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Every once in a while, this place will be updated. It contains past updates from the (In)complete Pixiv taglist.

It's for those people who are interested in seeing how it went back then, till now. Maybe not so.

In reverse chronological order - starting from the latest till the earliest.

03/06/10 - Back with an update.
[Germany] [America] [Spain] [Greece] [Sealand]
こめごはん/米米 – America’s personal tag
*America selfcest ahoy.
大人ランド (Adult-land) – Sealand’s personal tag
*"Grown-up" version of Sealand.

トニョルー – Spain/Germany
お昼寝コンビ (Nap pair) – Greece/Spain
*Most likely derived from how both Spain and Greece like to take naps - Greece is shown to do this often in canon (or to be more specific, rather sleepy), while for Spain it is most likely a reference to him taking a siesta (midday nap.)

[Non nation-tans]
もちめりたん (Mochimeri-tan) – A human version of Mochimerica. Or at least, a human possessing Mochimerica's head plus a body.

30/05/10 - One more update before I disappear till the 2nd of June!
[Russia] [Germany] [France] [Prussia] [Switzerland]

パープルポリス (Purple police) – Russia’s personal tag
オレンジポリス (Orange police) – Switzerland’s personal tag
*Belgium makes an appearance in this tag as well, but it now seems to have made its focus on Switzerland.
芋ポリス (Potato police) – Germany and Prussia’s personal tag
*Potatoes are associated with the both of them.

ばらチーズ (Rose cheese) – Switzerland/France
*Roses are associated with France; cheese with Switzerland.

Added the tag meaning for Germany/Sealand's tag from a few days ago.

Ciao for now.

29/05/10 - Since I will be MIA starting from tomorrow till Wednesday/Thursday, I'm dumping an update here.

Also, before I forget, a new character section has been added. Welcome New Zealand.

[General APH tags]
ねこたりあ (Nekotalia) – Cat version of Hetalia ahoy. 
ヘタモン (Hetamon) – Crossover with Hetalia and Pokemon.
大阪世界会議4 – Osaka World Conference, 4.
カラーポリス (Colour police) – The general tag for the police tags that have appeared on Pixiv recently.

ポにーに (Poni-ni) – China’s personal tag
*Pun on pony and ni-ni (name used to refer to China.) Tag features China with a ponytail. 

Credit goes to tinytot for the listed colour police (besides just pink and blue.)
[North Italy] [Japan] [America] [England] [France] [China] [Spain] [Prussia]
グリーンポリス (Green police) – North Italy and South Italy’s personal tag
ホワイトポリス (White police) – Japan’s personal tag
ブラックポリス (Black police) – Japan and Prussia’s personal tag
*Both of them appear in this tag, so it applies to both of them. 
ブルーポリス (Blue police) – America’s personal tag
ピンクポリス (Pink police) – England’s personal tag
バイオレットポリス (Violet police) – France’s personal tag
イエローポリス (Yellow police) – China’s personal tag 
レッドポリス (Red police) – Spain’s personal tag

[Japan] [Prussia]
モノクロポリス (Monochrome police) – Japan and Prussia’s personal tag
*The two are known as Black police and White police in their individual tags. Monochrome is something resembling the colours of both black and white, so there you go.

[Russia] [Spain] [Belgium] [Russia] [Poland] [Belarus] [Switzerland] [Norway] [Cuba] [Seychelles]
雪の楽園 (Snow’s paradise) – Seychelles/Russia
*Snow is a term associated with Russia; paradise with Seychelles.
トマトアイス (Tomato ice) – Cuba/Spain
*Tomato is the term associated with Spain; ice with Cuba.
アイスワッフル (Ice waffle) – Cuba/Belgium
*Ice is the term associated with Cuba; waffle with Belgium.
一見双子組 (Twins at one look pair) – Switzerland/Poland
*I believe it derives from them sharing similar-looking features.
ブラコンビ (Brother complex pair) – Norway/Belarus
*Buraconbi -> I believe this is a shortened form of buracon, in which if I am not mistaken, means brother complex. Belarus has a brother complex over Russia, so does Norway over Iceland.
南国コンビ (Southern countries pair) – Seychelles/Cuba
*They are both southern countries.

[France] [Turkey] [Cuba]
髭トリオ (Beard trio) – France/Turkey/Cuba 
*All three of them have beards. 

26/05/10 - I'm compiling the past updates and dumping them together. Working on making a page for pairing names as well.
Also, I think I forgot to add yesterday's tag to the character lists.
Not to mention, I didn't realise there was a font issue.

[Germany] [Sealand]
ピールッツ (PeLu) – Sealand/Germany
*"Pe" is taken from Sealand's human name, Peter, and "Lu" is taken from Ludwig, Germany's human name.

25/05/10 - I think I can resume the normal one/two days one tag
update (whatever I mean by that.)
Still trying to see what can be done about the bandwidth.

[Latvia] [Belarus]
ヤンデレコンビ (Yandere pair) – Belarus/Latvia
*Belarus is seen as a yandere in canon, while Latvia shows hints of being one.

Meh, at this rate, my best bet will be to wait for the reset.
The Chibi-san Date page was updated together with the home page a few days ago.
Check it out if you wish.

23/05/10 - Well, for some reason I simply cannot access the
other site. For what reasons, I am not sure myself. As such, till
this gets fixed, updates will have to be posted up here.

Added tag meanings to past updates.

21/05/10 - Update.
Some England tags for today.

[England] [Non nation-tans]
ロック紳士 (Rock gentleman) – England’s personal tag
*England with a rock guitar, most likely derived from his character song picture.
ツンデレ紳士 (Tsundere gentleman) – England’s personal tag
*Well, you get tsundere England. Simple enough.

女王と紳士 (Queen and gentleman) – England/Queen Elizabeth

It's kind of irritating to manage two sites to dump the tags in, so you'll see the update on the
 other site a bit later.

All for now.

16/05/10 - There's a bit of an issue - bandwidth has exceeded,
and only resets on the 7th. Around half a month away.

I will continue to update this place, but I suggest you go to
this site.
It contains the taglist and a guestbook, pretty much the bare
minimum it needs.
(I will add in the Chibi-san Date section if possible.)

Until then, if you wish to  refer to  the taglist, use that other site
instead of this one. Updates will be posted there as well.

[North Italy] [England] [Russia] [South Italy] [Spain] [Belgium] [Belarus]

紳士アーサー (Gentleman Arthur) – England’s personal tag
*Self-explanatory. England being a gentleman, I guess.

ぱすたナイフ (Pasta knife) – N.Italy/Belarus
*Pasta in this context refers to N.Italy; knife to Belarus.
露台 – Russia/Taiwan
*Combination of their names from the abbreviation list.

トマトライアングル (Tomato triangle) – S.Italy/Spain/Belgium
*People usually associate tomatoes with this trio.

