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Club Championship 2017-18


  1. The club championship this year is split into two categories : an open competition and a competition for players graded below 110.

  2. Rules are identical for both competitions. Both competitions are all-play-all once.
    Colours for games are pre-determined, as in the tables below and on the noticeboard.

  3. Points for games are as follows :
    • 1 point for a win
    • point for a draw
    • 0 points for a defeat
  4. Final positions will be decided as follows:
    • Number of points
    • Number of wins
    • If there is a tie for first place, a rapid-play play-off of two games, with each player having 30 minutes on the clock for all moves in each game. This will also be used to decide other places, if the players concerned want to do that.
  5. Standard Essex League rules apply. Each game will be played on the clock. Each player will have 1 hr 20 mins, plus an increment of an additional 10 seconds for every move made. By agreement of both players the time may be reduced to 1 hour each (again, with an incremental 10 seconds per move made).

  6. Players should write their moves down during the game. Once a player has fewer than five minutes remaining on the clock, however, a player does not have to record his moves. This is to get players used to competition conditions.

  7. Players commit to play all their games. The organiser will be pestering the players who are falling behind on their games played (apologies in advance!). Anybody dropping out having played five games or fewer (in the major category) or two games or fewer (in the minor category) will have all results voided. This is designed to be fair on the other players. Anybody dropping out after playing more games will have the remaining unplayed games decided on an estimated result. This will be decided by the organiser in consultation with the Club Committee.

  8. Based on past experience, players should please try to get as many games played as possible in the summer months, before the start of the regular season. Ideally we would like to get all games played by Christmas.

  9. The organiser is Martin. Please inform him of your results, either in person or by e-mail.

  10. We hope you all enjoy the competition.


On Wednesday 5th July we had our first two games.
Gordon vs. Jonathan 1-0
Barry vs. Bryan 1-0

Wed 12th July
Gordon vs. Mick -
Bryan vs. Martin 0-1

Wed 19th July
Graham vs. Jonathan 1-0
Barry vs. Gordon 1-0
Bryan vs. Mick 0-1

Wed 26th July
Gordon vs. Bryan 1-0
Mick vs. Martin 1-0
Harvey vs. Simon 0-1

Wed 2nd Aug
Gordon vs. Martin 0-1

Wed 16th Aug
Bryan vs. Graham 0-1
Barry vs. Simon 0-1

Wed 23rd Aug
Bryan vs. Jonathan 0-1
Graham vs. Martin -
Graham was on top for most of the game, but both players ran short of time and Martin managed to pull a draw out of the fire.

Wed 4th Oct
Martin vs. Harvey 1-0

Wed 18th Oct
Mick vs. Jonathan 0-1

Wed 25th Oct
Gordon vs. Graham 1-0
Gordon won a pawn, and then won a double rook and pawn ending.

Wed 1st Nov
Mick vs. Graham 0-1

Wed 8th Nov
Mick vs. Barry 1-0

Wed 22nd Nov
Martin vs. Jonathan 0-1

Wed 29th Nov
Jonathan vs. Harvey 1-0

Wed 20th Dec
Harvey vs. Mick 0-1

Wed 10th Jan
Barry vs. Harvey 1-0

Wed 24th Jan
Harvey vs. Gordon 0-1

Wed 31st Jan
Barry vs. Jonathan 0-1
Graham vs. Harvey 1-0

Simon has unfortunately come to the conclusion that, given how events have transpired this year, he is not going to get his games played. So he has withdrawn for this year ... but will be back next season.
For clarity we have removed his two wins from the table below.

Wed 14th Mar
Martin vs. Barry 1-0
Martin beat Barry in a lively, and quite close, game. This guarantees Martin at least a share of third place.
Graham needs to beat Barry in his last game to win the championship. If Barry wins that game, Jonathan wins the championship.

Jonathan Gordon Martin Graham Harvey Mick Barry Bryan Played Points
Newby, Jonathan w 0b 1b 0w 1b 1w 0b 1 7 5
Clarke, Gordon b 1w 0w 1b 1w b 0w 1 7 4
Van Tol, Martin w 0b 1b w 1b 0w 1b 1 7 4
Kershaw, Graham Jw 1b 0w w 1b 1w b 1 6 4
French, Harvey b 0w 0b 0b 0w 0b 0w 6 0
Smith, Michael w 0b w 1w 0b 1w 1b 1 7 4
Jones, Barry b 0w 1b 0b w 1b 0w 1 6 3
Green, Bryan w 0b 0w 0w 0b w 0b 0 6 0


Wed 12th July
Luc vs. Tony 1-0

Wed 26th July
Gordon vs. Bryan 1-0

Wed 16th Aug
Gordon vs. Colin 1-0
Tony vs. Colin 0-1

Wed 23rd Aug
Mick vs. Luc 1-0
Colin vs. Luc 0-1

Wed 30th Aug
Luc vs. Bryan 1-0
Mick vs. Gordon 0-1

Wed 6th Sep
Bryan vs. Mick 0-1

Wed 27th Sep
Colin vs. Harvey 0-1

Wed 11th Oct
Luc vs. Gordon 1-0
Tony vs. Bryan 0-1
Colin vs. Mick 0-1

That now throws the whole thing wide open! Three players have a good chance of winning it (Luc, Gordon and Mick have each lost one game), and Harvey could catch them up if he can get some games played.

Wed 8th Nov
Gordon vs. Tony 1-0

Wed 15th Nov
Harvey vs. Tony 1-0
Tony vs. Mick 0-1
Harvey vs. Luc 0-1
Harvey vs. Gordon 0-1

Wed 22nd Nov
Mick vs. Harvey 1-0

Wed 29th Nov
Bryan vs. Colin 0-1

Bryan Harvey Tony Mick Gordon Colin Luc Played Points
Green, Bryan w b 1w 0b 0w 0b 0 5 1
French, Harvey b w 1b 0w 0b 1w 0 5 2
Sullivan, Tony w 0b 0w 0b 0w 0b 0 6 0
Smith, Michael b 1w 1b 1w 0b 1w 1 6 5
Clarke, Gordon w 1b 1w 1b 1w 1b 0 6 5
Corrigan, Colin b 1w 0b 1w 0b 0w 0 6 2
Wilson, Luc w 1b 1w 1b 0w 1b 1 6 5

There is a three-way tie for first.
There is a double round rapid-play, ( 15 mins each on the clock ), play-off between the three to decide it all.

Wed 29th Nov
Luk vs. Gordon 0-1
Gordon vs. Mick 1-0
Mick vs. Luk 1-0

Gordon takes an early lead.

Wed 31st Jan
Luk vs. Mick 0-1
Gordon vs. Luk 1-0
Mick vs. Gordon 1-0

Mick equalisers.

Gordon Mick Luc Played Points
Clarke, Gordon b 0  w 1 b 1  w 1 4 3
Smith, Michael b 0  w 1 b 1  w 1 4 3
Wilson, Luc b 0  w 0 b 0  w 0 4 0

So Mick and Gordon were still level and required another play off. Luc is young, has improved and his time will come.

In the subsequent two game play off with 15 mins each on the clock per game,
Mick vs. Gordon 1-0
Gordon vs. Mick 1-0

Mick and Gordon both won one game each with the white pieces and were declared joint winners of the under 110 championship.

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