John) The “Receipts and Payments” report for year ended 30 April 2013 was presented, notable points being that our cash reserves took a drop from £831 last year to £633 this year. The deficit (£197) was planned, resulting from our adjustment to an earlier subscription renewal date and simplified financial arrangement with our parent club, Loughton Bowling Club (LBC). It was noted that the repayment by LBC of 2/3 of the cost of our digital clocks is now complete. John outlined the membership renewal rates for the 2013-14 season. Full membership will be set at £80 for match players whose ECF registration at bronze level is inclusive. For members who self-register with ECF or who are registered through another club, the renewal will be £68. For “social” i.e. non-match-playing members, the rate will be £58 the amount which we pass to LBC for each of our members. Renewal notices will be issued end of September, asking for payment in October. John thanked Robi for auditing the accounts and preparing the formal statement.
Essex League 1st Team Report: (Martin, team captain) The team finished a creditworthy 3rd in the division, having played 9 matches (would have been 10 but Brentwood defaulted a match). Players with high scores included Kevin (72%), Graham (67%) but Player of the Year award given to Dave Faulkner (75%).
Essex League 2nd Team Report: (John, team captain). The team, playing in division 4, came first and so will be promoted to division 3 for the new season. Every one of our players scored 50% or better. Alistair got 100% albeit that was from just one game. Simon and Barry each scored 67%, but Gordon is awarded Player of the Year with a solid 70% score. Picking a 6-board team from a pool of just 8 members (due to barring system) was predictably difficult, and did cause us to default one board, but our opponents that day (Upminster V) also defaulted a board and we beat them.
NCCL B Division Report: (Simon, team captain) Our squad reached the 2nd round of the Finchley Cup KO, losing to Chingford. For all but one of the the league (div B) fixtures, we deliberately avoided selecting our highest-graded members. Even so, we finished 3rd out of the 6 competing teams, with stats being P10 W4 D4 L4. Player of the Year award goes to John who scored 71% from 7 games. Gordon thanked all the match captains for their efforts.
Club Championship: Ken Groce ran the event but John reported in Ken’s absence. Nine members took part, playing 33 games over the season. Unlike earlier years, the game results have been submitted for grading. Overall winner was Oliver, who scored 73% gaining 8 points from 11 games. The upset prize was awarded to Barry, who won a game against Oliver. The grading prize was awarded to John. The members present unanimously expressed thanks to Ken for managing the event, and very much hope that he will see fit to run the event again for 2013-14.
Web Site: Those present expressed thanks to Ken Groce for his efforts in maintaining an interesting and informative web site. (Just google “Loughton Chess” to find it.)
Program for 2013-14: It was agreed to run the same three league teams as last year, also we would continue to play in the summer r/p KO, assuming the event still runs. Martin hoped to run another “swiss” blitz/rapid event, and would appreciate Ken’s help in this again.
Election of Officers: Gordon offered to stay on as Chair, and was duly re-elected. Likewise, Martin, Simon and John offered to stay on as Team Captains, and all were duly re-elected. John offered to stay on as Treasurer, and was duly elected as was Robi in his capacity as Auditor. The club secretary (Alistair Clark) was not present, but those present hoped that our secretary will carry on in that capacity and he is therefore provisionally re-elected. [Alistair has since confirmed he’ll stay on as club secretary.]
President: It was noted that the club’s long-term president, Norman Warbis, has left the district and gone into residential care address unknown. We wish Norman well in his new situation, but it was felt that we are effectively in need of a new president. Gordon proposed Eric Spielmann be made “life president”, and all present swiftly agreed. [Eric himself had by this time left the AGM, but John telephoned him the following morning and Eric was delighted to accept.] Congratulations to Eric.
Awarding of Prizes: It was agreed that all prizes shall be in cash, ten pounds for each of the three Player of the Year winners, and the same amounts to the Club Championship winner and grading and upset winners. £60 was therefore disbursed in prizes.
Other Business: It was noted that occasionally, due to away matches on club night, a visitor to the club might find the place locked, or in any case find no-one to play. There is not much we can do about that other than to take note of the fixture calendar on our notice board in the main hall.
A suggestion was made to have one or two other committee meetings during the year, but then it was agreed that we are sufficiently in touch with each other to be able call a meeting at very short notice, or indeed to resolve issues without having to meet formally.
It was agreed that where possible, refreshments at home matches should be served by a club member not involved in the match, rather than have someone from each board having to visit the kitchen.
Special thanks were expressed to Ken, who more often than not set up the furniture and boards for our home matches.
The meeting closed at 9:15 p.m.
John Campbell (acting as Secretary)