John Stork Martial Arts Master

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 John Stork





Martial Arts: (14 yrs.) Shaolin Kempo Karate, Okinawan Shorei-Ryu, Freestyle Tae-Kwon-Do,

Chinese Wushu.

Coaches: Michael Chaturantabut – 7-time World and National Forms and Weapons Champion,

founder of XMA.

Ming Liu – Stunt double for Lucy Liu in Kill Bill (1 & 2), China National Wushu


Circus: (8 yrs.) Handbalancing, Tumbling, Chinese Pole, Hand-to-Hand/Partner-Acro, Juggling,


Coaches: Zina & Valodia Augustova – Former Soviet acrobats with the Moscow Circus and

Ringling Bros.

Jeff Jenkins – Midnight Circus founder, performed with Ringling Bros., Clown College

slapstick coach.

Rob Mermin – Founder of Circus Smirkus, former Dean of Clown College, student of

Marcel Marceau.

Seminars: Lu Yi (San Francisco Circus Center) – Chinese Acrobatics

Alpha Stunts (Power Rangers) – Stunt Work/Stunt Fighting

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