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Loughton   Wed 9th Aug 2017

Timings : Five minutes only per player per game.
Gavin won the Summer blitz tournament on his first appearance.

Brian was a clear second.

Thanks to all who played, especially those playing five minute chess for the first time.

PosPlayerRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Rd 8Score
1Hughes, Gavin Jamesw9+b7+w2+w3=b6+b4+w8+b10+7
2Spear, Brian Jw4+b5+b1-w7+b3+w8+b6+w9+7
3Stirling, William Jb8+w6=w4=b1=w2-b5+w12+w7+5
4Bowmer, Kevinb2-w10+b3=w5+b7+w1-b11+w6+5
5van Tol, Martinw10+w2-b6=b4-w11+w3-b9+b12+4
6Moth, Simon Cw12+b3=w5=b8+w1-b11+w2-b4-4
7Kershaw, Graham Jb11+w1-w9+b2-w4-b12+b10+w3-4
8Clarke, Gordonw3-b12+b10+w6-w9+b2-b1-w11+4
9Smith, Michaelb1-w11+b7-w12+b8-w10+w5-b2-3
10French, Harveyb5-b4-w8-w11+b12+b9-w7-w1-2
11Green, Bryanw7-b9-w12+b10-b5-w6-4-b8-1
12Sullivan, Tonyb6-w8-b11-b9-w10-w7-b3-w5-0

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