Purebred Exhibition Quality Rex Guinea Pigs

Guineapig Drawings and Paintings

Guineapig gifts for cavy mad people - Guineapig Artwork - original beautiful life-like drawings and paintings of guineapigs capturing their exquisite personalities.

Ideal gifts for guineapig lovers they are available in mounts and/or framed. Wide range of guineapig breeds available including:

*Rex Agouti/Agouti-Bi/AOC


*Longhaired Peruvian/Sheltie/Texel/Merino






Rex Agouti Cavy

Abysinnian AOC Cavy 


Merino Cavy


Abyssinian Cavy


Rex Agouti-Bi Colour Cavy

Satin Cavy 



Juvenile Rex Agouti-Bi Cavy 


Self Cavy



Coronet Cavy


Brindle Abyssinian Cavy




Prices from just £10.00 plus p&p.

Typical example 10"x8" mounted original £15.00 plus p&p at cost.

Others guineapig artwork now available. Commissions of specific guineapigs also undertaken.



Guineapigs Cavy Artwork

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