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 Every day there openly cofidential communication,and the only thing the eye have to do is to exert himself to them with out  bias and relutance to see.   Man Ray 1934          

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                                       A  picture  is worth a thousand words

In some ways, photography and painting are very similar, in other ways they are very different. Both have their inherent challenges, but photography can be as difficult as painting . Each is a two dimensional creation, each uses composition and design and each takes varying amounts of time to create. Like painting, photography is a very lonely, solitary profession, only one person at a time can create a photograph, only one person at a time can look through the viewfinder, only one person at a time can make the final print with all the decisions that entails. 

Painting starts with a blank canvas, a pallete of paints, a brush, and the artist's skill. Painting requires the artist to create  from life, or from their imagination. A painter is free to choose which elements in the world excite them, and which they will use or discard from their paintings.

The photographer is challenged by the entire world. Photography is a process of selection and elimination . It's also a process of waiting for the right thing to happen, as in reportage,  waiting for just the right light as in nature. 

Photography is a process of creating the light with artificial means if it's too dark or when shooting in the studio. It's a process of interacting with models and actors to achieve a look, a feeling, an emotion. It's a process of looking for the unusual, from point of view to detail, of being aware of all the things in life that we pass by every day and making the viewer notice them. A wall is not a wall, it's brick and mortar, it's stucco and graffiti, it's tiny insects who make their homes in the nooks and crevices, it's the mountain for a vine to climb, it's the prop for a man to lean on.
All aspects are inter-dependent on each other.  photography is one thousand little easy things, but you have to be on top of all of them at the same time, miss one and there goes the shot.

Just like in painting, only the imagination limits the scope.

Painting requires technical dexterity to draw with a pencil, paint with a brush, mix the colors so that they emulate the ones from real life, or to form a shape on the canvas. Photography requires technical expertise in a more technological manner, chemistry, physics, as well as manual dexterity for focusing, camera angle, changing aperture, etc.

Responsibilities are different as well, photography is perceived as reality, the cliché: "the camera does not lie", gives people expectations that the photographer must deal with. Painters are expected to "invent" or create the world in which they work.


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