Joylene Nowell Butler

Keith Pyeatt, author of Struck

Art Tirrell, The Secret Ever keeps

Chrisopher Hoare, The Wildcat's Victory

Dave Shields, The Tour

Pat Brown, L.A Heat

Judi Avila home page

J. R. Lankford, The Crowning Circle

Karen Moline, Belladonna: A Novel of revenge

Derek Armstrong, MADicine

Kathryn Neff Perry, Boone's Creek: Almost Home

Ric Wesley, Shadow of Innocence

Ernie Johnson, Destiny of the Divas

Mary Kate Brogan, A Daddy for Danny

Jo Ann Yolanda Hernandez, The Throwaway Piece

Marta Stephen, Silenced Cry

Larry Buttram, The Greatest Gift

William R. Park, Sr, Coma

Linda Hutchinson, Freelance writer, author, photojournalist

 Jo Linsdell, Inside Out

Bliss Addison,  Restful Souls 

William Butler, I remember Tomorrow



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