President: Rob Vipond ~ Vice President: John Kivisto ~ Secretary: Nelson Fulford ~ Treasurer: Kathy Sangster

News from Kelsey Trail Sno-Riders for Nov. 6th.

Submitted by Kathy Sangster

Our new executive for the 2015/16 season has been elected.  President Dan Taylor and myself as Treasurer returned for another year along with two new faces – Ian Henderson as Vice-President and Nelson Fulford as Secretary.  Now while Dan’s hair may not be as nice as Justin’s, Dan too is promising to lead us to “sunny days, sunny days”.  And for snowmobilers, that means we are hoping for good cold weather to freeze up the trails and then lots of snow so that our groomer guys can make that white pavement we all love.

Something new is coming this December for all snowmobilers who buy a Sno-Pass.  You will be given, at no extra charge, a new licence plate for your snowmobile that is a different color from the plates on snowmobiles without a Sno-Pass.  And even if you have already paid for your Sno-Pass for this year, you can go in to any MPI agent and receive your new plate free of charge as soon as they are available.  Last year we finally saw some real enforcement on our trails that resulted in a number of fines for riders who were on the designated Snoman trail without a Sno-Pass.  Is it really worth risking a $487.00 fine instead of paying only $150.00 for a Sno-Pass?  Our 350 km of trail system is costly to maintain and all the work is done by the volunteers in our club.  This is a very fair user-pay system – if you want to ride on the designated Snoman trail, it is only fair that you help to pay for the cost to maintain the trail.  If you do not ride these trails, there is no requirement to purchase a Sno-Pass.

We have been advised by Viking Lodge in Cranberry that they are going to be open this year for snowmobile business.  They are advertising dine-in hot food, premium gas, oil, belts, antifreeze, spark plugs and a repair shop.  Our groomed trail goes north to highway 39.  Then Flin Flon picks up the trail from there into Cranberry.  We will be asking someone from Viking or the Flin Flon club to mark the trail right to the Lodge as it is a couple of kilometers off the groomed trail.  Our president has been in contact with Manitoba Hydro and has been assured that they are done with the brushing on that trail so it should be good going all the way.

In April, we hired a local contractor to do some major work on out trail past Big Bend shelter.  The Saskatchewan River has been encroaching on the trail for a number of years and it would have been only a matter of time before our trail disappeared.  A new trail was pushed away from the river and the parking lot around the shelter was cleared at the same time to make more room for snowmobiles.  And just a week ago, we had the contractor do clearing on the south end of the loppit trail to get rid of some tight corners making for a safer trail and one that is easier for the groomer to navigate.

So now we wait for freeze-up and snow.  Trails will need to be packed and fallen trees removed; then signs put up so lots of work before the groomer goes into action.  We desperately need new members in the club, so if you are a snowmobiler, please consider joining us.

Submitted by Rob Vipond:  

Local dedicated members are once again battling Mother Nature after last weeks snow fall.

> As you can see this section of the groomed trail requires manual labor to
> reopen. Much of the hundreds of kilometers of our system is blocked with
> downed trees. Not as bad as a few years ago but this is a setback.
> While we hope for optimum conditions to facilitate opening of our trails
> prior to Christmas it is always quite a challenge.
> Some new members capable of operating bush clearing equipment will be a
> most welcome asset. Those that enjoy some physical work and the great
> outdoors thrive on all this. The immediate satisfaction of seeing the
> results of your efforts is most  gratifying.          .
> We rarely get perfect, we will take the snow and wait for colder weather
> for good ice conditions. This combination will come and hopefully we will
> all be out on the trails by Christmas.
> Our last club meeting saw many new members, this was most welcome and like
> most clubs we need new ideas, faces and volunteers. The idea is to make
> snowmobiling more fun for more people. Our infrastructure has been decades
> in the making. Many of the reasons people do not ride have been removed.
> This is great family fun that I, for example, look forward to enjoying
> with grandchildren.  It started out as like minded friends getting
> together, then families, sons and daughters along with their friends. Now
> the empty nest and still like minded friends. We are proud of what has
> been accomplished and most certainly want more families to get involved.
> Check us out on our website, the Snoman website, and facebook.
> We have a number of member job openings: media relations, events planner,
> all kinds of trails helper, and shelter maintenance personel, to mention a
> few.
> Our annual Winter Blast/ Poker Derby, Dinner, Dance and Social Fundraiser
> will be Feb.27 2016. But before that we would like numerous fun riding
> events.
> Next meeting is at the A&W, 6:30 PM December 7th You are most welcome!
> Be sure to vote for us on Riders West Sled Town Show Down. We are tied
> with Swan River in the final event.

 You can check us out on our website and Facebook page.  Kelsey Trail Sno-riders – making fun of winter!          

2016 Winter Blast and Poker Derby

Mark your calendars - our annual Winter Blast is a go - Saturday, February 27, 2016.  There will be a prime rib dinner and auction followed by a dance with music provided by Ace Productions.  Tickets will be $50 per person.  The Cook & Cooke poker derby will be held the same day with prize money of $1000 for 1st, $600 for 2nd and $400 for 3rd.  More details to follow when they become available.