Purebred Exhibition Quality Rex Guinea Pigs



Below are some of our breeding and show purebred Rex Cavies. Please note these animals are not for sale but breeding stock may be available from some of them on the 'Cavies for Sale' page. We do occasionally sell good quality breeding stock so please enquire if you are interested in breeding pairs.



We specialise in producing high quality Solid Rex as our first choice of colour. It is a difficult colour to show and not one that is appreciated by all judges but we have been working hard to improve the length and direction of coat and build on the size and body shape. Traditionally Solid Rex have been long in coat and flat with obvious coat faults and most breeders have stayed away from them. We are trying to raise the profile of Solid Rex and are happy to supply good quality breeding stock to breeders with a genuine interest in the colour. The main colour we show is the Dark Eyed White which comes in two varieties - the Ruby Eyed White and the Black Eyed White. The main difference is that the Ruby Eyed White had pale pink skin with a bright white coat colour while the Black Eyed White has black skin and has a tendency to sable with age.


Milton II - Ruby Eyed White Rex Boar - This is Milton II our foundation white boar bred out of Sally and Samson. He was responsible for converting us to this colour as he developed an amazing coat as he got older. He produced some lovely stock and crossing him to the Ladybird Line really improved the texture and quality of the coat.


Troy II - Ruby Eyed White Rex Boar - This is Troy, first son of Milton II from Titania II and a decendant of Sally. This was one of our foundation whites with a beautiful dense but short, harsh springey coat. He showed very successfully as a 5/8 taking the AA Solid Section at the Rex Championship Show in 2010 and had some big wins including Reserve Best in Show at the Welsh National Show in March 2011 and Reserve Best In Show at the Rex Stock Show at Bristol CC.



Apollo - A descendant of Milton II Apollo has a beautiful short crisp coat which excells density. He has shown very successfully winning Best Solid at numerous Rex Cavy Club Stock Shows over the past year. He is now approximately 2 years old and only now is his coat really starting to mature. Being critical I would like a little more width to his shoulders but he is a lovely pig that is producing some nice youngsters.


Matisse - This is a young show boar pictured at approximately 4 months old so his coat at this stage is still developing. He is currently showing in yougnstock classes and looks to be a whopping big boar for his age so we are really hopeful he will make up size for showing as an adult. He has a very harsh dense coat which is rising well and a nice headset so fingers crossed for him in the future.



 Suds - Bred by Anne Banner of Twisted Whisker Stud he is a beautiful example of his breed. He has a coat to die for with excellent density and texture and fantastic size and body shape. We are very grateful to Anne for letting us have this lovely boy and so far he has had tremendous success showing taking Reserve BIS at the National Gardening Show, RBIS RCC Stock Show Mid Devon Show, RBIS Mid Somerset Show, RBIS London Championship RCC Show and BIS RCC Show Cornish Championship Show Oct 2012.


 Apocalypse - Homebred Ruby Eyed White sow pictured at just 4 months of age winning Best SOlid Sow at the Rex Championship Show in 2010 alongside half brother Troy II. A lovely dense coated sow that has produced some very nice Ruby Eyed White offspring including Predator and Aurora who are currently in the breeding pen.




 Thornton - Homebred Solid Chocolate boar out of Evolution and Ambience. An unlikely show prospect given his colour as Chocolates are notoriously soft and flat in coat. Pictured at just 6 mths he is showing real potential with a lovely short dense coat which we hope will harshen up with maturity. His coat is free of faults and he has a lovely headset. Not yet shown we hope he will show as an Adult as he is a lovely boar with a nice temperament.


Othello - Homebred Ruby Eyed White boar, brother to Apollo out of Milton II and Matilda II. A lovely short harsh coat free of faults with a nice headset and good body shape.




Although our specialist colours are Solid and AOC Rex we try to support as many of the 12 Rex breed classes on offer at shows. We also recognise that the best quality coats generall come from Agouti bred backgrounds so all of our Solid and AOC lines carry a considerable amount of Agouti and Agouti-Bi colours to strengthen the coat and improve the coat direction. The dark silver agouti is our favourite of the Agouti colours and most of ours originate from a beautiful sow that came from Mary Jaffa called Ladybird. Her line has produced some stunning dark silvers with lovely short, dense even coats. These pigs have tended to to have a plush but even finish to the coat but combining density and harshness is a challenge we are working on. Harsh coats often lack density so our aim is to add texture to our existing line.


 LORD MONTAGUE - Dark Silver Agouti Adult Rex Boar - offspring of Cleopatra and Victor this lovely dark silver boar pictured at 11 months old has a beautiful short dense coat and a very attractive head. He had several wins under his belt at just 14 months old. His line has produced some lovely dark silver agouti show pigs that have turned out to have very short springey dense coats.


SOVEREIGN - Silver Agouti Adult Rex Boar - this little boar has just started his showing career and so far is showing great promise for the future. He has a lovely short dense coat with a lovely head and a very nice temperament. He is bred out of Bodecia (by Cleopatra out of Ladybird) and Rolland who came to us from Redland Stud.


 APPARITION - Dark Silver Agouti Adult Rex Boar - another descendant of the Ladybird Line this is currently a young adult boar at just over 14 mths old. He has yet to mature but had already won a handful of Adult Agouti Rex classes and been placed in a couple of Rex AA challenges so fingers crossed he will continue to mature.


 HUGH - Dark Silver Agouti Adult Rex Boar - A lovely big boar bred by Anne Banner of Twisted Whisker Stud. He has a beautiful dense springey coat and is humungous (hence the name!). He also has a lovely set of ears and a very nice head.



