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Basic Guide on Stop motion

Here are some very basic guides to stop motion animation- what you need, lighting, your studio, and cameras.

Your Studio

Your stop-motioin studio is the place where you film with your LEGO's. You have your lighting, camera, minifigures, and a lego baseplate (for the Lego people to stand on.

You should also have a background; may the background be a Lego wall, another Lego baseplate, or whatever you may use.

In recap, the main things you need in your studio are...


-Lighting (desk lamps, lights, etc.)

-Lego (minifigures and bricks)



The lighting of your studio is very importany in stop-motion animation.

You need to have good lighting of your filming studio/set. This ensures that your stop-motion video is property lit and you are able to see the actual Lego people.

For lighting, many brickfilmer will use 2 or 3 regular desk lamps to light their set.

I personall use 2; one on the right and one on the left.

*You can also put a piece of white paper over the light to reduce harsh, bright lighting of your set. It will create nice, even lighting.*


The camera that you use to film you stop-motion videos is very important. You can either use a type of DV camcorder (Handycams, etc.) or (what most animators use) is a webcam.

The reason a webcam is popular for stop-motion animation is that it is a farely small and easy to work with and move around. Also, they are pretty cheap.

Types of Webcams (by Logitech):

  • QuickCam Pro for Notebooks(in picture) - $99.99
  • QuickCam Pro 9000 - $99.99
  • QuickCam Communicate Deluxe - $79.99
  • QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks - $49.99

*What you want to look for in webcams is if it has manual focus. This allows you to manually focus the webcam to any object. An animator MUST have this in over to get in really close to the Lego minifigures.*