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                             About Me

 Julie Elizabeth Powell, that's me!  What a mouthful but I've used it in full ever since I had my first book published and now that I've been lucky enough to be able to put together this website, it seems only right that I least that way when anyone types my name in search engines etc., my books should pop up like a rabbit out of a hat!

I'm hoping to help others too!  It's taken me years to find an outlet for my writing and now I'd like to say 'hey, take a look at my books!' and pass on anything that might be useful to other struggling authors.  This website should enable me to do both.

I'll let you into a secret...I did not do well at school.  I was terrified from the age of four until I left at sixteen.  Anyway, this is not a psychiatrist's bench and you'd only be bored with all the reasons that school seemed like one of the Rings of Hell, populated with every monster you could ever dream.
But I wanted to learn! 
So I read, and read some more and finally enrolled in English and Maths classes and loved it!  Not able to stop there I found a place on a newly-formed initiative, where 'mature students' were encouraged to take a course equivalent to three A levels and, wow was that incredible!  But like a rocket to the moon, I soared to university and three years later achieved a BA(Hons) is the time to imagine me whooping and clinging to a rolled up scroll!  Oops, showing off!
Are you still there? 

My point is that anyone can learn...more especially write, it's a matter of knowing how and coupling that with our experiences...of course a vivid imagination is a plus! 
I've always played with words, marvelled at their power, like they were a jigsaw of magical enchantment just waiting for someone to piece them together so to thrill others.  But for the most part, I threw away my efforts, until Gone.
Gone seeded then grew because of the most terrifying experiences of all...and it saved me. 
My middle child, Samantha, was born with transposition of the main arteries, two holes in her heart and a blocked valve but at the age of eight months, the wonderful doctors at Great Ormond Street hospital put things to rights, so all was well...or so we thought.  Tragically, her heart stopped at the age of two but was revived too late leaving Samantha severely brain-damaged.  She survived for a further seventeen years.  But Samantha had gone, her essence had vanished.
My story is one answer to where she might have been.
Samantha, three weeks before her heart stopped.
There are more details about Gone in the FAQ part of my blog but maybe now you can understand why this was one story that had to stay?  The magic of words, however, developed a tale like no other and I challenge anyone to find it.
 But then I'd done it...written a novel! 
How could I stop?  And what a world I'd was ripe for another adventure...
I have many stories now, ready to be written /rewritten /edited or published  but now my only enemy is time.  And though I haven't as yet been able to find a traditional publisher, I do prefer the control of self-publishing.  So at least put my work on the market and I'll never, ever stop trying or writing because I believe it's worth the effort.
But remember: 
Everyone has something about which to write or, think of it another way, a writer sees a story in everything...
try it!


A little more...

This is pure ego and you can skip it if you wish...but things you may like to know:

I like creating handcrafted cards and encaustic art if I ever take a break from writing.

An example of my encaustic artwork:


Purple Cove 

I just love the fantasy potential of this medium.  No two pictures are ever alike and I never know how it'll turn out. 

This picture is also the basis for my psychological thriller/fantasy novel, Lost Shadows...I think it works well.




As soon as I have a good enough camera, I'll post an example of my cards too...this ego stuff is great!



Authors (not counting me!)

  • Dean Koontz
  • Stephen King
  • J. K. Rowling
  • Charles Dickens
  • Shakespeare
  • Roald Dahl
  • John Wyndham
  • William Blake

Self-published authors

  • Maria Savva
  • Darcia Helle
  • Michael J Radcliffe
  • Nicholas Forristal
  • Brian Harmon 
  • Alan Tucker


 Memorable Books

    • Harry Potter series (J. K. Rowling)
    • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl)
    • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)
    • Peter Pan (J. M. Barrie)
    • Fairy Tales - especially, Cinderella
    • One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian tales)
    • 'Christopher Snow' series (Dean Koontz)
    • Sole Survivor (Dean Koontz)
    • One Door Away From Heaven (Dean Koontz)
    • From the Corner of his Eye (Dean Koontz)
    • Odd Thomas series (Dean Koontz)
    • The City (Dean Koontz)
    • Insomnia (Stephen King)
    • The Heart of a Fox (T. Isilwath)
    • The 'Billy' Trilogy (Brian W. Fisher)
    • The Postman (David Brin)
    • The Chrysalids (John Wyndham)
    • A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens)
    • Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)
    • Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)
    • Wife of Bath (Chaucer)
    • Morrigan's Cross Trilogy (Nora Roberts)
    • 'Myth and Legend' books
    • Useful book - On Writing by Stephen King
    • Disappearing Home (Deborah Morgan)