There's a bit of a problem in the other site - half the links have been eaten up and there's an
annoying space between tags. Rather troublesome. Still fixing that.

07/05/10 - This might be the last update till next weekend as I have exams the following week. I might not be able to update, so you might not see anything new till after that.

[General APH tags]
時事ヘタ – Current events, represented through Hetalia.
ヘタリア眼鏡祭 – Hetalia glasses festival. Cue nations in glasses.

04/05/10 - I'm somewhat busy now, so one tag for today.
[North Italy] [Poland]
お花馴染 - N.Italy/Poland

A variation of the other N.Italy/Poland tag.
It will be added to their character lists tomorrow.

Also, the reasoning behind some tag names from the previous updates have been added.

30/04/10 - This is late because I forgot about the taglist for a while.
[Germany] [France] [Russia] [South Italy] [Spain] [Austria] [Prussia] [Liechtenstein] [Canada] [Seychelles]
コルシェンコ (Kol-shenko) – Russia’s personal tag
*Evengi Plushenko was the Russia figure skater who won silver (he claims it’s a platinum) in the Vancouver Olympics this year (2010.) As such, the pictures depict Russia as Plushenko, yadda yadda.
にょーすとりあさん (Nyostria-san – Girl Austria) – Austria’s personal tag
*Nyotalia + Austria = Nyostria.
御子息と令嬢 (/- Boy Liechtenstein/Liechtenstein) - Liechtenstein's personal tag

悪友の子育て (Bad friends’ parenting) – Germany/France/S.Italy/Spain/Prussia/Canada/Seychelles

Still compiling character list of tags - after Japan and America's, Liechtenstein will be up next.
That's all for now.

26/04/10 - Just another bunch of tags. The Chibi-san Date page also has been updated - check it out if you wish.
[Russia] [Hungary] [Iceland] [Canada] [South Korea] [Hong Kong]
右ヴァーニャ (Uke Vanya) – Russia’s personal tag

お花マフラー (Flower muffler) – Russia/Hungary
*Flower is referred to Hungary; muffler to Russia.
香るメイプル – Canada/Hong Kong
*The first character is taken from Hong Kong's name, while maple is associated with Canada.

香るキムチアイス – Iceland/S.Korea/Hong Kong
*First character is from Hong Kong's name, kimchi refers to South Korea and aisu (ice) refers to Iceland.

That's about it for today.

23/04/10 - Update for today, because I might not be able to squeeze in any this weekend.

[General APH tags]
箱詰めヘタリア – Scenes depicting the Hetalia characters in boxes (which aren't really visible) of some sort.
(Encasement, to be more precise.)

[Germany] [America] [England] [France] [Belgium] [Hungary] [Prussia] [Sealand]
裏・世界のお兄さん (Reverse side – World’s onii-chan) – Prussia’s personal tag
逆転兄弟 (Reversed brothers) – America and England’s personal tag
*America and kid England.

海仏 – France/Sealand
*Refer to the abbreviation list.
ギルベル (GilBel) – Prussia/Belgium
*Gil is taken from Prussia's human name, Gilbert, and Bel is taken from Belgium.
未国コンビ (Not yet a country duo) – Prussia/Sealand
*Self-explanatory. Prussia's no country, and Sealand hasn't been recognised as one.

I then noticed I forgot to add the reasoning behind America/China/Vietnam's name in yesterday's update.
It is now there.

Update for the unused tags list coming sometime soon.

22/04/10 - Just another bunch of tags.

[America] [England] [France] [China] [Spain] [Greece] [Vietnam] [Australia]
だまれTシャツ (Shut up T-shirt) – Spain’s personal tag

女王陛下コンビ – England/Australia
*The name roughly means "Her majesty, the queen." It probably refers to the fact both countries are ruled by a queen.
オリンピュアーズ – Greece/France

スタートライアングル (Star triangle) – America/China/Vietnam
*America, China and Vietnam's flags all contain stars in them.

I realized I didn't add the meanings for the pairing names on the 17th - it is fixed now.

Also, I have forgotten to mention - the links for the tags I dump here? They are in a mode such that you can only find entries that have that tag. An example: the tag is "Shut-up T-shirt." Since the tag links here are limited to entries with only that tag, you won't find other entries like "Spain's shut-up T-shirt." If you really want to maximise your Pixiv search for pictures, you should cut-and-paste the tags in the search box instead.

I'm still in the process of changing the tag links, but that might take a while.

Other than that, there's nothing else for now.

20/04/10 - Two tags, courtesy of vys (guestbook.)
[General APH tags]
ヘロリア (He-loli-a) - Instead of shotas, you now get lolis. Woohoo.

トリプルルッツ (Triple Lutz) - Germany's personal tag

I'm not sure when I can do Japan's update. I've been rather busy, and there is no way for me to do it this weekend either, as my schedule is packed. Itwill be pushed back, till I can find a suitable time to squeeze it in somewhere this week.

And next time, I will dump in other tags along for updates should I do updates based on guestbook entries. I just don't have the time to do it today.

17/04/10 - Another sporadic update - Japan's character list of tags should be up by tomorrow. Should be.
Tag(s) added:

[Lithuania] [Norway] [Canada] [S.Korea] [Sealand]
リト誕! (Liet’s birthday!) – Lithuania’s personal tag
ヨ ンス受けを普及し隊 – S.Korea’s personal tag

水兵服コンビ (Sailor suit pair) – Norway/Sealand
*Both of their outfits resemble sailor suits.
メイプルキムチ (Maple kimchi) – S.Korea/Canada
*Kimchi is associated with Korea; maple with Canada.

Provided it doesn't go all bipolar on me.
There have been some updates over at the Chibi-san Date section over a few days, check it out if you wish.

14/04/10 - Late update, as the site refused to load for quite a while.
Tag(s) added:

[Spain] [Hungary] [Poland] [Hong Kong]
まるかいて親分 (Marukaite Oyabun) – Spain’s personal tag

太陽とお花 (Sun and flower) – Spain/Hungary
*Flower -> Hungary, but I'm not too clear as to how "sun" is related to Spain in this conext - personality?
若者語コンビ – Poland/Hong Kong
*The name roughly translates to "young language pair," so I'm going to assume it is related to their way of  speaking. Poland speaks very much like how a valley girl would, but I forgot what Hong Kong uses.

The character tag update for Japan will come a little later, as I have my hands full at the moment.

There is also an update in the Chibi-san Date section - check it out, if you wish.

08/04/10 - Another bunch of tags. The character list update for Japan will probably be done on Sunday.
If no one wants to suggest other characters to cover after his update, I'll do America's next.
Today's update is fairly large.
I can't guarantee if any of them will capture your interest, but there is a tag for Iceland/his puffin. <- Yes.
Tag(s) added:

[General APH tags]
安心の本田オチ – Fanart based off punchlines. Or something like that, anyway.