 GULLIVER - Cinnamon Agouti Adult Rex Boar - this boar came to us from Mary Jaffa and has produced us some very nice show quality stock. He had a lovely short harsh coat for a Cinnamon and a lovely headset so was a real asset to our Stud


ESMERELDA - Dark Silver Agouti Adult Rex Sow - A descendant of Cleopatra this little sow has so far done exceptionally well on the show bench winning Best 3/5 and 5/8 Rex every time out and her last show taking Best 3/5 in Show at Royal COrnwall this year. She is now in the breeding pen and we hope to show her when she matures as an adult.



RETRIBUTION - Cinnamon Agouti Adult Rex Boar - an unexpected show star this year as a very young adult of 12 months Retribution. In his first three outings he had two Best in Shows at Royal Cornwall Show and Mid and North Devon Show and a Reserve Best in Show at Dvon County Show 2012.

RETRIBUTION - Cinnamon Agouti Adult Rex Boar - another picture of Retribution at the MNDCC Show 2012. He is currently in the breeding pen and we hope he will continue to mature to show again next year.




We have several Agouti Bi Show quality Rex in our Stud and have a range of colours including silver and white, cinnamon and white, lemon and cream and cream agouti and cream. Although the silvers tend to have better coats we have been running on a selection of colours for variety and hope that with time the more unusual colours will progress in coat to be able to compete against the more common colours.



Houdini - Silver Agouti/White Agouti-Bi Rex Boar - Houdini has a lovely very short dense coat and has been in the breeding pen for the past year producing some nice youngstock. He is now just under 2 years old and is starting to mature as an adult and at his first two shows he won the Adult Agouti-Bi Rex Class.


 Lord Capulet - Silver Agouti/White Adult Rex Boar - Lord Capulet is a double RCC and SCC Champion and has sired a number of very nice babies including Shakespeare, a lovely lemon tricolour AOC boar we are currently showing in youngstock classes. He is out of our Ladybird line and has a beautiful dense short plush coat with a lovely headset.



Magnificence - Silver Agouti/White Agouti Bi Rex Sow - This is a lovely sow with a stunning plush dense coat and lovely headset. She is currently in the breeding pen and so far has produced two stunning litters we are running on with a view to showing. We hope to be able to show her when she retires from breeding.


 Evolution - Cream Agouti/Cream Agouti-Bi Rex Boar - Brother to Revolution he has been in the breeding pen and produced some lovely youngsters for showing. His colour is quite dominant and we are getting a number of cream agouti based babies with very nice harsh short coats.



 Marcellus - Cinnamon Agouti/White Agouti-Bi Rex Boar - A young adult currently just over a year old he is in the breeding pen while he matures for showing next year. A lovely short harsh very dense coat bred out of our Milton line we are hoping to produce more pink pigmented whites from him.


 Lancelot - Silver Agouti/White Agouti-Bi Rex Boar - This is a very young adult at present that is currently in the breeding pen but showed great potential as a 5/8m show pig. He has a lovely short very dense plush coat and is out of our Ladybird line. We hope to show him when he matures next year.




Over the past couple of years we have been developing our AOC lines. The colours were introduced largely through Darwin who came to us from Sarah Mann and was bred out of Pickersleigh lines. By carefully selecting the offspring we have been able to combine the colours with our existing coats and this year we have had some promising youngsters coming on. AOCs are notoriously difficult to get right and they are few and far between but we hope to expand on our range of colours to add interest and variety. Our main aim here is to add colour without compromising on coat quality.


REVOLUTION -  Cream/White Adult Rex Boar - pictured at just 11 months old Revolution is a beautiful Cream/White AOC Rex boar. He is the first Son of our Champion Darwin II out of Suzuki (Sister to Kawasaki) and is full brother to Evolution. He is mainly solid cream with a flash of white on his forehead so shows as an AOC. He is now proven and we are waiting for his first progency to be born. He has taken a number of Adult AOC classes already and has beaten his Dad on 3 occasions so far so he is shaping up to be a nice show boar.


DARWIN II - Cream Agouti/Cream/White AOC Rex Boar - bred by Sarah Mann from Linda Monks breeding line, introduced to our line as a youngster to bring in new colours and enhance the texture and density of coat as this boar excells density and texture. Attractive markings and a nice broad head with very good ears he has started to produce some promising youngsters. Sire to Theseus, Piccasso II, Evolution and Revolution he has had a big impact on our line. He has shown very successfully to date, is Registered as a Rex Cavy Club Champion and recently took Reserve Best in Show at the Mid and North Devon Cavy Club Spring Show 2011.



CARNIVAL - Lemon Tricolour Rex Sow - pictured at approximately 7 months she has a lovely plush dense coat with stunning markings and a true AOC if ever there was one! She is now in the breeding pen and although she didnt look much as a baby she has matured into a lovely adult. She produced a beautiful litter in the summer consisting of 2 stunning tri colours Excalibur and Calico II which we plan to show in the Autumn/Winter of this year.


CAYLPSO - Cream Agouti Tri colour Rex Sow - a lovely AOC sow with stunning markings. She won Best 5/8 in Show at the recent Cornish Championship Show and is developing a lovely dense even coat. Typical for an AOC it takes a while for the coat to rise fully but she is showing real promise. We hope to breed with her later in the year when she finishes showing in the 5/8 classes.



EXCALIBUR - Black Tricolour Rex Boar - pictured at just 9 weeks old she is still in his fluffy baby coat but he has a lovely dense short coat coupled with a beautiful set of markings and a true AOC. Exaclibur recently won Best U/5 in Show in the Rex CC Stock Show at just 12 weeks old. He is out of Carnival (above) and Evolution (brother to Revolution above).


 CALICO II - Cream Agouti Tricolour Rex Sow - pictured at just 9 weeks old she is still in her baby coat but has a beautiful set of markings and a true AOC.