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Hertfordshire 2016 Chess Congress.

Martin played in the U140 major section of the 2016 Herts Congress. He actually finished on 4/5 ( W3 D2 ) and ended up in a 4-way tie for first place.

His report...

Now, often when you do badly, you have the feeling you deserved better than your result suggests. Conversely, when you get a good result you often feel you got a bit more luck than you deserved. This tournament was one of those!

  • Round 1: Black, QGD. I went a pawn down in an early opening disaster, but pulled it back later on for a draw.

  • Round 2: White, King's Indian Attack. Mounted a good attack, but played the wrong move at the key point. My opponent ran out of time in a game where she could easily have forced a draw.

  • Round 3: Black, Sicilian. Good win ... the one game I was really pleased with.

  • Round 4: White, Ruy Lopez. Got my opponent tied in knots, went an exchange up, but messed up later on for a draw.

  • Round 5: Black, English. Had an absolute opening nightmare. My opponent was completely on top of me for 20+ moves, but failed to extract a material gain. When the smoke cleared, I was Knight + six pawns against his Bishop and six pawns. I moved my King to threaten his Bishop and offered a draw. He refused. He then moved leaving his Bishop en prise and instantly resigned before I had chance to move. I think we'll both need counselling after this game. He'll have nightmares, but I'll have a huge guilt complex to deal with!