John Stork Martial Arts Master

Film Credits


Sci-Fi Channel: “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?” Season 2 (2007)





· Played “Hyper-Strike”, top 3 finalist in reality TV series judged by

Stan Lee.





Atomic Clown: “Out of Orbit” (2007)

· Played “Handyman” in 3 person clown play. New York, NY.

The Midnight Circus: “Stilettos, Circus, and Soul!” (2006)

· Played “Super Impact Man” in world premier production featuring

Alexandra Billings and the music of Mars Williams’

Grammy-nominated band, Liquid Soul.





The Much Ado Circus: Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” (2006)

· Played “Boatswain” in theatrical circus production. St. Louis, MI.

The Second City Improv All-Stars Variety Hour… And 15 Minutes…”

· Performed solo comedy-martial arts-daredevil-acrobatic act.

Chicago, IL (2005).





The Midnight Circus: “Haunted Hijinx” (2003 thru 2007)

· Performed in Halloween themed theatrical circus show on Daley

Plaza. Chicago, IL.





SeaWorld: “Riptide” (2005, 2004)

· Performed in summer-long circus and acrobatics show. San

Antonio, TX.





Circus Smirkus: “Big Top Tour” (2003, 2002, 2001)

· Performer in international youth circus featured in Disney

Channel’s original series Totally Circus.





Pathfinder Pictures: “Shadow Fury” (2001)

· Played teenage “Kismet” in the independent film directed by

Makoto Yokoyama. Performed many of own stunts/fight






1st International Tournament of Artistic Martial Arts (2001)

· 15-17 Boys Weapons Division Silver Cup Winner. Paris, France.

Burger King: “Enter the Dragon” (2000)

· Played “Goku” in national commercial for Dragonball Z kids

meals. Performed many of own stunts.





World Kickboxing Association World Championships (1999)

· Junior Forms World Champion. Hannover, Germany.







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