Purebred Exhibition Quality Rex Guinea Pigs



 Rex Cavies are still in our opinion the best breed of cavy in terms of personality, temperament and hardiness. For those who are new to the breed they have thick, plush but harsh coats with adorable teddy bear like faces.

Their plush, dense coats are irresistable and their docile, quiet temperaments make them ideal childrens pets.

With careful breeding, good husbandry and the right nutrition Rex cavies can live to be up to 8 years old. Many of my old show boars lived to be 7 or 8 years old, despite travelling round the country regularly to shows!


Rex Cavies come in the following four categories for exhibition purposes:

Rex Agouti - Silver, Cinnamon, Golden, Lemon and Cream

Rex Agouti-Bi Colour - as above but with one of either white, gold or cream

Rex Solid Colour - White, Black, Gold, Cream, Chocolate

Rex AOC (any other colour) - any combination of Agouti tri colour, solid bi-colours, dalmation, roan, himalayan



A Rex Agouti is basically all one colour of Agouti. All agouti hair consists of a base colour and a ticking colour. Silver agouti is a black under colour with a white ticking. Cinnamon is a chocolate undercolour with a white ticking. Golden is a black undercolour with a gold ticking. Cream is a chocolate undercolour with a cream ticking and lemon is a black undercolour with a lemon ticking. You can also get chocolate agouti which is a chocolate undercolour with a gold ticking.

To show in the Rex Agouti class your cavy must not have any solid patches of colour. All agouti marked cavies have a solid belly colour the same colour as the ticking so a Silver Agouti will have a white belly and a Golden Agouti will have a gold belly. The belly colour may extend slightly up the chest but must not infringe on the body colour and there must be no patches, however small of any other colour. Lighter hairs around the eyes consistent with the belly and ticking colour is acceptable but not patches of colour. All toes must be the same colour and marked the same as the agouti body colour.

 Dark Silver Agouti Rex - black eyes Cinnamon Agouti Rex - ruby eyes  Golden Agouti Rex - black eyes



A Rex Agouti-Bi is basically an agouti marked Rex with one solid colour. Common Agouti-Bi's are Silver Agouti/white, Cinnamon Agouti/white, Golden Agouti/white, Golden Agouti/Gold, Lemon Agouti/white, Lemon Agouti/Cream, Cream Agouti/white, Cream Agouti/cream etc. Any patch of solid colour other than the belly, however small will mean your cavy will show as an agouti-bi. This also include any coloured toes or brindling solid hairs, white blazes on the face, strips, stripes or bands of one other colour.

 Silver Agouti/white Rex - Black eyes  Cinnamon Agouti/white Rex - Ruby eyes  Golden Agouti/Gold Rex - Black eyes



A Rex Solid is completely different in appearance and coat type to an Agouti Rex, hence they have their own category. The hairs are completely solid in colour. The base colour is the same as the top colour. Common colours are White (dark or pink eyed), Black, Chocolate, Gold and Cream. The coats tend to take a lot longer to develop and many will not be in full adult coat until they are over 18 months old. It takes a lot of patience to produce good solid Rexes as the youngstock go through several coat changes and at times can appear flat and long in coat. A fully mature harse and short coated solid although difficult to cheive is very attractive and rewarding.

 Dark eyed White Solid Rex (flash reflecting on dark eyes)  Solid Cream Rex Boar - black eyes  Dark eyed Golden Solid Rex



This is probably my favourite category or Rex as basically any colour that doesnt fit into the above 3 categories can be shown here. Tri colour Rex, Argente, Himalayan, solid bi-colours (two solid colours) are all shown as AOC Rex. Common colours are Golden Agouti/gold/white, Lemon Agouti/cream/white, Cream Agouti/cream/white, Black/gold/white, Black/gold, Chocolate/white, Chocolate/cream.

AOC Rexes are again much harder to show successfully for a number of reasons. Tri colour marked rexes have divisions of colour and each colour tends to carry a slightly different length and texture. As a result they are more prone to coat faults and in some cases the positionning of the markings may give the appearance of a coat fault, especially if the lines meet across the back or over the head. Solid Bi-colours are also more of a challenge as you have two different solid colours that may take a very long time to mature. One of the biggest difficulties is that a solid bi-colour may have to compete against an agouti tri-colour. The agouti tri-colour generally has the advantage as the agouti base to the coat is usually shorter and denser than the solid coat. It takes an exceptional AOC Rex to beat a good coated Agouti based pig!!

REX AOC - Cream Agouti Tri colour Rex  REX AOC - Golden Agouti Tri colour  REX AOC - Chocolate/white

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