[North Italy] [Germany] [Russia] [China] [Austria] [Lithuania] [Liechtenstein] [Denmark]
Wデーショック (White Day shock) – Germany’s personal tag
雄っぱいショック (Moob shock) – Germany’s personal tag
*Moobs are literally male breasts.
ウォトカ (Vodka) – Russia’s personal tag
ちび仙人ショック (Chibi hermit shock) – China’s personal tag
リヒ天使ュタイン (Lihi-tenshii-tain) – Liechtenstein’s personal tag
*Tenshii means angel in Japanese. Rihitenshutain (romanisation) then becomes Rihitenshiitain.) To put it simply, this tag – Angelic Liechtenstein.
鎧と剣は永遠の憧れだ。 (The armour and sword is eternity’s longing.) – Denmark’s personal tag

ほんわか父娘 (Peaceful father and daughter) – Austria/N.Italy
*I believe it refers to back when N.Italy was under Austria's care as Chibitalia.
格闘好きコンビ (Pair which likes fighting) – Germany/Lithuania
パフィ氷 (PuffIce) – Iceland/his puffin

[The unused tags list]
コルコルラッシュ (Kolkol rush) – Russia’s personal tag
国鳥同じ組 (Pair with same national birds) – Germany/Lithuania (Duplicate tag.)
*The white stork.

That's it for today.
I'm going back to sleep.

06/04/10 - Thought I would put up something more recent while I was doing the compiling of tags for the character sections.
Tag(s) added:

[North Italy] [America] [England]
美女ショック (Beautiful girl shock) – N.Italy’s personal tag
イースター卵 (Easter egg) – England’s personal tag
こめりす (Ko-merisu) – America and England’s personal tag
こめりすイースター企画 (Ko-merisu Easter plan) – America and England’s personal tag

Only that the second last tag is fairly old.

03/04/10 - Nothing special for April Fools' here, haha.
I kind of forgot to put up the tags yesterday, so here they are.
But for today, I figured to give some attention to the overlooked characters.
And when I say that, I mean really, really, obscure characters which hardly appear.

Speaking of which, the next time I do an update, I will post personal/pairing/group tags belonging to one specific character. Do tell me if you have a preference for another character's to be put up first, or I'll simply post it at my own pace.

But I guess it's only nice to keep you informed.
Character starring in next update - Japan.
If anyone has suggestions/requests for the next one, feel free to bring them up.

I figured I would dump some of the other tags here, since I'm not sure if I can pull off the tag update (the one to do some catching up of the numerous Hetalia tags Pixiv has now.)
(Listed as follows - personal tags, pairing tags and group tags.)
Tag(s) added:

[North Italy] [Japan] [France] [China] [Prussia] [Poland] [Ukraine] [Turkey] [Egypt] [Korea] [Seychelles] [Bulgaria] [Roman Empire] [Germania]
ヘタリアの韓流スター (Hetalia’s hallyu star) – Korea’s personal tag
*Korean wave/fever refers to increased popularity of South Korean culture. It is also referred to as Hallyu.

ヨーグルトパスタ (Yogurt pasta) – N.Italy/Bulgaria
薔薇ナイフ (Rose knife) – France/Belarus
*Because roses are associated with France, and knife with Belarus.
絹の道組 (Silk road pair) – Roman Empire/China
ことりの楽園 (Bird’s paradise) – Prussia/Seychelles
*Prussia -> bird, Seychelles -> paradise.
空コンビ (Sky pair) – Poland/Ukraine
*According to Pixiv, the red and white of Poland's flag represent a sunset, while the blue and yellow of Ukraine's represent a blue sky.
新月と鷹 (New moon and hawk) – Turkey/Egypt
*Reference to both Turkey and Egypt's flags.

枢軸紀元前ズ (Axis – B.C.) – Japan/Roman Empire/Germania
*If you ask me, fans see it this way - early Italy -> Roman Empire, early Germany -> Germania, while early
Japan is...well, Japan.

31/03/10 - Picardy tag, courtesy of Jin (guestbook.)
[Non nation-tans]
ピカルディ - Picardy (the guy who was with France in April Fool's aftermath.)

Might not be able to get on tomorrow, so might as well dump this here while I'm at it.

Pairing tag(s):
[Germany] [Belarus] [Denmark] [Greece]

哲学組 (Philosophy pair) –Greece/Germany
*Likely due to how both of them think about that sort of thing.
あんこナイフ (Elder brother knife) – Denmark/Belarus
*Denmark is usually referred to as "elder brother", while knife in associated with Belarus.

Also, I forgot to mention that the unused tags list has been updated (not all the terms are dumped there yet though.) There's also some edits made in the non nation-tans section in terms of information.

29/03/10 - I didn't manage to complete it yesterday, but I'm now done with the shifting in the order of the pairing/group tags. At least that issue's now taken care of. The arrangement of tags for the personal ones will be fixed pretty soon. There's also a new section (listed in the index) for giving people a rough
idea of how the tags in the character section are arranged.

普憫誕生日会2010 (Pu-bin (Prussia)’s birthday celebration 2010)

I spotted quite a few glaring mistakes in the listing of names while doing the editing.
Has no one else noticed them?

After I'm finished with the update for the personal tags, there will be a major tag update coming up (not so much of an update, simply catching up with the amount of tags on Pixiv.)

Also, there is now a new page on the site.
Use it if you need to.

27/03/10 - Oddly enough, the site has resumed its normal loading.
New character section is up - you can now find Monaco under [The ignored] section.
(Sure took me long enough, yes.)
Anyway, another tag is up.

[Japan] [China] [South Korea] [Australia] [Monaco]
マグロショック (Tuna shock)

I think it would be easier to list it down like this instead of stretching it out to “Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and Monaco’s personal tag.”

27/03/10 - This update was intended for yesterday, but could not be put up due to several Internet issues.

[Germany] [Sweden]
旦那組 (Husband pair) – Germany/Sweden
*Germany is seen as a "husband" to N.Italy, while Sweden pretty much calls Finland his wife.

I managed to regain access to my computer two days ago. Unfortunately, the site has not been very  agreeable to allow me to do my updates.

24/03/10 - I do have one minor tag to put up for today.
[Russia] [Vietnam]
向日葵と蓮 (Sunflower and lotus) - Russia/Vietnam
*Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam. Sunflowers are usually associated with Russia.

24/03/10 - I cannot put up an update for today, as it turns out that I have lost access to my other computer. Until the password is retrieved, I'm afraid that updates will go more slowly than usual.

(All my bookmarks and documents are kept in the other computer.)

22/03/10 - The tag that was meant to replace the old Liechtenstein/Taiwan one will be posted up for today. It was originally going to be included in the update this coming Sunday (provided nothing happens), but meh.

