Jedi of Freedom

We are keepers of the peace, not soldiers...


Welcome to Jedi of Freedom, a Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy clan that was created on the 1st November 2006.
We are one of the only clans in this game that have existed for so long.

You can apply to join our clan at:

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Long Live {JoF}

Picture Of The Month:
Not to repel or destroy, so much as accept, fuse, rehabilitate...

{JoF}Recruiting Video

(This is a VERY old video)

{JoF}'s Recruiting Video 2007
Credits: Shree , Ripper , Milamber , Yukki , Loda , Spectar , Shen , Serenity , Flay , Crazy Penguin , Oxygen , Phobos, Ripper.

{JoF}Golden Wing Video

(This is a VERY old video)

{JoF}'s G-Wing 2007

{JoF}Mission Center

(This is a VERY old video)

{JoF}'s Mission Center 2007

The Story Of Shree And Aldro Koon Part 1 & 2

{JoF}The One

{JoF} Secret Academy

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Secret Academy:

{JoF}Mission for Conquest

Mission for Conquest:

{JoF}The Rise Of The Sith Lords

 photo TheRiseoftheSithLords-1_zps5541676e.jpg

The Rise Of The Sith Lord:

{JoF}The Demise Of A Jedi

 photo TDOAJPoster_zpse154ae2d.png

The Demise Of A Jedi: