Purebred Exhibition Quality Rex Guinea Pigs



We believe that buying your new pets should be as stress free and enjoyable experience as possible. To that end we have very few terms and conditions of sale. All we ask is that you promise to take good care of your new pets and read our Guinea Pig care booklet as this contains most of the information you will need to know to keep them healthy and happy.

If for any unexpected reason you are unable to keep your pets and do not have a suitable home for them we are happy to take them back to be rehomed. We will take great care to ensure that they go to a good home where they will receive the care and attention they need.

For your information we include a few pointers to be aware of when you come to collect your new Guinea pigs:All cavies are sexed at birth and we guarantee the sex of your new pets. PLease be aware that we are not a business or pet shop and breeding and showing our cavies is our hobby. If we have available stock any proceeds go back into funding the care and well being of our animals. We work full time and lead very busy lives but we will try to be as accommodating and helpful as possible. Visits ideally to be first or last thing in the day unless by prior arrangement. Any visits are strictly by appointment and please let us know asap if you are unable to make an agreed time or are running late.

Gender and Health

  • All cavies are treated for parasites, have their nails trimmed (where appropriate) and are thoroughly inspected prior to sale to ensure they are in good health. We take every care to ensure cavies are fit and healthy but please ensure you inspect your cavies thoroughly at the time of purchase and are sure that you want to commit to providing them with a good home..
  • We are confident that no cavy is ever sold pregnant unless specifically arranged to a suitably experienced person.
  • Our cavies are sold healthy, in good condition with no known faults unless specified. We regret we are unable to provide refunds unless there is evidence that the animal was unwell at the time it was supplied. Guinea pigs are very fragile and if dropped or mishandled, subjected to stress or temperature change, transported in unsuitable conditions, fed poisonous or harmful foods or mixed with other guineapigs there is a high risk of injury or illness occurring.
  • We recommend that you isolate all new arrivals for a minimum of 7 days as we are unable to accept our cavies back that have mixed with other guinea pigs.


  • Guinea pigs can be reserved with a £10 deposit per pig. Cheque by post is accepted in advance of collection. We will hold cavies for 3 days prior to cheque arriving so please post your cheque asap to guarantee a reservation..
  • PLEASE NOTE: We regret  that we will no longer hold or reserve cavies without a deposit. This includes bringing cavies to shows as unfortunately we have been let down on a number of occasions resulting in our cavies having to travel unnecessarily. Please do not be offended of we ask for a deposit but due to a number of cancellations, even on the day of collection we can no longer hold cavies without a deposit. 
  • Reserved cavies that are ready to leave can be held for a maximum of 10 days unless agreed otherwise in advance. Longer periods may be agreed although this may be subject to boarding fees
  • PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to hold babies until we are satisfied they are ready to leave. Most cavies are ready to go at approximately 6 to 8 weeks but this can be longer depending on litter size and development and the welfare of our cavies is paramount at all times. Please telephone us prior to booking if you need to collect by a certain date. Otherwise we will contact you when they are ready to leave.


  • Payment by cheque can be made in advance only and collection arranged once funds have cleared
  • Payment by Paypal accepted provided Paypal fees are coverd (usually £2.00 per cavy)
  • If payment is to be made at the time of collection please ensure you bring sufficient payment in cash as we regret we are unable to accept cheques on the day of collection 

Collecting Your New Cavies

  • Please bring with you a suitable carry box.
  • Feed, hay, water bottles, supplements, grooming brushes and mite spray can be purchased at the time of collection if required.
  • We are happy to take back cavies that for whatever reason can not be kept but unfortunately we are unable to reimburse payment.


  • Please do not attempt to use our Stud name to market your own home produced babies. We have had a number of instances where people have purchased one or two sows and claim to have a stud of our bloodline. We are proud of our cavies and can only authenticate pedigrees for cavies purchased directly from us.
  • We hope that you enjoy your new pets and give them the love and attention that we do. We are more than happy to provide free advice and guidance on caring your them and you are welcome to contact us with any queries or concerns.

Please do contact us to discuss further: 01278 683666 / 07731 889622