There is also a slight update with the unused tags list - the Iceland/Liechtenstein tag is now in their respective character sections.

[Liechtenstein] [Taiwan]
梅の王冠 (Plum’s crown) – Liechtenstein/Taiwan
*Plum is the term associated with Taiwan, crown is associated with Liechtenstein.

I also need to get about to doing the character section for Monaco somewhere soon.

20/03/10 - Germany and Prussia tag.
[Germany] [Prussia]
第五次東西ショック (The fifth East&West shock) - Germany and Prussia's personal tag
*It refers to when Himaruya posted up two pictures of Germany and Prussia somewhere during White Day.

18/03/10 - Happy birthday, North Italy and South Italy!
(One day late, but eh.)

[North Italy] [South Italy]
くるん誕生祭 (Curly brothers’ birthday celebration) – North Italy and South Italy’s personal tag

15/03/10 - Valentine's Day tag!
(It is over, but it doesn't really matter, does it?)

[General APH tags]
ヘタリアVD企画 (Hetalia Valentine’s Day plan) – Valentine’s Day is well over, but whatever.


14/03/10 - Quite unfortunately, I can't do the update for the site because I went  out today. It's going to be postponed to somewhere next week, I think - I don't have a lot of time during the weekdays.
[England] [Austria]
貴族組 (Aristocrat pair) – England/Austria

I did do one edit to the translation for America/England/Russia's tag, but other than that the rest of the
updates will be reserved till I am free to add them in.

On another note, the Liechtenstein/Taiwan tag is no longer in use, and a new tag has replaced their old
*Again, it will be amended somewhere next week.

13/03/10 - Germany/Liechtenstein/Prussia for today.

[Germany] [Prussia] [Liechtenstein]
じゃがクラウン (Potato crown) – Germany/Liechtenstein/Prussia
*Potatoes are usually associated with Germany and Prussia; crown is the term associated with Liechtenstein (her flag.) Join them together and boom.

The Chibi-san Date section has been updated as well, so do check it out if you wish.

12/03/10 - It's time to give Canada a little attention, don't you think?
存在感のあるマシュー (Matthew is in presence) – Canada’s personal tag
*Well, at least Canada won't be invisible here...

Site maintenance this Sunday. The site will still be accessible, I'm just going to do some editing here and there. I plan on adding a new section, but it's still in the works so it'll be a while before that happens.

10/03/10 - Sweden/Ukraine tag!

**EDIT: I totally forgot to put the meaning of the name in the update. Rectifying the problem now.
[Ukraine] [Sweden]
黄青組 (Yellow and blue pair) – Sweden/Ukraine
*Ukraine's flag is yellow and blue. Sweden's flag is yellow and blue. Self-explanatory.

I've been deleting updates rather randomly to save space (which is why there is a huge
gap in date in some areas.)

09/03/10 - Here's a general tag for today.

[General APH tags]
ヘタリア☆スーツ (Hetalia☆Suits) – What the name says.

There will be some maintenance somewhere
next week, so updates may be delayed by a day or two.

08/03/10 - Added the previous tags from last week to the character lists.
And to make updating easier, I'm going to be cranking out one tag every day/two days from now.
Today's tag - Sweden/Norway. There's finally a proper name for their pairing \o/
Tag(s) added:

[Sweden] [Norway]
ノーベル組 (Nobel pair) - Sweden/Norway
*I can't properly summarize it, so:
The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the five Nobel prizes bequeathed by the Swedish industrialist and inventor
Alfred Nobel. (From Wikipedia) If I'm not mistaken, the
awarding ceremony is administered in Norway.
Most likely why this name is as such, etc.


28/02/10 - Sorting out the tags for update, so let me crank out a few while I'm at it -
Tags added:

ろっさまご生誕 (Rus-sama’s birthday celebration) – Russia’s personal tag

[Russia] [Liechtenstein] [Canada]
マトリョーリヒ (Matroy-Lihi) – Russia/Liechtenstein
*I’m not sure if it is making a reference to the Matroyshka dolls.
ふわゆきコンビ – Russia/Canada

Just a bunch of Russia tags for now.

19/02/10 - Oops, nearly forgot this.
We should all know by now the Vancouver Olympics are up and running, right?

[General APH tags]
ヘタリアでVC五輪 - Fanworks commemorating the Vancouver Olympics, Hetalia-style.

Hopefully this should get you into the mood.

19/02/10 - Okay, I was bombarded with stuff I had to catch up on, so I didn't manage the update last week. For now, take this.
[England] [Russia] [Lithuania] [Belarus]
雪国アリス/ツンデレリボン (Snow country's Alice/Tsundere ribbon) - England/Belarus
そびえトライアングル (Soviet triangle) - Russia/Belarus/Lithuania

More updates over the weekends.
...Yes, I know.

12/02/10 - Happy belated birthday, Japan.
More translations (contributed by junsumi) are up.

I've been wanting to put up a credits section on the site, but I fear that I will end up missing someone and it all goes down from there. On the other hand, I don't want them to feel unappreciated. Hrm.

An actual tag update will be coming soon.

09/02/10 - A tag for today. I'll get around to doing a proper update this
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
ヘタクエ (Hetalia quest) - Hetalia fanart based on RPG (role-playing games.)

02/02/10 - Finland/Norway tag!
Tags added:

[Finland] [Norway]
メタル組 (Metal group) - Finland/Norway

I've gotten a bunch of translations from junsumi of Livejournal for a while now, but I'm still looking for time to put them up.

Just bear with it for a while, 'kay?

The unused tags list has also been updated.

25/01/10 - I don't have much time right now, so I'm dishing out this tag for today -
Tags added:

[Belgium] [Hungary]
お花ワッフル (Flower waffle) – Belgium/Hungary

Among other things, but I'm running out of time so I'll save them for next time.)

24/01/10 - I'm in a real rush to get things done recently, so I can't nail down any updates this week.
Expect an update tomorrow (that, I can guarantee.)

16/01/10 - Got a bunch of tags and stuff, but they'll be put up over the weekend - can't really stand the slow loading time when I try to put them up here.

But anyway, have these 4 tags for now.

[America] [England] [China] [Hungary] [Switzerland] [Liechtenstein]
([∂]ω[∂])おっおー – America’s personal tag
金色毛虫 (Golden caterpillar) – Kid England with that crazy hairstyle. (England’s personal tag)
ねーね/王春燕 (Ne-ne/-) – Girl China (China’s personal tag)
デレザ (Dere-za) – A moemoe version of Hungary. (Hungary’s personal tag)
中立生誕祭 (Neutral siblings’ birthday celebration) – Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s personal tag

I admit that I have been slacking for the past few weeks. School's back and all, so I can't spend as much time on this as I hope nowadays.

Speaking of which, the unused tags list should really be updated soon - by tomorrow, I should think.

