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Olivia's Cavies

 Olivia and Hurley - Best Juv RV MNDCC Show  Angus and Ebony  Olivia and Sparkie - Best JPB Devon CC Show  

Welcome to Olivia's Webpage. Olivia is my Step daughter and although too young to build her own web page I have decided to build one for her to show case her beautiful pigs and celebrate all her hard work presenting her pigs at shows. Olivia started showing in the Childrens pet classes at just 5 years old and now at the age of just 10 she has 11 of her own cavies which she shows in all sections including Rex, Longhaired pets and most recently Silver Agouti.

Although only 10 years old Olivia has been bitten by the Cavy Showing bug and is always to be seen carrying pigs back and forth and helping out at the local shows. She has mastered the art of bathing and trimming her pigs and clips all her own nails which is pretty amazing for a 10 year old!


Aberdeen Angus

This is Angus, a cross bred orange and white Peruvian pet boar that Olivia showed until he was about 5 and a half years old. He was bought purely as a pet without intending to show him and he turned into a real show star. Needless to say we all miss him terribly as he was such a character and a member of our family.



This is Ebony, the only daughter of Angus who took over from showing from Angus last year and has really followed in her fathers footsteps. Ebony is now the most treasured pet of Olivia and goes everyhere with her.



This is Sparkie, a silver agouti and white Adult Rex Boar. Sparkie was kindly given to Olivia by our good friend mary Jaffa and he has also turned into a real show star. This year so far he has won 11 Rex Cavy Club diplomas single handedly for Olivia - a real acheivement for one pig!!!



This is Sophia, one of the newest additions to Olivia's caviary, bred by Ros Lockwood. She is a lovely little sow and so far has been doing very well for Olivia and won Reserve Best in Show in the Open show at the Royal Cornwall Show 2012.