Highlight & Demo Reels

Do you need a highlight or demo reel to advertise your talents, skills, or events?  We can create a custom highlight reel tailored especially for you and your needs!  Prices start at $125 for highlight reels, demo reels, and kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign videos and may vary depending on location, use of multiple locations, amount of filming days/nights involved, and date of completion. 

We can also create a sport or occupation highlight or demo reel with your existing .mov, .mp4, or .avi format footage!

Contact us today for an exact price for your unique project!

Music Videos

The prices of a music video is based on the complexity of what the artist or band wants, what locations we have to provide, what talent (actors, extras) we have to provide (if any), props, costumes, and amount of shoot days required.  

Prices start at $399 for a simple one location video (where the band or artist provides all talent, costumes, props, etc)  and goes up depending upon the complexity.





Highlight & Demo Reels by Keeka Productions

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Kickstarter Campaign Videos