10/01/10 - Kind of busy, so 1 tag here.
菊菊 (Kikukiku) - Japan/Japan (Japan's personal tag)

Yes, folks, a selfcest tag for Japan. You have to think about why everybody still wonders about why Japan is paired up with random people.

Still working on the taglists for other fandoms, although I'm still not sure what I'll rather do now, the Pixivpedia thing or this - but oh well.

03/01/10 - One day late.
I've not been on Pixiv for quite a while, so I may be a bit behind on some of the new tags. So yeah.
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
ヘタリアクリスマス (Hetalia Christmas) – What the name says.

[America] [England] [Spain] [Hungary] [Prussia] [Canada]
北米誕お祝い企画 (North America birthday celebration plan) – America and Canada’s personal tag
oyabibibiショック (Oyabibibi shock) – S.Italy and Spain’s personal tag
海賊ショック/パイレーツオブ親馬鹿 (Pirate shock/- – Pirate England/Pirate Spain) – England and Spain’s
personal tag
ぐぎぎぎぎぎぎ/ぐぎぎぎぎショック (Kugigigigigigi/Kugigigigi shock) – Hungary and Prussia’s personal tag

[N.Italy] [Russia] [Spain] [Belarus] [Liechtenstein] [Finland]

笑顔組 (Smile pair) – Russia/N.Italy
花とよめ – N.Italy/Finland
親分と令嬢 (Oyabun and young lady) – Spain/Liechtenstein
めいぷるナイフ (Maple knife) – Belarus/Canada

[N.Italy] [Germany] [Chibitalia] [Holy Roman Empire]
お花家族 (Flower family) – N.Italy/Germany/Chibitalia/Holy Roman Empire

[Prussia] [Let’s create our own nation-tans!]
普たご (Pu-tago) – Prussia/Berlin
*What I believe is a pun of “futago”, which means twins.

Updates may fluctuate a bit after this, due to school and other issues. Other than that, happy late new year, everyone. \o/

26/12/09 - I've been somewhat busy nowadays, so I'll just be putting up the
Christmas-related tags for now.
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
クリスマスサドンデス – Christmas Sudden Death.

うさ耳事件@ムキムキ (Germany's bunny-ear incident) – Germany’s personal tag

Probably more, but I might have missed them. Anyone who wants to chip in new tags you’ve found, feel free to do so.

Late Christmas to you all.

19/12/09 - A whole bunch of group tags with mostly Netherlands.
Tags added:

[N.Italy] [Japan] [England] [Spain] [Netherlands] [Denmark] [Egypt] [Cuba] [Seychelles] [Cameroon]
天使サンド (Angel sandwich) – England/Japan/N.Italy
阿弗利加組 – Cuba/Cameroon/Egypt/Seychelles
グループE (Group E) – Netherlands/Denmark/Cameroon/Japan
南蛮漬け – Netherlands/Spain/Japan
浅漬け – Netherlands/England/Japan

13/12/09 - No tag additions, only corrected some of the tags which were in the wrong places or were missing.

12/12/09 - New updates. More tags will be dumped here later.
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
じじたりあ (Old man-talia) – Tag for fanart of “aged” countries.

[England] [Liechtenstein]
セダーンフラグ - England/Liechtenstein

[Spain] [Netherlands] [Denmark] [Canada] [Taiwan]
オセロコンビ (Othello pair/-) – Netherlands/Spain
蘭丁 – Netherlands/Denmark
チューリップ祭 (Tulip festival) – Netherlands/Canada

[The unused tags list]

フォルモサコンビ (Formosa pair) – Netherlands/Taiwan

Not a lot of interesting tags for now.

6/12/09 - Two new character sections are up! You can find Netherlands in the [What would you call these three, really?] (It's now four hurhur) and Cameroon in [The ignored] (Compared to Netherlands, he didn't explode that much, after

So yep, go check out their tags in their character sections if you're interested.

Not just that, though - It's Finland's birthday today, so of course we need the tag to commemorate it!
Tags added:

ティノ誕☆ (Tino’s birthday) – Finland’s personal tag

Also, the Netherlands/Belgium tag is now in its respective character sections.

Enjoy yourselves.

4/12/09 - Two tags for today. Also, a little shifting was done with the tags (because of the issues of one pairing tag under a character but not the other popping up.) Other than that, it
should be okay, although I may have missed some out.
Tags added:

[Japan] [Prussia]
黒菊 (Black Kiku) – Japan’s personal tag
四月の主従 – Prussia/Niholoid. (Japan/Prussia’s personal tag)

Also a note - The Beunhardine Theresa Beilschmidt tag appears to be the fanon depiction of Berlin (capital of Germany) (judging from the flag seen in fanart.)
(Thanks to
juandalyn for pointing that out.)

That's it for now.

1/12/09 - Okay, I seriously have no idea since when today was December the first. One tag today, meh.
Tags added:

[Prussia] [Holy Roman Empire]
黒鷲主従 - Prussia/Holy Roman Empire

27/11/09 - Three tags today!
Tags added:

[Austria] [Prussia]
メガネの無い貴族 (Aristocrat without glasses) – Austria’s personal tag
かっこいいギル(絶滅危惧種) (Cool Gil (Endangered species)) – Prussia’s personal tag

[Germany] [Prussia]
二人楽しすギルぜ – Germany/Prussia

Looks like Pixiv never tires from Prussia tags.

22/11/09 - Something tells me to remove some of my earlier updates.
...I couldn't resist updating even though I'm collecting tags and stuff for other fandoms orz
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
ヘタリラ (Hetarira) – Hetalia radio.

[North Italy] [Japan] [England] [Hungary] [Taiwan]
不憫ホイホイ (Pitiful guy trap) – Falls into several character categories. For now, I’ll put it under N.Italy and Hungary’s personal tags.
菊様生誕祝 (Kiku-sama’s birthday celebration) – Japan’s personal tag
彼氏ジャケット (Boyfriend’s jacket) – Entries featuring England in America's jacket. (England’s personal tag)
普通の服なブリ天 (Normal clothed Bri-ten) – England’s personal tag
ほぁた☆ (Hoata) – Britannia Angel. (England’s personal tag)
本田ホイホイ (Honda trap) – Again, falls into several character categories, but for now I’ll assume it as Taiwan’s personal tag.

