Purebred Exhibition Quality Rex Guinea Pigs


Princess at the North Somerset Agircultural Show 2009
Aristos Milton II at the North Somerset Agircultural Show 2009 - Best 5/8 Rex and Best 5/8 Coated
Samson at the North Somerset Agircultural Show 2009 - Best Adult Rex



You dont need to have the best quality purebreds to be able to show. All pet quality guineapigs of any breed or cross breeds can be shown if they are in god health and in good condition. If you are unsure whether your guineas are suitable for showing we are happy to give advice and help with putting in your first entry.

   Pet classes are fun and the results are often unexpected. Part coated longhairs and chubby chunky smooth haireds often do well in pet classes and generally speaking the more colourful the better. Showing in the pet classes is a good starting point and practice makes perfect as there is quite a bit of preparation involved to get high in the placings! Bathing, trimming, cleaning grease glands, scrubbing ears and mouths, clean skin, eyes and teeth all count in these classes and its great for teaching children how to groom, handle and prepare piggies for shows.



If you are thinking about starting up showing we strongly recommend that you specialise in just one breed to begin with. Developing a good bloodline takes time and patience but is extrememly rewarding when your own homebred animals start winning. We also recommend that you select your stock very carefully. It is all too tempting to buy cavies from all different breeders and out of sale pens but buyer beware!!! If you havent seen the breeding stock that produced a cavy it is not a good idea to introduce it into your line unless you know the breeder well.

If you want to ensure good quality cavies and consistency source your stock from well known breeders who have a good competition record. Out crossing bloodlines can seriously alter the quality of the offspring. If in any doubt ask a good breeder to assess the potential stock before you buy. The last thing anyone wants is for you to buy something unsuitable and then later have to move it on to a new home.

When sourcing foundation stock be cautious about breeders who offer several different breeds. Good quality bloodlines are only developed over several generations and a few pairs of each breed are nowhere near enough to build a good line. If you wish to breed and show rex make sure you go to a well known Rex breeder. If you want Peruvians source a recognised longhaired breeer and exhibitor. Generally speaking I would only recommend buying foundation stock from breeders who actually show the breed successfully. There are lots of breeders who dabble in several different breeds for a bit of variety but unless they are dedicated to showing that breed it is unlikely the stock will be good enough to start a new stud with. There is also the risk that they may not be totally purebred so visit the breeder and ask to see their show stock and always obtain pedigrees.


There are many pet breeders out there who market their animals as show quality yet have never actually shown any themselves. These are also unlikely to be show quality. Most foundation stock you will buy will be from show quality stock as good show stock are hard to come by and dedicated breeders generally hold on to showable youngstock to show themselves. What you should look out for is the siblyings and offspring of the animals the breeder is keeping to show. These will provide you with a good gene pool from which you can breed your own show stock.


Finally never buy Rex or Teddys because you like the colour! Coated breeds are judged purely on type, texture, substance and quality and colour is completely irrelevant. Although you may feel agouti coloured Rex cavies are not as attractive their coats are almost always far better quality than their pretty counterparts and these should always form the basis of your foundation stock..

There are local clubs at the following venues:

  • North Somerset Cavy Club - based at Binegar, Somerset with an annual show in the Autumn at the Bath & West Showground
  • Bristol Cavy Club - based at Frenchay, Nr Bristol with a major show at the Bath & West Show in May each year
  • Devon Cavy Club - based at Liverton Village Hall, Liverton, Devon with shows 3 times a year plus the Devon County Show
  • Mid and North Devon Cavy Club - a newly formed club covering Mid Devon Show in July with a venue to be confirmed in the Mid/North Devon area
  • Wiltshire Cavy Club - based at Wootton Bassett, Swindon
  • Wye Vern Cavy Club - based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  • East Cornwall Cavy Club - based at Calstock, Nr Plymouth



  • Saturday 13th August 2011- Devon Cavy Club's Show Liverton Village Hall. Contact Iris Parker 01308 456892
  • Sunday 21st August 2011 - Mid Somerset Show (North Somerset Cavy Society)
  • Saturday 3rd Septmber 2011 - Bristol Cavy Club Show at Frenchay Village Hall
  • Sunday 11th September 2011 - REAL LONDON SHOW at Reading ***** Show
  • Saturday 15 October 2011 - CORNISH CHAMPIOSHIP SHOW
  • Saturday 5th November 2011 - Bristol Cavy Club Show, Frenchay Village Hall, Nr Bristol
  • Saturday 12th November 2011 - Devon Cavy Club Xmas Trophy Show
  • Sunday 13th November 2011 - REX CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW at Cricklade
  • Sunday 27th November 2011 - Mid and North Devon Cavy Club Show