KatieCountryBears. Bears that are handmade with love, by me, Kay. x

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                                ' BB '  NOW 70.00 plus P&P.


BB has been created using this fancy Blue/Brown Mohairs, with Black padded pawpads. He stands at 5 tall.  BB is filled with Tenderrubber Pellets, adding Steel shot for his perfect weight......

His face features Ive lovingly placed Black Glass Eyes and sewn a Black Perle threaded nose, with a touch of varnish.

BB is fully Cotterpin jointed, with a wobbly head joint. 

He will come with a sewn in Label and a Swing Tag.  He also has a matching Ribbon.

BB is a Collectors Bear.

BB's adoption price is 95.00 plus P&P. 

If you would like to adopt BB...Please contact me either by:

Email:   katiecountrymouse1@hotmail.com or

Phone: 01524 823558.

Love Kayx.



I'm branching out with the wonderful help from Kevin Wood.....
Look what he's created for me.....
Isn't it fab!

( The mug is 10 ounce 4 inch tea or coffee mug.)

I'm ordering more..
So if you are interested in buying one...Please let me know.

They will be 8.50 each plus P&P.

Thank you so much.
Love Kayx


Email me on : katiecountrymouse1@hotmail.com