[North Italy] [Germany] [Hungary] [Belarus] [Liechtenstein] [Taiwan] [Seychelles] [Sealand]

お花エプロン (Flower apron) – Germany/N.Italy
ルーフェリ (LuFeli) – Germany/N.Italy
ルッツェリ – Germany/Hungary
メイドッ娘コンビ (Maid daughters pair) – Hungary/Belarus
極東娘と雪国娘 (Far east daughter and snow country girl) – Belarus/Taiwan
お花の王冠 (Flower’s diadem) – Hungary/Liechtenstein
小さな坊ちゃんと嬢ちゃん (Young boy and lady) – Liechtenstein/Sealand
島国ッ娘コンビ (Island country daughters pair) – Seychelles/Taiwan

[North Italy] [Germany] [Japan] [America] [England] [France] [Russia] [Hungary] [Prussia] [Canada]
G8 – N.Italy/Germany/Japan/America/England/France/Russia/Canada
*G8 – Group of the world’s eight most industralised countries.
東西とお花 (East&West and flower) – Hungary/Prussia/Germany
*Germany is referred to as West, and as such most people see Prussia as East Germany. Hungary is associated with the flower term.

[The unused tags list]
[Japan] [France] [Hungary] [Belarus] [Denmark] [Canada]

オタクトリオ (Otaku trio) – France/Hungary/Japan
丁辺 – Denmark/Belarus
マシュナタ – Belarus/Canada

I'm off to bang my head on the wall now, if you don't mind.

21/11/09 - I really feel like working on either the Pixivpedia/list of tags for Pandora Hearts/Pokesupe. As such, I probably may be absent from here for a while. But to make up for my absence (if I really do stop updating), I have a (hopefully) bigger update here.
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
世界会議3 – World Conference 3.

[North Italy] [Germany] [South Italy] [Prussia] [Finland] [Sweden]
いたろいど (ITALOID) – N.Italy/S.Italy’s personal tag
ナイスジャガ (Nice potato) – It’s either a personal tag for Germany or Prussia/Germany. I wonder.
ギルになりたい – Prussia’s personal tag
メイドイセン/ギルメイド (Maid-ssia/Gil-maid) – Prussia’s personal tag
弟ホイホイ (Younger brother trap) – Prussia’s personal tag
モイーン (Moi-n) – Female Finland. (Finland’s personal tag)
*A pun of doi-n, a sfx used for the sound of boobs.
嫁の本気 – Finland’s personal tag
エストニアスタイル (Estonia-style) – Sweden/Finland. Appears to feature entries based on the wife-carrying competition.

[Germany] [Russia] [China] [Austria] [Prussia] [Liechtenstein] [Norway] [Seychelles]
ナイスジャガ (Nice potato) – It’s either a personal tag for Germany or Prussia/Germany. I wonder.
サンタ組 (Santa pair) – Russia/Finland
冷し中華/露西亞 – Russia/China
王冠ピアノ (Diadem piano) – Austria/Liechtenstein
*Piano is associated with Austria; diadem with Liechtenstein (the crown on her flag.)
貴族兎 (Aristocrat and rabbit) – Prussia/Austria
うさ好き組 (Pair which likes rabbits) – Norway/Liechtenstein
楽園に王冠 – Seychelles/Liechtenstein

[The unused tags list]
[Liechtenstein] [Iceland] [Sweden]

スーさんフラッシュ (Su-san flash) – Cameraman Sweden
リトル弟妹コンビ/リボン弟妹 (Younger siblings pair/Ribbon siblings) – Iceland/Liechtenstein

Well then, hopefully I can get my other projects going and not just focus with the tags here... /fumbles about

Also, about that Ludwig trap tag - it's also a personal tag of Prussia's. Small wonder.

19/11/09 - I didn't say anything.
I wonder.
Tags added:

[North Italy] [South Italy] [Latvia] [Sweden]

くるんハート/ハートくるん(Curly heart) – Refers to the Italies’ curly hairs. (N.Italy/S.Italy’s personal tag)
海賊と騎士 (Pirate and knight) – Pirate England and Prussia with that outfit from here.
ラト誕 (Latvia’s birthday) – The name says it all. (Latvia’s personal tag)
スーさん誕生企画 (Su-san’s birthday plan) – Sweden’s personal tag

[Finland] [Sweden] [Iceland] [Norway] [Denmark]
第二次北欧ショック (The second Nordic shock) – Basically refers to the second strip the Nordics appeared in. It’s an equivalent to the “Onii-chan shock” tag.

[Japan] [Poland] [Belarus] [Canada]
ピンクリボン (Pink ribbon) – Belarus/Poland
*Pink is associated with Poland; the ribbon is most likely referenced to the one Belarus wears in her hair.
塩メイプル/マシュ菊 – Canada/Japan

[Non nation-tans]
小鳥になりたい – Prussia’s chick.

Japan is, without a doubt, the fandom bicycle.

16/11/09 - Well, two tags today, and they're both genderbend.
Tags added:

[Japan] [Taiwan]
気苦労息子 – What appears to be a male Taiwan tag. (Taiwan’s personal tag)
湾と桜 – Male Taiwan and female Japan. (Japan/Taiwan's personal tag)

I wonder.

15/11/09 - I need to stop updating every day, really.
One tag for today. And you guys who have checked out the Finland/Norway/Iceland tag, you would have probably seen this already.
Tags added:

[Finland] [Iceland] [Norway]
北諸お花トリオ (Nordic flower trio) – Finland/Iceland/Norway

I probably will go back to updating once in a few days.

For now, ciao.

14/11/09 - Apparently I wasn't as busy as I initially thought I would be.

So, here are 4 tags today, and they're all character tags. Yep.
Tags added:

なはっ☆ – America’s personal tag
ハンバーガーヒーロー (Hamburger hero) – America’s personal tag

おっさん生誕祭 - Tag commemorating Turkey’s birthday. (Turkey’s personal tag)

ゆなたんショック – Greece’s personal tag

The other tag for S.Italy/France in the unused tags list have been upgraded to the normal character lists as well, so check them out if you wish to do so.

13/11/09 - Yay for Friday the 13th! Anyways, only one (yes) tag for today. I got tired of searching my bookmarks. (I am human after all.)
Tags added:

[France] [South Italy]
ロマンス(APH) (RomaNce) – France/S.Italy
*"Roma" is taken from Romano; "nce" from France.

The England/Spain/S.Italy tag (緑目組) is getting some attention in Pixiv, so you can now find it in the character taglist (not forgetting the upgraded tags section as well.)

Also, I might not be updating for 1-2 days, because I need to look for more tags and I'm somewhat busy for the weekend. If anyone wishes to contribute any tags, that is very much appreciated.

12/11/09 - I haven't got about to making the Hetalia Pixivpedia yet because I'm too busy looking for the entries, ahaha.

Three tags for today.
Tags added:

√ホイホイ (Ludwig trap) – N.Italy’s personal tag

[Spain] [Prussia] [Denmark] [Hong Kong]
斧組 (Axe pair) – Denmark/Spain
パンダウサギ (Panda rabbit) – Prussia/Hong Kong

I don't actually have anything of interest to say here for today. (Even if people don't read this, I like posting things here for my own entertainment.)

Go crazy.

11/11/09 - Wow, I got worried for a while there when the site refused to load for quite a while. It should be fixed now...
I think.

