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43rd Guernsey

International Tournament

Kevin and Graham both played in the 43rd Guernsey international tournament.
Graham was playing for the 31st time ! Kevin was playing for the 1st time !
The tournament took place at the Peninsula Hotel with a wonderful view over Grand Havre Bay.
If featured two grandmasters Tiger Hillarp-Persson of Sweden and Jean-Pierre Le Roux of France.
Woman GM Altan-Ulzii Enkhtuul of Mongolia was the third seed.
There were 118 players of many different nationalities. 74 in the open section and 44 in the holiday section.



The open was won by the French GM Jean-Pierre Le Roux with 6½/7.
Kevin finished in 4th equal position with 5/7. A score bettered only by GMs.
Graham also did well scoring 4/7 in the holiday section.

Both Kevin & Graham had several games featured live on Internet web pages. As well as the Guerney festival page, the games, some with analysis, were on chess24, chessbase and chessbomb web pages.
Kevin's last round game vs. no. 4 seed Gunnar Johnsen of Norway was here.

There was a good social atmosphere with players mixing well for walks in the countryside and dinner in St. Peters Port. We joined Dutch players for the annual quiz. Our team finishing in respectable mid-table. We were let down by our wine tasting and knowledge of American presidents.

A very enjoyable tournament.