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We are able to offer good quality holiday care for small animals. We can provide hutches for rabbits or guinea pigs or you are welcome to bring your own. We are also able to take caged small animals including hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice in their own cages.



We have years of experience in keeping, breeding and showing small animals including guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, degus, hamsters, fancy rats, mice, poultry, cats, dogs and horses. We take a great deal of pride in providing the best quality care for our animals.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or see guide below.



Aristo Stud Cavies offer good quality holiday care for small animals at an affordable price. We are caring experienced breeders of exhibition standard cavies with years of experience in keeping and producing  good quality rabbits, guineapigs, chinchillas, hamsters, degus, gerbils and fancy rats. Animals that require indoor care are housed in a purpose built fully water proof shed complete with opening windows, blinds and an electric fan to keep the occupants cool and comfortable during very hot weather.

Small animal boarding includes all feed, bedding, unlimited good quality meadow hay, fresh fruit and vegetables and daily fresh hand cut grass. You are welcome to bring your own dried food to reduce the chance of upset tummies and can also bring your own treats and toys. All animals are handled and checked over daily and given the best possible care and attention during their stay.Please enquire if you would like to take advantage of our nail trimming and grooming services during their stay as discounts apply (see below)..

We highly recommend that wherever possible you bring your own cage or hutch along as small animals adapt much better to holiday care if in a familiar environment. We are able to take indoor/outdoor hutches and will endeavour to ensure animals that live inside are kept inside during their stay to keep them happy and healthy. No animals are mixed during their stay and cages are fully cleaned and refreshed between residents.

Access to an outdoor run can be booked in advance at an additional £1.00 per day although limited availability so please enquire at the time of booking.


Guinea pig  - £2.50 per day

Rabbit - £4.00 per day

Other Small Caged Animals - £2.50 per day

Outdoor run - £1.00 extra per day (book in advance)

Please book in advance as limited availability during peak season.

Tel: 07731 889622



  • Charges apply for each day including day of arrival and departure
  • All rabbits must be vaccinated and certificates presented on arrival.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any animal seen to be in ill health or affected by parasites. We will however gladly provide advice on treating the problem.
  • Boarders will be allocated their own hutch and no mixing will take place during their stay
  • Any animal that falls ill during its stay will if necessary be taken to your nominated vet practice and the owner remains repsonsible for any vets bills. We undertake to make every effort to contact you in such a case but if unsuccessful will ensure the animal receives appropriate veterinary care at the owners expense.
  • On arrival you will be required to sign a form indicating permission to your veterinary surgeon for any veterinary care at your own expense if necessary in your absence.
  • Please provide details of your pets normal diet and any special dietry requirements.
  • Payment must be made at the time of arrival or at the time of booking. If paying on arrival please ensure payment is made in cash.
  • Cheques only accepted in advance of stay and funds cleared prior to arrival.
  • Early departures - you are welcome to take your pet early, howver we are unable to offer refunds due to limited availability.
  • Late bookings - please enquire if you require boarding at short notice as we may be able to fit you in.




Claws should be trimmed on a regular basis and as a minimum we would suggest 3 to 4 times a year. Some animal may require trimming more often to prevent claws growing back into the feet. If you would like your animals claws trimmed please ring for an appointment.  Discounts apply for boarding residents so please enquire at the time of booking.

Nail Trimming Prices -      Guinea pig - Residents - £2.00     Non-residents - £3.00

                                             Rabbits -Resident - £3.00             Non-resident - £4.00

                                             Other small animals (hamsters, rats etc) - £2.00



Longhaired guinea pigs and rabbits should be groomed on a regular basis as their hair/fur can quickly become tangled and matted. We have years of experience in grooming and preparing long haired animals for exhibition and are able to offer grooming both for residents and non-residents. If you guinea or bunny is in a bit of a tangle and in need of some papmering and TLC please ring to arrange an appointment. Our full grooming service includes a shampoo and dry, haircut or trim as necessary, anti-parasite treatment and nail trimming. A basic groom includes detangling, mat removal and hair trimming.



Grooming Prices -      Guinea pig Full Groom - Residents - £5.00     Non-residents - £6.00

                                     Guinea pig Basic Groom - Residents - £3.00     Non-residents - £4.00

                                     Rabbits Full Groom - Resident - £6.00             Non-resident - £8.00

                                     Rabbits Basic Groom - Resident - £4.00             Non-resident - £6.00



Julie & Dave - 07731 889622

Email - or

Location - Mid Somerset, near Bridgwater, just 5 mins from juntion 23 of the M5