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Amateur radio - Teardrop trailers, Vintage Shastas, Martin Luther Miller, TN and more


I have been a ham radio operator since 1998, earning my General license in 1999. My station at this time consists of a Icom 746 and Icom 703. Radio Shack HTX-200 2 meter handheld and Icom 2000. Antennas are G5RV and Antron 10 meter vertical on 45ft tower. Accessories: MFJ-4245MV Power Supply, Rigblaster. Simplex - 146.42 Grand Haven Repeater: 145.49 - 94.8

Icom 703 Portable

Here is my portable station for camping.  Includes:

Icom 703 with Portable Power Station, Model SB152.  Weight is 7 pounds.  Battery is a 7Amp gell cell.  You can find this power station at 

Teardrop Trailer complete with homebrew Buddipole antenna on 12 ft painter pole.  Mainly use a dipole.





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