James 'JP' Pearce

Radio, Podcasting, Television and Live Events

The Basic Info

Name: James Pearce
Stage Name: 'JP'
DOB: August 30th 1991
Living in: Surrey and Hampshire, UK
Current Occupation: Primary School Teacher and Media Freelancer

Height: 6' 0''
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Extra Features: Glasses/Contact Lenses

Hobbies: Drama and Acting, Trampolining, Photography and Editing, Working with Music and Cookery.
Skills: Acting, Photography, Radio Presenting/Broadcasting, Script, Video Production, Live Presenting and Compèring, Writing, Promotion and Social Media Marketing, Working with People of All Ages, Driving, Various Computer and ICT Skills.
Qualities: Hardworking, dedicated, determined, a good listener, able to complete tasks within timescales, literate and creative.

Idols and Inspirations:
British Presenter and Personality, Davina McCall
Australian Presenter and Newscaster, Melissa Doyle
American Actress and Talk Show host, Megan Mullally
British Presenter and Actor, James Corden

More detailed profile available on the CV page of this site:

My Likes and Dislikes

So many people put these on their profile and I thought I would too! So here are my likes and dislikes!

Music: I am a really easy person to please with music because of my radio presenting background ... not the biggest fan of rap though.
TV Shows: With such a busy lifestyle, I don't get the biggest amount of time for telly but I always make time to watch the news, particularly 'Sunrise' (Channel 7, Sunrise) because breakfast TV at 8pm is a beautiful thing! Sitcoms, game shows and reality TV is always a safe bet for me.
Hobby: Getting out and about to see different places and meet different people.
Food: I absolutely love Italian food - pizza, pasta, Italian bread, panna cotta and more!
Sport: Big fan of Formula 1, rugby and tennis. When it comes to playing sport, tag rugby and tennis are favourites.
Colour: Purple - if you hadn't guessed by the site!
Films: I don't tend to watch too many films but I love a good comedy or feel good film.

TV Shows: Made in Chelsea and TOWIE isn't my idea of reality TV or even good TV!
Food: Eggs (probably doesn't help that I am allergic to them).
Sport: Football is just a sport I don't get.
Films: Films that last FOREVER and go on and on and on and on and on and on... (you get my drift).