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Loughton   Wed 23rd Sept 2015

Timings: 15 minutes per player.
Simon and Brian were joint winners of the September rapidplay with 4/5. The tournament was well contested as John, quite low in the final standings, drew with both tournament winners.
PosPlayerGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5ScorePerformance
1Moth, Simon C134Eb3=w11=b9+w7+b6+4  162
2Spear, Brian J150Cb11=w3=b7+w8+b5+4  171
3Finnegan, Oliver161Aw1=b2=w4+b5=w8+156
4Clarke, Gordon117Eb8-w12+b3-w10+b9+3  127
5van Tol, Martin135Db12+w8+b11=w3=w2-3  146
6Kershaw, Graham 135Eb10+w7=b8-w11+w1-132
7Newby, Jonathan135Dw9+b6=w2-b1-w11+130
8Groce, Ken141Dw4+b5-w6+b2-b3-2   130
9Neogy, Robbie 94*b7-w10+w1-byew4-2  115
10Smith, Michael115*w6-b9-w12+b4-bye2    80
11Campbell, John A135*w2=b1=w5=b6-b7-118
12O'Leary, Stephenw5-b4-b10-w/dw/d0    10

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