Anywho, I present two tags for today. Here you go.
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
ドラえもんズ×ヘタリア (Doraemon x Hetalia) – It’s all in the name. What do you expect?

あんこホイホイ (Elder brother trap) – Norway’s personal tag

あんこ, from what I've been told, usually means red bean paste. In accented Japanese however, it means  elder brother. (Thank you again, junsumi!)

So yep, still working on the Hetalia Pixivpedia, should probably take quite a while, really...somewhat odd that some characters still don't have entries in that thing.

10/11/09 - Guys, I hate to say this (even if it's only been one day since my last update), but it's starting to get incredibly taxing for me to find a whole bunch of tags before I post them up here. (C'mon, they're strewn around the whole website.) I'm starting to consider whether if I should just do these one-tag-per-day update instead of what I'm currently doing.

But anyway, it seems like other than tags, I now have something else to occupy myself with. Pixiv now has this feature codenamed the
Pixivpedia, which gives you information on tags found in the site. (Many tags, however, do not have any information in that thing.) I probably will be working on adding the entries of the Hetalia tags you can find in the Pixivpedia here.

I still will be adding tags, so don't worry.

So today, I present two tags, both of which are Germany/Prussia. Fans like to draw fanart commemorating historical events, yes.
Tags added:

[Germany] [Prussia]
東西壁崩壊記念日(Anniversary of the East&West wall collapse) – Germany/Prussia
東西再会記念日(East&West reunion anniversary) – Germany/Prussia
*Both are references to the fall of the Berlin wall.

Germany sure has a rich history. And - oh my there are still more? e_e

目からビール – Germany/Prussia
東西兄弟 (East&West brothers) – Germany/Prussia

In any case, Germany/Prussia now wins with 10 for having the most duplicate pairing tags.

So now I end off, and hopefully I'll come back with more interesting tags and the Pixivpedia thinger.

...Say, I just realized that the month for the dates of the updates I've been putting up are wrong (apparently I put 4/10/09 instead of 4/11/09)...and for how long did I do this?

9/11/09 - More translations are up, and I'm sure you all know who they are by  already. ;D
And yes, new tags here. By the way, if you guys are fine with it, I'd prefer it if people can link me to new tags on Pixiv, or suggest a random pairing so I can go check whether it has a tag attached to it. (You can choose to be evil too and watch me suffer as I look for new tags.)
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
へたおん! (Heta-on!) – Hetalia K-ON! parodies.
エラー本田 (Error Honda) – That Japan clone from Romaheta.

国名タグはダメですよ (Don’t use country name tags) – England’s personal tag
*I wonder why this only applies to England…hrm.

[France] [Belgium] [Hungary] [Seychelles]

ピーターパンコンビ (Peter Pan pair) – America/Sealand
チョコマカロン (Chocolate macaron) – France/Belgium
リボンと花コンビ (Ribbon and flower pair) – Hungary/Seychelles
ドラゴンバーガー (Dragon burger) – America/Hong Kong
*Burgers are associated with America; dragons with Hong Kong.
あったか組 – Finland/Iceland

[Let’s create our own nation-tans!]
ポルトガル/ポルトさん (Portugal/Port-san) – Fanon depiction of Portugal.

[The unused tags list]

ムキムキとばいーん/どどいーつ (-/Do-Doitsu) – Germany/Ukraine
*The second one is a pun from “do-doin” (an sfx of sorts) that Ukraine’s boobs usually make.
米州組 – America/Cuba
冷凍キムチ (Frozen kimchi) – S.Korea/Iceland
湯煙組 – Hungary/Japan/Iceland
緑目組 (Green eyes group) – England/Spain/S.Italy
乳トリオ – Hungary/Belarus/Ukraine

And now, the Norway/Ukraine tag is shifted to the normal character lists. You can also now find that tag
in the upgraded tags section (which resides in the unused tags list.)

Also, since the Finland/Iceland tag has been located, the other one which was in the unused tags list will be shifted to the deleted tags list.

To end on a more interesting note, it seems like all the Nordics have at least one tag for their two-person pairings (I mean, for pairings just within the Nordics)...except for Sweden/Iceland. If we had that, the whole collection of the Nordic two-person shipping tags would be complete.

...Oh yeah, I forgot about Norway/Finland. At least they still have a tag (which is still residing in the unused tags list.)

I was also checking out this - which character had the most personal tags and stuff like that. And now I introduce these lame tag counters for seeing the data on all these useless stuff because I was bored! 8D

Lame character tag counters
(As of 9/10/09)
Now with added sparkles and shininess!
*Note: Might not be completely accurate, because after all, it follows this taglist, and the taglist itself can't exactly be considered complete. Also, I may miss things here and there.

Character with the most personal tags:
England (16)
Prussia is very close behind with 15.

Character with the most pairing tags (excluding duplicate tags for pairings if any):

Japan (25)
And if I did include the duplicate pairing tags, Prussia would've won with 36.

Character with the most group tags (excluding duplicate tags for groups if any):

England (27)
England would still win with 31 if I included the duplicate tags.

Character with the least personal tags:

Because a number of characters have zilch, let's not talk about them.

Character with the least pairing/group tags:

Refer to above.

Pairing with the most number of duplicate tags:

Germany/Prussia and Denmark/Norway rival each other with 6.

Groups with the most number of duplicate tags:

Should be the 3 tags for the
Nordic 5.

Non nation-tan with the most number of duplicate tags:

Noto-sama wins with 3.

I don't know what else to add on, so I'll end the update here. Hopefully this was a bit more interesting.

7/11/09 - Added a few more translations (by junsumi), and here's a somewhat major update of the tags.
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
ヘタリア日和 – Hetalia being parodied by Gag Manga Biyori (ギャグマンガ日和.)
ヘタリアタグ案 – The Hetalia tag plan, although it doesn’t seem that people bother about it.
絵チャリア – Paintchat Hetalia.
オタリア – I think it’s supposed to be “Otaku Hetalia.”

