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KRS SMK Taman SEA 2007


Ilmu, Iman, Amal.
We See, Evaluate and Act.
Kadet Remaja Sekolah SMK Taman SEA.

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Sejarah KRS

How it all began...

Pengetahuan Am KRS
All you need to know as a Kadet!

Tahap Satu
Useful informations for the Lans Koperal test! Theory only.

Events and Meetings
Check this page often to check out when is the next meeting or any events going on!

A form for you to fill in so that i can see what readers want.

Suggestion Box
This is where you can leave suggestions for the website~

KRS Board of Directors 07/08

Pengerusi : Kenneth Francis Yap Wei Haan

Naib Pengerusi : Tan Hong Chun & Sim Jia Kent

Setiausaha : Chan Jenn Yee

Penolong Setiausaha :
Looi Qiao Xin

Bendahari :
Chew Yeh Hong

Penolong Bendahari : Ng Tse Hui

Pengarah Projek :
Khor Zhi Yang

Penolong Pengarah Projek : Chia Chee Guan

Pengarah Peralatan (QM) :
Leow Siew Mun

Penolong Pengarah Peralatan :
Teo Chee Seng

Ketua Papan Kenyataan :
Tan Xin Wei

Penolong Ketua Papan Kenyataan
Teoh Hui Ee

Kem Pertauliahan 2008

Kem Komander   :    Tan Xin Wei

Pen. Kem Komander   :   Timothy Leong

Setiausaha   :   Teoh Hui Ee

Bendahari   :    Chan Jenn Yee

Pengarah Aktiviti   :    Tan Yu Ming

Pen. Pengarah Aktiviti   :   Ong Chang Nien

Pengarah Peralatan(QM)   :   Marcus Lye

Pen. Pengarah Peralatan   : Melvin Seow

Makanan   :   Looi Qiao Xin(ketua), Yeap Woon Ying

Sekuriti   :    Ng Tse Hui, Khor Zhi Yuen


Taman SEA's KRS has our own account at photobucket, that's where all the photos are stored.

Account name : kadetremaja_photos
password : KRSwetpaint

Please do not add photos on your own will, when you want to add photos to our account,
please make sure that it is KRS related and that you MUST inform me. Thanks.

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