    • Legend
    • Avatar
    • Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory (original version)
    • Harry Potter films (good special effects but not as good as the books)
    • 'Alice' films - all versions
    • Wizard of Oz (the recent version called Tin Man was excellent)
    • Return to Oz
    • Cinderella
    • Tinker Bell
    • Peter Pan
    • Tangled
    • A. I. (Artificial Intelligence)
    • Bicentennial Man
    • Meet Joe Black
    • Silent Hill
    • 'Sinbad' films (e.g. The 7th Voyage)
    • Greek myth films (e.g. Jason and the Argonauts)
    • Pirates of the Caribbean series
    • Edward Scissorhands
    • For a Few Dollars More
    • Indiana Jones series
    • Romancing the Stone
    • Star Wars series
    • The Chronicles of Narnia
    • Lord of the Rings series
    • Phantom of the Opera (+ the stage musical was fabulous)
    • The Golden Compass
    • The Snowman
    • The Book of Eli


    • Clint Eastwood
    • Harrison Ford
    • Johnny Depp
    • Sean Connery
    • Nicole Kidman
    • Judi Dench
    • Brad Pitt
    • Anthony Hopkins
    • Robert Redford
    • Robin Williams
    • Richard Dean Anderson


    • Doctor Who
    • Stargate SG1
    • Stargate Atlantis
    • Star Trek (especially The Next Generation)
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Angel
    • Lost
    • 4400
    • The Lost Room
    • Farscape
    • X-Files
    • Smallville
    • Robin Hood
    • A Town Called Eureka
    • The Cape
    • Warehouse 13
    • Santuary
    • True Blood
    • Nikita
    • Smash
    • Alcatraz
    • Touch
    • Revenge
    • Lost Girl
    • Grimm
    • Elementary


    • Victoria Wood
    • Lee Evans
    • Robin Williams
    • Someone who makes me laugh 


    All kinds but here are some titles: 

    • Like The sun (RyanDan)
    • Smile (especially the Michael Jackson version)
    • Pure Imagination (from original soundtrack, Gene Wilder, Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory)
    • Whisper of a Thrill (from Meet Joe Black)
    • Come Little Children (from Hocus Pocus)
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling episode
    • The Shape of my Heart (Sting)
    • Earth Song (Michael Jackson)
    • Little Susie (Michael Jackson)
    • Nara (title music to Cold Case)
    • E lucevan  le stelle (from Tosca)
    • Nella Fantasia (Russell Watson)
    • Calling (Geri Halliwell)
    • Frozen (Madonna)
    • Phantom of the Opera (album)
    • Calling Occupants (Carpenters)
    • Angels (Robbie Williams)
    • Over the Rainbow (Eva Cassidy)
    • Moon River
    • Nature Boy (Nat King Cole)
    • Danse Macabre (Saint Saens)
    • Space Oddity (David Bowie)
    • Nights in White Satin (The Moody Blues)
    • 'Mood' music
    • Born to Die (Lana Del Ray)

    And artistes

    • RyanDan
    • E. S. Posthumus (album. Unearthed)
    • Enigma
    • Enya
    • Michael Jackson
    • Sting
    • Robbie Williams
    • Carpenters
    • Dominic Miller
    • Russell Watson
    • Elton John
    • Carly Simon
    • Eva Cassidy
    • Nancy Sinatra
    • Frank Sinatra
    • Will Young


    • Someone special - he knows.
    • Samantha and my other wonderful children
    • Tinker Bell
    • Harry Potter
    • Peter Pan
    • Cinderella
    • Charley (from Gone...I wish I could be like her)
    • Robin Hood
    • Superman
    • My dad!


    • Purple
    • Lilac
    • Pink


    • Rose
    • Orchid


    • In front of my computer, writing
    • Magic Kingdom, Florida
    • Discovery Cove, Florida, swimming with dolphins
    • Harry Potter world, Florida!
    • Devon (England)...the place I'd like to live with a sea view!
    • Lake District (northern England)
    • Christmas with family

    Computer Games

    • Silent Hill series
    • King's Quest series
    • Harry Potter series
    • Lara Croft series
    • Broken Sword series
    • Resident Evil series
    • Primal
    • Alone in the Dark
    • Devil May Cry
    • Second Sight
    • Blood Omen
    • Ghosthunter
    • (Eek) Lego games esp: Harry Potter


    • Monet
    • Degas
    • Turner
    • Renoir
    • Blake
    • Mucha
    • Mackintosh

    Personality Traits

    • Kindness
    • Sense of humour


    • Sight - the ocean
    • Smell - a richly fragrant rose and the ocean on a summer's day
    • Taste - a fresh strawberry
    • Touch - holding a warm, friendly hand
    • Sound - a favourite piece of music
    • Emotion - contentment
    • Something extra - the sight of a small white feather (you'll have to read Gone to find out why)


     If you don't want to talk about books...!