[Japan] [America] [England] [South Italy] [Spain] [Prussia] [Finland] [Sweden]

セカキク – Anyone/Japan tag. (Japan’s personal tag)
こめりか/子メリカ (Ko-merica) – Child America (America’s personal tag)
こめ♡うま – Cowboy America. Note that this tag houses R-18 entries, so be sure if you’re going to click.
(The default settings won't let you see them anyway, so you'll have to change them if you do want to view the artwork.) (America’s personal tag)
もち英 (Mochi England) – England’s personal tag
ジャケットショック (Jacket shock) – England in his character song outfit. (England’s personal tag)
タトゥーどこに隠してたの企画 – Fanart depicting England with a tattoo. (England’s personal tag)
ちびろま/ちびロマ (ChibiRoma) – Child S.Italy. (S.Italy’s personal tag)
黒分 (Black oyabun) – Spain’s personal tag
ショタギル (Shota Gil) - Kid Prussia. (Prussia's personal tag)
*Shota is a Japanese term for a young boy. Gil is taken from Gilbert, Prussia's human name.
フビメタル・パニック (Fubi Metal Panic) – Prussia singing his character song, yes. (Prussia’s personal tag)
シュタイン君 (Stein-kun) – Male Liechtenstein. (Liechtenstein’s personal tag)
バッシュホイホイ (Vash trap) – Liechtenstein’s personal tag
スーさんホイホイ (Su-san trap) – Finland’s personal tag
スーミン (Su-min) – Moomin Sweden. (Sweden’s personal tag)

[Japan] [Germany] [America] [England] [Russia] [Finland] [Norway] [Denmark] [Roman Empire] [Germania]

じじじゃが (Old man and potato) – Japan/Germany
*Japan is somewhat old-mannish; potatoes are associated with Germany.
お日様コンビ (Sun pair) – Russia/Japan
ご近所組 (Neighbourhood pair) – Finland/Japan
アルアサ (AlAsa) – America/England
*Al is taken from America's human name, Alfred; Asa is taken from how you write Arthur (England's human name) in Japanese.
フライパン仮面 (Masked frying pan) – Turkey/Hungary
*Mask is associated with Turkey (he wears one); frying pan with Hungary.
発育不良組 (Stunted pair) – Taiwan/Liechtenstein
デンノル支援し隊 (DenNor supporters party) – Denmark/Norway
白骨化 – Roman Empire/Germania

[N.Italy] [Germany] [Japan] [England] [France] [Russia] [S.Italy] [Hungary] [Prussia] [Switzerland] [Sweden]

露出トリオ (Exposure trio) – France/England/N.Italy
*Based on the fact that the three occasionally streak in the series.
くるんエリザ (Curly Eliza) – Hungary/S.Italy/N.Italy
*Curly refers to the Italy brothers; Eliza is a shortened version of Hungary's human name.
ひよこサンド (Chick sandwich) – Prussia/N.Italy/Japan
ろまじく (RomAxis) – Germany/N.Italy/Japan/S.Italy
威☆圧☆感 (Intimidate) – Russia/Sweden/Germany
オタク四天王 (The four otaku kings) – France/Hungary/Japan/Taiwan
この世の天国と地獄 (This world’s heaven and hell) - France/Germany/Switzerland/England/N.Italy

[The unused tags list]

ヘアピン組 (Hairpin pair) – Norway/Ukraine
*The name is just to refer to the fact they both wear pins in their hair.

[Let's create our own nation-tans!] [Belgium]
チューリップ兄妹 (Tulip siblings) – Holland/Belgium

Seriously, with these many tags out there, you'll think they might be a little bit easier to find.

And now for some degrading/shifting/deleting for some of the tags. Strangely enough, fanart that has
Belarus/Iceland is still there, only that their tag (Platinum pair, remember?) has been removed. Only one of
them still has the tag attached to it, so for now its home will be the unused tags list.

And since now the Finland/Japan tag has been located, the other ones in the unused tags list will be transported to the deleted tags list.

4/11/09 - Hi there, it's me again! This time, junsumi of Livejournal has provided most of the tag translations, and also the abbreviation list (you can find it in the index.)
And now, on to the tags!
Tags added:

[General APH tags]
APH映画化記念祭 - Tag to celebrate the news of the Hetalia movie.
ヘタリアパロ - Hetalia parodies. Note that most of the fanart are other series parodied
off Hetalia, not so much of the other way around.
ヘタリア腐向け - Another tag for Hetalia yaoi.

[Japan] [Poland] [Prussia]

kieeeeeeeeeHalf-naked Honda (Japan’s personal tag)
本田の本気 - Japan's personal tag
さすが普憫 – Prussia’s  personal tag
フェリクスお誕生日リンク (Feliks' birthday link) - Poland's personal tag

[Japan] [Russia] [Hungary] [Prussia] [Lithuania] [Poland] [Iceland] [Egypt] [Vietnam]
本田β – Japan/Hungary
スラフ組 – Russia/Poland
ギルックス (GilKs) – Prussia/Poland
十字架の雪 – Russia/Lithuania
水道管ともみあげ – Russia/Lithuania
冷凍ヒマワリ (Frozen sunflower) – Russia/Iceland

[Japan] [England] [Hungary] [Prussia] [Liechtenstein] [Taiwan]
腐三家 - Hungary/Taiwan/Japan
騎士と紳士と少女 (Knight, gentleman and lady) – Prussia/England/Liechtenstein

[The unused tags list]
あんこじゃけ – Denmark/Japan
睡蓮と蓮 (Lily and lotus) – Egypt/Vietnam

Speaking of which, the unused tags list could certainly use a cleanup, yes? Though, instead of adding tags this time, I’m removing tags for those which have deleted the tags from their fanart. Because I like to keep a record of history, here’s the list of the ancient (not really) tags:
鱈戦争 (Cod war) - England/Iceland
異色のコンビ (Unique combination) – Iceland/Seychelles
カルマル組 (Kalmar team) – Denmark/Sweden/Norway

Also, some tags are going to be upgraded (to the normal character lists), because it seems like they’ve actually started to get some attention!
鱈組 (Cod pair) - England/Iceland

28/10/09 - A note: The list will be updated once/twice a week, provided I have enough tags to do an update.
Anyway, new tags!
Tags added:


貴族ご生誕祭 (Aristocrat’s birthday celebration) – Austria’s personal tag

[France] [America]
自由コンビ (Freedom pair) – France/America

[England] [Prussia] [Sweden] [Norway] [Denmark]
北海帝国組 (Northern sea empire pair) – Denmark/England
あんこうさぎ – Denmark/Prussia
北欧兄夫婦 (Nordic brother couple) – Denmark/Norway
北諸兄組 (Nordic brother pair) – Denmark/Norway
スカンザトライ – Denmark/Sweden/Norway

[Iceland] [Norway]
北欧兄弟 (Nordic brothers) – Norway/Iceland

[Non nation-tans]
パフィンになりたい – And now we have a personal tag for Iceland’s puffin instead of a
general one.

[The unused tags list]
兄呼び組 – Belarus/Iceland/Liechtenstein

I admit I got lazy and didn't add the other tags as I did with the previous update.

24/10/09 - Added new tags.
Tags added:
アーサーホイホイ - America's personal tag

[Japan] [Belarus]
日ベラ/モノクロコンビ (-/Monochrome pair) - Belarus/Japan

[America] [South Italy]
お子様コンビ - America/S.Italy

[The unused tags list]
丁日 - Denmark/Japan
眉毛サンド (Eyebrow sandwich) - England/Japan/Hong Kong

22/10/09 – The taglist is up in commemoration of xXAddictedToPockyXX's birthday!

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